Other Types of Superior Casino Players

April 3rd, 2014

Even while the vast majority of Superior Casino players prefer to play our massive collection of slot machine game over any other of our games, there are still times when those same players opt to spend their time playing something else; something fresh!

Luckily for all our players our casino is full of all different types of games which of course include the classic table games, our fabulous slot machine selection, video poker games and our fun selection of specialty games.

Our other types of Superior Casino players include:

Players who enjoy video poker games:

While poker is an entirely fun and exciting game on itself, video poker takes this classic table game to a whole different level of fun. Superior Casino players can choose between seven different classic video poker games such as Double Joker or Tens or Better. In addition, our players can choose between single-hand version or multi-hand up to 25 hands at a time to really watch their winning skyrocket.

Players who enjoy our Specialty games:

Our Specialty games selection is pretty much our most relaxed and low-pressure area. Players who choose these games – which include our Scratch cards collection, bingo games, Sudoku and Keno – still get a great deal of excitement since these games have been designed to offer a new level of excitement that are not found in live casinos.

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The day has come, a new era for Superior Casino!

February 17th, 2009

We are proud to announce today the remodeling of our main site: SuperiorCasino.com.

The Superior Casino team has the vision of creating the internet’s most sophisticated and elegant casino. With this new site, we expect players to recognize the superior quality of our site and software. Not only do we focus on the general appearance of our site, we are also working hard to provide the best Loyalty Program in the industry, offering as well the best casino bonus for every one of your deposits, plus adding extra features such as optimal strategy for Blackjack, Video Poker, Red Dog, Three Card Poker, Let it Ride, Pai Gow Poker and many other casino games at our blog.

All these features can only be found at Superior Casino, regarded by many as the world’s new favorite online casino.

Our new site will soon be accessible in various other languages, so that the fun of Superior Casino will be available not only to English-speaking players but also to the entire world. By the end of this month, our site will be available in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish and Spanish.

So, now that we have a new site… it’s time to have some fun.

Here’s this week Trivia. To participate you must:

1) Be an active player with at least 1 deposit within the last 2 months
2) Have your account in good standing, with promotions allowed
3) Have NOT received two or more No-Deposit Tokens since your last deposit

Trivia question:

From what part of our new site has the following excerpt been taken:

“Get ready for the countdown celebration, while you spin 5 reels full of champagne glasses, fireworks and party folks”

Answer correctly and you’ll get a $10 FREE TOKEN plus a 65% Trivia bonus up to $65!

To answer correctly the trivia you must write to host@superiorcasino.com addressing our Casino Host: Stephen Vaughn.

Good luck to all of you and enjoy the new Superior Casino site!

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An introduction to Poker

July 30th, 2008

An introduction to Poker
by Jean Real

Poker has become a new favorite game for most casino-goers. However, the experience can be intimidating as you play and bet against other real people and understanding the game is a must if you are playing against experienced players. Although Poker is an exciting game it is not made for all people. Some of the excitement can be rescued however if you try our Video Poker machines, that reproduce the rules of a normal poker game but you play against the casino software and not against real opponents. Heres some information that can help both new and experienced players win at Video Poker.

Most people are unaware that Video Poker has one of the highest payback rates of all casino games. Over the long-run games like Jacks or Better pay back 99.5% of the bets they receive. Others like Deuces Wild, that have wild cards making it easier to create winning hands, have payback rates of nearly 100%. However, to take advantage of this your skill is required and you must play with the optimal strategy to get the best results.

Take for example, Joker Poker. Heres what you are likely to receive on your first draw hand:

Cards / Chance of getting
One Pair of Tens or less 42.34%
One Pair of Jacks or higher 14.19%
Two Pairs 4.83%
Three of a Kind 2.21%
Straight 0.71%
Flush 0.27%
Full House 0.15%
Four of a kind 0.03%
Straight/Royal Flush 0.01%

The better the hand, the better payout you will be getting but this does not mean that you will always try to aim for the highest paying hands. This is a mayor mistake when playing at Video Poker. You must try 90% of the time to get the closest winning hand to your initial draw hand since there is a higher chance of getting lower-paying hands than the higher-paying.

On Video Poker single pairs of 9s or below dont pay, most people prefer to hold a Jacks or higher card than to keep a pair of 3s in their initial hand. The optimal strategy here however is to hold the low-card pair and click on the deal button hoping to turn that initial pair into a three-of-a-kind. Otherwise you will only have less than 14% chance of getting that Jacks or higher card, while you will have more than 18% chance of getting the three-of-a-kind.

Another common mistake is to try to get a flush when you already have a winning pair in your initial hand. For example, if you have a King/spades, 7/spades, 5/spades, 9/spades and a King/diamonds. Some people prefer to drop the diamond king to get the higher-paying flush than to keep the certain 1-for-1 win. The odds are not too bad for getting that flush (20%), however, this must be done rarely, once every 10 similar hands, to ensure the best pay back rates.

