The Most Important Fruit Machine Terms (Fruit Machines explained)

August 7th, 2014

Superior Casino fruit machine games are without a doubt the most popular games in our selection. These are also probably the easiest games and the most profitable ones. However, if you truly want to be successful at fruit machine games you need to know every detail you can about these fantastic games before hitting the spin button.

In other words, having a better understanding of certain terms will help you live a better and juicer (in terms of jackpot wins) online casino experience. And isn’t this what we all want?

Let’s take a look at 3 of the most important terms when playing fruit machine games:

What’s a Random Number Generator?

The Random Number Generator (RNG) is probably the most important term to understand when you play fruit machine games. A RNG is the computer program that the result of a spin. This program also determines just how much and how often the fruit machine will pay back.

What is the Payout Percentage?

Take into account that every fruit machine has a payout percentage. This means that there’s a percentage of money that players bet on this particular machine that you have the chance to win back. We encourage you to research on which games have a higher payout percentage as this gives you a better chance to win more. Usually those that pay 95% and up are the best games.

What’s the Coin Size?

Most of Superior Casino fruit machine games will let you adjust the size of coin that you wager. So instead of just having one option you can wager with one penny, 25 cents and so on. Don’t forget that in order for you to qualify for the jackpot prize you need to bet the maximum amount of coins allowed.

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April 2010: Payout Rates over 100% for Online Casino Games at Superior Casino

April 13th, 2010

Superior Casino is an online casino you can trust. We are not coy about revealing our pay-back or payout rates for our slot machines and table games. Since all our games are controlled by a Random Number Generator, the payout rates in the short-term are always unpredictable. They can go just below 95% but they can also go over 100%.

Here is a list of 14 online casino slot and casino games that are over the 100% payout mark:

• Penguin Payday  this month paying out at    120.03%
• Cosmic Quest Episode Two  this month paying out at    109.88%
• Strike Gold  this month paying out at    103.72%
• Aces and Faces  this month paying out at    102.43%
• Fixer Upper – Total  this month paying out at    102.19%
• Jacques Pot – Gourmet Slot  this month paying out at    102.02%
• Caribbean Stud  this month paying out at    101.33%
• Let It Ride  this month paying out at    101.14%
• Major Moolah  this month paying out at    100.99%
• Blackjack – Multi-Hand  this month paying out at    100.57%
• Money Magic  this month paying out at    100.29%
• Heavyweight Gold  this month paying out at    100.27%
• Future Fortunes  this month paying out at    100.19%
• Winter Wonders   this month paying out at    100.07%

Play most of these games directly from our No-Download Flash Casino lobby. Or click on the instant play image on the right.

This week we also want to try a different kind Game Contest this week.

Instead having a slot contest, we will have a Table Game contest with: Caribbean Stud Poker!


This game has been paying out at 101.33% this month, so it might be your lucky month!

Play Caribbean Stud Poker with your real money balance and wager at least $15 on Caribbean Stud Poker before Sunday April 18th.

If you complete those wagers, you will receive FREE $20 at your cashier on Monday April 19th.

Note that this offer is only valid for players that have deposited in the past at Superior Casino.

Movia Trivia Blog

Listen to our Movie Audio Clip and guess correctly the movie to win: FREE $7 CASINO BONUS!

[audio:|titles=Movie Trivia April 13th]

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Play the loosest online casino slots and table games with over 100% Payout Rates only at Superior Casino!

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Understanding the Games. Part one: RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR

March 19th, 2008

Understanding the Games. Part one: RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR
By Charles Jay

In this particular piece we’ll look at a few things you often hear about, but may not understand (don’t be offended if you already do). And you’ll see reference to each of these things on the brand-new, re-designed Superior Casino website.

Okay, let’s tackle them one-by-one:


The presence of microprocessors in slot machines brought about something called a Random Number Generator (RNG), through which the odds could be customized from machine to machine. The RNG cycles through thousands and thousands of combinations of numbers and settles on outcomes randomly. The reels on the slot machine are programmed to stop at whatever combination the RNG happens to pick at that time.

The RNG enables “virtual” reels as opposed to actual reels. These reels have more virtual “symbols” on them. That adds up to many more combinations and a much, much greater jackpot possibility for the player. That’s a good thing.

The RNG, in effect, pre-selects the outcome for each and every spin on the slot machine, making the actual spinning of the reels more of a formality than anything else. Before you have even pushed a button or pulled a handle, the machine knows whether you are going to win or not.

The machines, of course, are programmed to stop at non-paying combinations more often than others, something players obviously understand. Otherwise, the beautiful new Superior Casino , or any other online or land-based casino, might not even exist. But because this process is “random,” it does allow for a winning combination to appear, and certainly reduces the possibility that the outcomes can be subject to specific manipulation from both internal and external sources.

The results are based on a long-term pay schedule, which means that the casino knows what it is going to be getting out of each machine on a long-term basis, though the short-term results for the customer are still left pretty much to chance.

In addition to being essential to the development and advancement of slot machines, the RNG is also the governing mechanism behind all player vs. house games that are played over the internet. Naturally, that includes slots, which are, of course, seen but not touched.

Stay tuned for the continuation of this post.

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