Online Casino Banking – Depositing with IndaCoin

Depositing with IndaCoin is the easiest way to get bitcoin without having an account at an exchange. Bitcoin is the future of online casino banking.

Let’s get right into how it works!

1. Set up a spend bitcoin wallet at With your permission we can set this wallet up for you and send you your login details. But be sure you change your password after you are logged in.

2. Once you have your spend wallet set up, go to You might want to watch this video before starting:

3. Have your phone nearby, because a representative from IndaCoin will be contacting you to verify your account. This should only be on the first purchase.

4. Fill out the information on the page.

Depositing with IndaCoin

They only accept 3D-Secured cards (Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode).

5. You will notice that the exchange rate is quite a bit higher than at your typical exchange. This is the cost of convenience. But don’t worry. We will make up the difference to you as a casino bonus.

6. For the reason above, we recommend buying at least $35 worth of bitcoin at a time so you can meet the casino cashier minimum deposit of $25. We will bonus you enough to make the exchange rate worth it.

Superior Casino reps are always available to help you through this process.

Thanks and Enjoy playing with bitcoin at Superior Casino!

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