Easy playin

August 13th, 2008

Easy playin
by Jean Real

Gambling always involves an element of chance but there are games in which your skill and decision play a role in the outcome of the game. In games like Blackjack, Let It Ride, Roulette and Three Card Poker you can reduce the risk of losing by applying optimal strategies that lower the house edge of the casino. Card-counting, betting structures and the like are some of the strategies you can use to play the skill games that casinos offer. However, there are days in which we want to gamble without having to concentrate ourselves too much. If you�ve had enough of slot machines you can try two table games that require NO SKILL whatsoever to play.


This is perhaps the easiest casino game in the world. All you must do is place a bet and wait for a result that is as random as the flip of a coin. The objective of the game is simple enough, to the get the highest card; Ace being the highest and 2 the lowest. If the same value cards are dealt for both the player and the dealer, then the player has the option of doubling the bet to have another go at the duel. Superior Casino�s War table also has the option of betting for a tie, if there is a tie on the initial draw the tie bet pays 10 to 1.


No matter what you�ve heard or read, there is no strategy that can help you win at Baccarat. The game is similar to War in the sense that you are betting on who will get the highest ranking cards. The difference however is that Baccarat allows you to bet on the Banker (or dealer) side while on War you always bet for your hand. In Baccarat each card has its face value except Jacks, Queens, Kings and Tens that have a value of zero. The goal of the game is to come closest to the sum of nine with two or three cards. If the sum of two cards goes over 10, then simply deduct ten to arrive at the hand�s value. For example: 8 + 7 = 15, in Baccarat that would be a 5 point value. Two 5�s will have a zero point value. Bets placed on the player�s hand will pay 2:1, while bets on the banker�s hand pay 2:1 minus a 5% commission. Here again you may bet on the tie which will pay you 9:1. It�s completely a matter of chance who will win so your guess is as good as anybody else�s.

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