Tournament name:

ALL SLOTS Tournament

Dates: August 21st – August 27th
PlayerCountryPrize Points
Lillemor C. Sweden2923.89
Nathan K. United States2337.50
Jean-Luc T. France2130.91
Lauene B. United States995.84
Kbullguy C. United States681.20
Tara R. United States541.60
Elyse A. United States473.07
Kent K. United States428.88
David M. United States416.40
Richard P. United States336.65
Benjamin B. Australia231.94
Wolfgang L. Austria190.88
Stephane D. France166.09
Dustin N. United States32.00

To enter the tournament above you must redeem the TOURNAMENT MATCH BONUS available in the cashier with a minimum $25 deposit.

Only wagers made while the promotion is active on allowed games count toward the tournament.

For every US$1 wager you get 1 Prize Point. (Wagers in other currencies will be converted at the daily exchange rate to US dollars).

The leader board is updated once every 60 minutes.

Re-buys: new deposits made while the TOURNAMENT MATCH BONUS is still active will count toward the tournament. To keep the promotion active, make sure you don’t reach a balance of $0.00 before making your re-buy deposit. Note, however, that the Tournament bonus will be granted only on the initial deposit.

The tournament ends Sunday at midnight Eastern Time (US). Prizes will be granted manually within 24 hours.

Prizes carry 5x playthrough and 10x max cash out limit.


Completed Tournaments

Tournament name:

ALL SLOTS Tournament

Dates: August 13th- August 20th

PlayerCountryPrize Points
Athanasia G. Cote d'Ivoire36189.85
Eduardo C. United States11835.25
Michele M. South Africa6851.19
Rhonda B. United States4452.84
Juan Pablo P. Colombia3098.55
Jean-Luc T. France1742.09
Matthew N. United States1515.80
Kbullguy C. United States1364.12
Alexander O. United States1267.54
Djamel G. France1248.97
Denise W. United Kingdom918.44
Thomas D. United States776.45
Tara R. United States613.94
Wolfgang L. Austria550.94
Annette C. United Kingdom543.54
Kent K. United States478.86
Brian H. United States473.30
Stephane D. France454.21
Christopher H. United States432.63
Matthew S. United States420.00