Making the Right Choice When Playing Superior Casino Slots

January 15th, 2014

Every single one of our players is different. Even though we offer a wide range of casino games, the vast majority of Superior Casino players often opt to try out of fruit machines selection. Our selection is packed with many games with diverse themes and a great deal of betting options.

Our games range from 3 reel classic, five reel video fruit machine games, progressives and of course, our very popular interactive fruit machines. With so much diversity you might be wondering just how you can make the absolutely right choice for you. The answer to this really depends on what you happen to be looking for at the time. However, the number one detail you should always keep in mind is that you should choose the fruit machine that will make you enjoy yourself the most!

Some of our players will pick a fruit machine that will pay out what they consider to be the largest prize. Fruit machine games such as Watch the Birdie, So 80’s, Cream of the Crops, Tahiti Time and The Back Nine are some of our games that offer the best payouts. So 80’s offers a maximum payout of $25,000 while a game like Midway Madness will pay out a maximum jackpot amount of $37,500. Whatever fruit machine you end up picking, remember that if you want to be a truly successful player it’s vital that you stick to your budget.

Always keep in mind the fun factor when playing fruit machine games. When choosing a Superior Casino fruit machine it’s important to ask yourself if that particular game will make you have an absolutely great time spin after spin. If soon enough you find out that this game is not providing you with tons of fun then simply go ahead and find another of our games that you consider more exciting.

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Choosing the Right Superior Slot for You

January 12th, 2014

If you like to play online fruit machine games then you’re in the right place. Superior Casino has many different fruit machine games to choose from and sometimes making the right choice can take some time.

In order to find the perfect game for you you should first focus on the details such as how much you’ll be wagering, how much that particular machine pays out but most importantly, you can never forget to have fun!

Of course it’s hard to try out every single game we offer. Even when this is a possibility – given that you can play our fruit machines for free – it’s very likely that you haven’t experienced them all. If you happen to be trying out a new machine for the very first time there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

First off, you want to check what you can bet. Meaning that if you go ahead and choose a game such as the 3 reel traditional fruit machine Gold Rush you’ll be able to wager 1 and up to 3 coins per spin which will add up to a total betting amount of $15 per spin. If these numbers work out for you and you can afford this fruit machine then go ahead and give it a try. But, if the answer is no, then feel free to find another machine that fits your budget.

In addition, it’s only natural that you’re going to want to know how much you can actually win. Choosing to play a video fruit machine like 5 Reel Circus will give you the chance to win a maximum jackpot amount of 7500 coins! Be sure to check out our progressive games or interactive fruit machines for games that pay out some other outstanding prizes.

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Introducing: Jacques Pot a Gourmet Slot

July 2nd, 2008

Introducing: Jacques Pot a Gourmet Slot
By Jean Real

Sniff, what’s that smell? It seems like Superior Casino has been cooking something. You smell it? Yes, you’re one appetite away from the exquisite feast that’s starting this summer. Today, fresh out of the oven, Superior Casino is thrilled to present the next main course for Video Slots gaming. Introducing Jacques Pot, the lively and delicious new game for slots aficionados.

Your host, a burger-specialist Chef Jacques, invites you to his cozy kitchen to join him in the production of gourmet dishes. And we can surely say this is a gourmet video-slot game: select up to 20 lines per spin and bet up to 10 coins per line! And to spice things up, every touch of salt and pepper you add to your spins by getting salt and pepper shakers icons, will activate the expanding wild feature multiplying winning lines up to 1, 2 or 3 times!

Complete with scattered icons triggering 10 free spins with a 2x multiplier, all your expanding wilds will double their already boosted profits. During the free spins feature Chef Jacques himself will make an appearance and if you get three of his icons in one free spin you’ll enter the Burger Creation Bonus Round. Use your mouse to move the hamburger’s patty in order to catch toppings as they fall from the top of your screen. At the end of the round our plump Chef will serve as critic and remunerate you handsomely for your excellent skills at hamburger-making!!

Crave no more, login and begin the feast!

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February 6th, 2008


By Charles Jay

What is important to know about craps is that there are two identical dice that are used in the play of the game. Each of these dice are six-sided, with values, naturally, of 1 through 6. When you look at the sides opposite each other in each die, you will find that the opposite sides add up to seven; for example, the 1 will be opposite the 6, the 2 will be opposite the 5, and the 3 will be opposite the 4. All of these combinations add up to 7.
On any one roll, there are thirty-six (36) different dice combinations that can come up.

