What is a cashable bonus?

In the online gambling industry there are many terms for the promotions or incentives created to lure the player to play. A promotion is basically additional money that will be given to a player when he or she deposits at a certain online casino or gambling site. The term ‘bonus’ has become universally accepted by most gambling companies. A bonus will be advertized as a percentage. The percentage is relative to the player’s deposit. So, for example, a promotion advertised as 100% bonus up to $100, signifies that a player may deposit anywhere from $1 (or the established minimum) to $100 and will receive as bonus money the exact same amount as the deposit. A $100 deposit will get the player a $100 bonus for a grand total of $200.

The bonus money when given does not become instantly the property of the player. To ensure that the player won’t withdraw the bonus money right away, the gambling site will pose restrictions. Online casinos normally call this wagering requirements or playthrough. The playthrough is an amount of money the player has to risk in bets (or wagers) before he or she can withdraw any amount from their balance. For example, if the 100% bonus we metioned earlier has a 20x playthrough for the deposit and bonus, the player in order to calculate the playthrough must add the deposit and bonus ($100+$100=$200) and multiply that total times 20 ($200 x 20 = $4,000). Before the player can take any money out of their balance, including their own deposit, the player must wager on the approved games $4,000. Once the playthrough is completed the player may request a withdrawal.

Now that we explored the basic of an online casino promotion, we will go into what a cashable bonus is. There are several types of bonuses. Some are cashable, meaning they can be cashed out once the playthrough is completed. Some are sticky, which are bonuses that will be deducted upon withdrawal after the playthrough is completed. And finally there are the Super Sticky, which is a restrictive amount that will remain in the player’s account until the player requests a withdrawal larger than the Super Sticky bonus amount. Even after several deposits and other promotions, when the player wins the Super Sticky bonus amount will be deducted from any winnings. The Super Sticky is one of the most restrictive of online casino promotions.

After reviewing over 50 online casinos I noticed that 90% are offering cashable bonuses for their welcome promotions. When explicitly stated as cashable the player will be able to withdraw his or her entire balance after the playthrough. In the abovementioned case, the $100 bonus money is theirs to keep if they complete the wagering requirements.