The Optimal Jacks or Better Strategy

October 9th, 2008

The Optimal Jacks or Better Strategy
by Jean Real

Jacks or Better is one of the video poker games with the highest payout percentages. The Jacks or Better game at Superior Casino pays back at a surprisingly high 99.54%. Now, you are probably thinking this can’t be true because the last time you played you were not that lucky. Fear not, I know exactly what might be the problem and I’m here to help you get those high pay rates with Superior Casino’s Jacks or Better.

Jacks or Better or any other video poker machine is a game of skill. The player must know exactly what to do in every situation in order to get the best results. Choices may be hard sometimes, when there are two attractive sets of cards to hold in a hand but obviously you must make a choice and hold one option. Such is the case when you have two high cards (jacks or higher) of the same rank (which will give you a payout of 1:1 on Jacks or Better) but you also have another “kicker” card (a face card or Ace). Most players feel inclined to hold the “kicker” card with the winning pair but this is a mistake. How do we know? Very simply, we run a computer program to analyze the probabilities of the deal based on the cards you hold. If you hold just the pair, you have higher chances of getting a three-of-a-kind than a two pair by holding the “kicker” card.

With that said, we have run the computer program to give us a list of the best card combinations to hold. This is called an Optimal Video Poker Strategy, in this case for Jacks or Better. To get the best results simply look at your 5 cards dealt. Try to match any of these cards or all of them to the hand combination HIGHEST on the list below.

1. Royal Flush
2. Straight Flush
3. Four of a Kind
4. Hold 4 cards to a Royal Flush
5. Full House
6. Flush
7. Three of a Kind
8. Straight
9. Hold 4 cards to a Straight Flush
10. Two Pair
11. High Pair
12. Hold 3 cards to a Royal Flush
13. Hold 4 cards to a Flush
14. Hold 4 unsuited Ten, Jack, Queen and King
15. Low pair (2’s through 10’s)
16. Hold 4 cards to an outside Straight (with 2 high cards)
17. Hold 3 cards to a Straight Flush
18. Hold 2 suited Queen and Jack
19. Hold 4 cards to an inside Straight (with 4 high cads)
20. Hold 2 suited King/Queen or King/Jack
21. Hold 2 suited Ace/King, Ace/Queen or Ace/Jack
22. Hold 4 cards to an inside Straight (with 3 high cards)
23. Hold 3 unsuited King, Queen, Jack
24. Hold 2 unsuited Queen and Jack
25. Hold 2 suited Jack and Ten
26. Hold 2 unsuited high cards with King as highest
27. Hold 2 suited Queen and Ten
28. Hold 2 unsuited high cards with Ace as highest
29. Hold 1 Jack
30. Hold 2 suited King and Ten
31. Hold 1 Queen
32. Hold 1 King
33. Hold 1 Ace
34. If none of the above, discard all and draw for five new cards

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COSMIC QUEST a new era begins at Superior Casino!

June 16th, 2008

COSMIC QUEST a new era begins at Superior Casino!
By Jean Real

Hold on to your rocket ship, another breakthrough in Slot gaming is here!

Superior Casino takes yet another revolutionary step with their I-Slots series. Cosmic Quest leaps forward, redefining the concept of slot machines.

Combining 5 colorful reels with 20 paylines, Cosmic Quest will provide hours of fun as money literally falls from heaven! Laser Guns, Space Men, Radio Antennas, Satellites, Rocket Rides icons will deliver up to 5000 coins if you hit 5 per payline.

But we’re not at full-throttle yet:

3 space monkeys activate the 10 free-spins mode and Rocket Rides icons will multiply winning lines by 3x! Your winnings will be out-of-this-world every time you see that Rocket take off from the reels.

Cosmic Quest is not just another passive click-of-the-button slot machine, the bonus round will test your Star Wars skills as you cruise through an asteroid belt blasting extraterrestrial rocks. Three voluptuous female astronauts trigger the Cosmic Quest Episode. Use your keyboard arrows to navigate through outer space and fire with the space bar at the incoming asteroids. Earn up to 800 coins PER ASTEROID DESTROYED!!

Let’s be serious, you’ve never seen anything like this on Earth! Log in to Superior Casino and Blast away!

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BLACKJACK SCHOOL – 10,10 vs. 5

June 4th, 2008

Charles Jay’s
Designed to help you play a better game

10,10 vs. 5

THE SETUP: You’ve sat down and get yourself involved in a multiple deck game where Doubling-down after split (also known as DDAS) is one of the available options. You’re dealt a pair of cards with ten value (either 10, J, Q or K), and the dealer flips over a five, which is commonly known as a “stiff” card. Your eyes pop out of your head. “Wow,” you say to yourself, “Here’s an opportunity to get a lot of money on the table against this horrible card. How could I possibly pass up on that?” You have a real temptation to put the maximum amount of chips on the table, in an effort to capitalize on the situation. Should you?


What do you do?

CJ’S WAY: Put your eyes back into your head. This is a scenario where you could very easily shoot yourself in the foot by doing the wrong thing. Do not flip the switch. Do not take more chips out. Do not pass “Go.” Do not try to collect $200. Wait a minute, I’m getting carried away with myself……You get the idea. Stay right where you are.

WHY WE DO IT: If you do what I suggest, and hold back from splitting this hand up, you are going to win about 78% of the time, compared to losing 11% of the time. Your positive expectations go way, way down when you vary from that. Even when the DDAS option is open to you, you will suffer 34% losses when you split these cards up. When you stand with 20 you are going to gain approximately 13%. As you should know by now, we are looking for the highest percentage play for each situation. Therefore, there is no plausible reason to do anything else than that which yields the best value.

Splitting tens against a five can be advantageous if you are counting cards and are in a situation where you can implement that practice. However, if you are a Basic Strategy player, you must operate on the principle that breaking up winning hands is not a winning policy. It will not be often that you find relatively opportunities to win hands. When they are laid out before you, you can’t blow the chance!

(Play blackjack, along with dozens and dozens of other casino games, at Superior Casino. It’s a superior experience!)

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