If you have a winning pair in your initial hand plus a high kicker card (J,Q,K,A), throw the kicker out before you deal. Dont keep the kicker card, as in Video Poker this is not a good strategy. Its better to take the risk for a three-of-a-kind or better hand, than to try to get the two pair.

Finally, if your initial hand has no low pair or high card, hold no card and deal for five new cards. The only exception would be if you have at least 3 cards for a straight or flush.

With these tips in view your Video Poker experience may improve. Join now to play any of our 7 Video Poker machines with multiple-hand and double-down options.

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January 30th, 2008

General Gaming
By Charles Jay

In the poker game you may be familiar with, you find yourself sitting at a table, either in a physical setting or a virtual environment, and competing against the other players. You make decisions most of the time according to what the other players do, what you anticipate they’re going to do, or what they might have in their hand.

This brand of poker has a psychological element to it. While it is true that the successful player must have a strong mathematical command at his/her disposal to calculate the odds involved in the play of poker hands, the player’s instinct really has to take over, because the goal is not necessarily to compile the best hand at the table, but to beat the people around you, by whatever means is available. Indeed, there is very little you can do to improve your hand. In Texas Hold’em, for example, you get two hole cards, and then share three of the cards that are in the “flop” because they are community cards. What players do from there is up to them.

The house has no financial interest in this game other than to take a percentage, or rake, out of the pot. Of course the house is really not at any risk here, and so this is where the income is derived.

The player, then, is not competing one-on-one against the house. And so it follows that player’s skill level, relative to the skill level of the other players, is the major determinant of success or failure.

This makes the so-called “regular” poker game a different paradigm than most gambling games that are played online.

Video poker is not to be confused with that kind of game. It is a whole different animal, in fact. When you play at a video poker terminal, you are competing against the house and the house only; not against other opponents. So instead of the odds being with you or against you on a changing basis, this creates a set of static odds that you will have to overcome on any given hand. The payouts for various winning hands laid out by the house is obviously relative to the probability of those hands coming out.

You might be able to win a pot with a pair of fives at the poker table by bluffing, provided you can sell it to the other players. That’s obviously not going to work in video poker. Conversely, if you’ve got three of a kind in video poker, you are going to be a winner, according to the pay table paid out by the casino and nothing else. It’s not a matter of getting beaten by someone else holding four of a kind, as you would at a traditional poker table.

Also – and maybe this comes as a surprise to some people – the video poker player can actually do more to improve his or her hand than the player in a Texas Hold’em game can, because while players are stuck with the cards they’re dealt in Hold’em, the video poker player can change the cards. This is an important consideration, since it gives the player a greater degree of control and is a key factor in the implementation of strategy.

There is actually not a whole lot of difference between the video poker game you’ll find in a land-based casino and what you’ll find online, because both are based on a computer program. If there’s any subtle difference, it’s that one of them (that which you’d find at the brick and mortar establishment) utilizes a touch screen, while the game you will play via your computer is of the point-and-click variety. But the outcomes in both are based on an RNG (Random Number Generator), and both are games where you are basically in control of your own decisions and the speed at which the game is played.

There are a number of different decisions you can make in the game, some of which are represented by buttons you will see on the interface:

BET ONE — This will determine the amount of money you will bet on any particular round of play. If you click it once, you will be betting one unit. Every subsequent time you click, it will add one more unit to your bet.

BET MAX — This is what you press when you want to bet the maximum number of units allowable for a game.

DEAL — You will click this button to initiate the deal, at which point you will receive five cards, displayed right in front of you, from left to right, on the interface. You will not be able to activate the “deal” until you have made your bet.

HOLD — After you have been dealt your initial five-card hand you are going to be making your decision as to whether to hold certain cards and discard others. If, for example, you have been dealt a pair of Jacks, while none of the other three cards did you any good, you will probably want to discard the other three. What you will do here is not designate the cards you want to get rid of, but rather, select the cards you want to keep, or “hold.” You click on a “Hold” button below the card to do this. Just click below the cards you want to keep – in this case the Queens – this tells the software that you want to hold those cards. The others will then be eliminated. At this point you move on to the “draw.”

DRAW — When you click this button, you are going to “draw” cards, meaning you will be getting new cards to replace the ones you discarded. The resultant hand will either be a winner or a loser. The degree to which you win on a hand will depend on what the payout chart indicates, as well as how much you bet.

Also, although this is not a “button,” per se, there is also a………

PAY TABLE — There is a “pay table” available on the machine or the interface that will tell what the payout is for the various winning hands you can get. all players are well-advised to examine the pay tables at the game they intend. No one should ever play video poker with the intention of making money and not have some sort of strategy laid out – that’s something we will get into eventually – but even the casual player should always know how much he or she is supposed to be paid.

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