* Of these combinations, there are going to be six of them that add up to seven (7), which makes 7 the key number in the game of craps, since it is the one most likely to occur. As we do our arithmetic, seven comes out to six combinations out of 36, which translates to a ratio of 6-to-30. Therefore, the odds against a seven being rolled are 5-1.
* Five of the dice combinations add up to six (the 4-2, 1-5 and their reverses, plus the 3-3 combination), and five of them also add up to eight (the 2-6, 3-5 and their reverses, plus 4-4); these constitute 5 out of 36, which comes out to a ratio of 5-to-31, so the odds against either of those totals being rolled are then 6.2 to 1.
* Four of the combinations add up to five (1-4, 2-3 and their reverse), and four of them also add up to nine (4-5, 3-6 and their reverse), making it 4 out of 36 combos, constituting a ratio of 4-to-32, which means there are 8 to 1 odds against a five or a nine being rolled.
* Three combinations add up to four (1-3 and its reverse, plus 2-2), and likewise three of them add up to ten (4-6 and its reverse, in addition to 5-5), bringing either of those totals to 3 out of 36, which is a 3-to-33 ratio, and 11 to 1 against either of those numbers being rolled.
* Two of the combinations add up to three (1-2, either way), and it is the same for eleven (6-5 either way). That translates to 2 out of 36 combinations, a 2-to-34 ratio, and 17 to 1 against either the three being rolled or the eleven being rolled.
* Only one of the combinations adds up to two (this is the 1-1, or “snake eyes”), and only one adds up to twelve (6-6, or “boxcars”). For both the 2 and 12 combination, it’s one combination out of 36, which translates to 35 to 1 odds against either of the combos being rolled.

The odds of rolling a seven before the combination of six is rolled comes out to 5 to 6 (representing the number of 7’s out of the 36 possible combos against the number of 6’s in the 36 combos). The odds of rolling a 6 before a 7 is 6 to 5. The odds of rolling the 5 before rolling the 7 is 6 to 4, which of course is then reduced to 3 to 2. The odds of a four being rolled before a 7 is rolled are 2 to 1. The odds of a 3 being rolled before a 7 is rolled are 3 to 1. And the odds of the 2 being rolled before a 7 is rolled are high – at 6 to 1. There is a lot of significance to these numbers, and they take on additional meaning as one progresses along the way to learning more and more about the way the game is played.

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January 23rd, 2008

General Gaming
By Charles Jay

Some years ago, there was a basketball bettor I knew who had made a wager on a Sunday televised game, taking the home team and giving up (laying) six points. The home club was ahead by five points when one of its players was fouled in the act of shooting, literally at the final buzzer. The road team was in the “penalty” situation, which meant that the opponent was going to have extra foul shots. Thus, and as it was in those days in the NBA, the player who was fouled had three chances to make two foul shots.

It was actually a pretty bizarre scene. Since time had run out, and the winner had been decided, the player was all alone on the court, with everyone else having departed for the locker room.

Nonetheless, my friend was feeling pretty good at that point, because the player going to the free throw line was shooting close to 90%. He needed to make one of the three shots to force a “push” (or tie) and if he hit two shots in his three chances, my friend would win the game. Well, by now, you must know what happened.

The guy missed all three free throws.

That is the perfect illustration of what we call a BAD BEAT.

I guess the most simple definition of a “bad beat” is one that happens to YOU. But the more clinical definition is that it is a situation where you have a very high expectation of winning, and something comes out of nowhere to take that win away from you. It sometimes happens in dramatic fashion. And you are left feeling helpless.

Maybe some of this has happened to you several times. If it has, I feel your pain. And how’s THIS for pain – you’re at the Hold’em table, with a pair of aces in the hole. You FLOP an ace, so you figure you’re in excellent shape. Somebody else at the table has drawn a two and a four. A five comes out on the flop alongside your ace, then it’s the three and the six on the river and Fifth Street respectively, and all of a sudden you’re losing to the straight.

There goes your money.

It can get worse after that.

Suffering a “bad beat” can have devastating residual effects. You know that there is no way in the world you should have lost, for one thing. So you are angry beyond measure. You feel as if you are at the mercy of the gambling gods, who are undoubtedly against you. To top it off, if it’s at a poker table, for example, the player who beat you is probably ecstatic, and showing it. That would piss anybody off.

It’s like having the air sucked out of you, and beyond that, it represents a significant swing in your bankroll. If you had $200 invested in a pot, for example, and there is five times that in the middle, you have a negative swing of $1200. There is no underestimating the potential psychological effects of something like this. Experiencing a bad beat can rattle you to an extent that you are still thinking about it many hands, or many hours, down the road. That invariably affects your play.

You’re not a freak. It’s human nature. So what can you do about it, to prevent the after-effects from happening in the future?

Well, one of the things you can do is to RATIONALIZE what has just happened to you. You know you didn’t get beat because you weren’t good enough, or because you did something wrong, but because you were beaten by horrible, awful luck. It is very important that you take the pressure off yourself this way.

INTELLECTUALIZE your situation. In games like blackjack, poker, even sports betting, where you have the chance to overcome house odds with skill, you must understand and believe that your skill can win out in the long run. An example – often the best player at the poker table can win out over the others over the course of time. Are you confident you’re the best? Then don’t worry about bad beats in the long run.

If you are a Basic Strategy blackjack player or a card counter – in other words, if you are very skilled – you know that things operate as a long-term proposition and that things work themselves out in the direction of the skill player over the long haul.

UNDERSTAND the pattern of events. You are going to win by way of someone else’s bad beat as much as you’ll lose by your own. No, the forces aren’t against you. Maybe it will even have the effect where in future pots, those other players will “give” you more money when they think they have a winning hand, but don’t.

If all else fails, maybe a good idea would be to TAKE A BREAK and get your head together while you take stock of the above methods for dealing with bad beats.

Then go back out there and go get ’em.

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