Online progressive jackpot (slot machine: Major Moolah) Winner at Superior Casino!

May 10th, 2011

The time has come again when Superior Casino is proud to have another progressive jackpot winner. The winner is Anna R. from Georgia, that was playing the online progressive slot Major Moolah, when suddenly the alarms went off and she receives a message that the $10,024.45 progressive jackpot was hit!


She becomes the third progressive jackpot winner this year at Superior Casino. So far over $27,000 has been paid out to these lucky winners and we expect much more to go out. If you check Superior Casino’s progressive jackpot games you’ll notice that there is a total of: $371,796.87 in progressive jackpots ready to be paid out. Money Magic alone has a progressive jackpot of: $174,382.45

There is still ample room for Superior to beat its record from 2009, when over $100,000 was paid in progressive jackpots from the Rival-Gaming progressive slot network. Superior Casino players have had much luck playing these games and we expect this to continue in the future.

We invite all players from all nationalities to give it a shot at these games. We will have a special 20% ongoing reload bonus that will allow you to play progressive bonuses. Remember that casino bonuses are often ineligible for progressive slot bets, as the casino is paying a small percentage of every bet into the progressive jackpot pool. This is a rare chance for you to play progressive slots with a little extra bonus money. The bonus will not have a maximum cash out limit, so therefore you can cash out the entire progressive jackpot if hit, once the wagering requirements (20x) have been met.

Here is a list of the current casino progressive jackpots at Superior Casino:

Progressive slot machine game: Total progressive jackpot
Money Magic $174,382.45
Strike Gold $82,584.90
Dr. Magoo (Progressive) $33,004.71
One Million Reels BC $19,750.00
McMurphy (Progressive) $15,097.88
Shangri-La (Progressive) $12,340.41
Dog Casher (Progressive) $12,023.53
French Cuisine (Progressive) $10,339.42
Crazy Jewelry (Progressive) $9,113.12
Major Moolah $3,160.45


One spin can change your life, don’t miss your chance to win a progressive jackpot at Superior Casino playing progressive online pokies or progressive jackpot fruit machines!

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Progressive online slot machines on the rise at Superior Casino!

August 3rd, 2010

Superior Casino offers 4 popular progressive jackpot slot machines. These have small to medium seized jackpots that increase daily and can be one by anyone that gets that fateful lucky spin. As opposed to progressive jackpots that reach millions of dollars (and the odds are one in a trillion), at Superior Casino the progressive slots have better odds of being hit. In 2009 alone, Superior Casino paid over $100,000 in progressive jackpot prizes to players all over the USA and the rest of the world.

As of today, August 3rd 2010, the progressive slots at Superior Casino have a global jackpot of over $100,000. Let’s have a look at each progressive slot game and their progressive jackpots.

Let’s start by the lowest one: Major Moolah


Major Moolah currently has a progressive jackpot of $5,770 and is steadily climbing. This is close to its seed jackpot (That is to say, it’s starting jackpot after it is hit which is: $2500). Major Moolah was Superior’s very first slot machine of the progressive kind. Many players have hit this jackpot at this casino, ranging in amounts from $3,000 to $20,000 jackpots.

The next jackpot slot on our list is: One Million Reels BC


The current jackpot for this slot is just over $7,000. This slot has 3 reels and 5 paylines. The progressive jackpot can be hit on any of the paylines.

Our next progressive slots have much higher jackpots. The next in line is: STRIKE GOLD!


This golden progressive slot has a current jackpot over $20,000 and is quickly rising. Many Superior Casino players have won big bucks on STRIKE GOLD. Exactly a year ago a Superior player won nearly $50,000 on this progressive slot machine.

Finally, the top progressive jackpot of the moment goes to: Money Magic


Money Magic has a progressive jackpot closing on $70,000. This is the most advanced progressive slot with 5 reels rather than 3. Some lucky winner is soon to hit this on and get a whole extra yearly salary in the blink of an eye!

Join Superior Casino and play these charming slot machines that could make your day!


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Progressive jackpot slot is here!

September 23rd, 2008

We had been spreading some rumors over the last couple of weeks that a new game was being released. Earlier this morning the new game has gone live and the reels have been spinning non-stop!

Major Moolah has become the very first Progressive Slot Machine to appear at Superior Casino! This is the first of a series of new progressive slots that will appear during the next following months.

Major Moolah’s progressive jackpot begins at $2,500 every time and will rise constantly throughout the weeks until it is hit and returns to its base jackpot.

Our first progressive has golden Sevens, Bars, and special gold star coins that will payout every time. Any three Bars or Sevens will payout according to the generous paytable. Three double-M icons when played with 3 coins will deliver the progressive jackpot prize at that time!

Join Superior Casino now to play the new progressive slot machine, and become the first winner to hit the new jackpot!

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