Zodiac Wild Slot by Saucify at Superior Casino

August 21st, 2019

If you are looking for an online betting website there are plenty of options out there but before starting your quest, my recommendation is to set first your criteria to determine the best option of them all. One of the first things you need to check is how well built is the game platform, and right on top of this the support service, no matter how good the website looks if it doesn’t count with a well-elaborated platform or a great customer service that’s not the place to be in. Another important aspect to consider is the games offered at the website, are they updated? Is it varied the offer? Where do these games come from? Finally, you need a place where extra features are offered, this is casino bonuses, special offers, and more. Do you have any clue yet? Let me help you out a little, Superior Casino is the place you’re looking for. This online casino has by far the best games in the market, and Zodiac is definitely not the exception. Let’s see the main details of the game!

Zodiac is a 5-reel slot game created by Superior Casino in collaboration with Saucify an astonishing game developer responsible for many hits in the gaming industry. This game counts with a great design set in an astrology theme, incredible graphics, and a magnificent symbol pack. There are more than 12 symbols in this slot game, you will see an Aries symbol, Taurus symbol, Gemini symbol, Cancer symbol, Leo symbol, Virgo symbol, Libra symbol, Scorpio symbol, Sagittarius Symbol, Capricorn symbol, Aquarius symbol, and Pisces symbol. Also, there are two special symbols, the wild symbol and the free spins scatter. The wild symbol substitutes any other symbol except for the scatter one, any win with a wild substitute doubles your win. Regarding the free-spins scatter, if the player gets 3 or more free-spin symbols anywhere on the reels it will activate the free spin feature. This feature can be reactivated during the free spin. Also, wins are doubled during free spins, and finally, all bets and lines played are the same as the game that triggered free spins.

This slot game has a special feature called “Select a Lucky zodiac sign”. Basically, players will select a sign, and once they’ve done that this sign will become the top symbol, it will payout 5x more than the rest. As the celestial bodies cycle through the heavens, the stars may shine upon players. The lucky sign can be changed at any time on the wheel screen in the right lower corner at the payout table.

As you can see, this game combines a great plot with some distinguished features and special symbols, so don’t wait any longer and go now to try it out at Superior Casino.

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Play Online Wild Wizards Saucify Slot

August 19th, 2019

Superior Casino is an online gaming site with a large community of supporters, no wonder why this casino has some of the most powerful platforms in the industry, and it combines this with an extensive game offer, remarkable winning chances, special bonuses, and more. Two of the most desirable features Superior has are a friendly-user website and an impressive game quality which they ensure by collaborating with the best developers in the market such as Saucify. Under this collaboration has born Wild Wizards, a breathtaking new game with thousands of opportunities for players to exploit.

Wild wizards is a 5-reel slot game with a simple yet outstanding board design, this game is incredibly detailed, and its graphics are simply awesome. The symbol package is really nice, players will find a green jewel, a little dragon, a magic book, a crystal ball, a couple of potions, an A, a K, a Q, and a J. Also, there are three special symbols which are the Wizard (serving as the wild symbol), the owl (which works as the Scatter symbol), and the cat (the free spins symbol). The Wizard substitutes any symbol except the scatter symbol, Scatter wins are multiplied by the total credits wagered. Moreover, Scatters are paid in addition to the pay-line win, and if a player gets 3 of these, it will get 5 credits, if it gets 4, it will get 75, and finally, if it gets 5, it will earn the incredible amount of 2,500 credits.

Additionally, there is the free spin special feature. If a player gets 3 or more cats this will activate the free spins feature. Free spins can be activated again during the feature, wins are tripled during free spins, and all bets and lines played are the same as the game that triggered the feature. Getting 5 cat symbols will award 20 free spins, 4 cat symbol award 15 free spins, and finally, 3 cat symbols award 10 free spins.
All wins are paid from left to right except for Scatter symbols which are paid both ways. In regard to the pay-line wins, these are multiplied by the credits wagered per line. Scatter wins are multiplied by the total credits wagered, and these symbols are paid in addition to the pay-line wins. It is important to mention that only the highest win are paid on each active pay line.

This game is definitely a great deal because of the more than 25 pay lines, the special features and symbols, and the ease of the game plot. This is for sure the perfect opportunity for players to win a lot while having fun, so don’t wait any longer, Wild Wizards is waiting for you at Superior Casino.

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Wild Berry Saucify Slot at top Superior Casino

August 15th, 2019

A common mistake in the online casino industry is thinking this market niche is practically new. However, the truth is casinos made it to the internet in 1996 which means this business has existed for more than two decades now. Logically, 23 years is more than enough time to build an extensive repertoire of games, and this, along with the many platforms that exist, makes picking the perfect online casino a very difficult task. Superior Casino is one of those online gaming sites to make this decision an easy one. In fact, during the last 10 years, this casino has been working tirelessly in order to build a platform that understands their client’s needs while it collaborates with the best-developing companies such as Saucify. Under this collaboration, different new slot games have been launched with astonishing elements that stand among the other games and Wild Berry is not the exception, let’s see all about it!

Wild Berry is a colorful game with a great number of features and special options for players to maximize their wins. Its graphics are really good, and the symbols are just wonderful. These symbols come in a package integrated by a large variety of berries, like this, player will find a cloudberry, a huckleberry, a gooseberry, a salmonberry, some buffaloberries, and more. Also, players will interact with two special symbols, the bee, and the lady bee. The bee is the game’s Scatter, this symbol may trigger free spins, a feature that can be re-triggered one more time while this occurs. Moreover, all bets and lines played are the same as the game that triggered the feature. In case that the player gets 3 bee symbols, it will earn 15 free spins, if the player gets 4, it will earn 20, and if the player gets 5, it will win 25 free spins. For its part, the lady bee is the wild symbol, this symbol will substitute any symbol except for the Scatter one.

This 5-reel slot game pays from left to right except Scatter symbols which pay at any direction. All pay-line wins are multiplied by the credits wagered per line. Scatter wins are multiplied by the total credits wagered, and they are also paid in addition to the pay-line wins. Only the highest win pays on each active pay-line.
This slot game is really good because of all it gathers in just one plot. For instance, the huge winning range with 50 pay-lines that the player can activate, or the many special features and bonuses that it integrates. While playing this game you can find yourself immersed in a great plot while winning many prizes and credits, so don’t wait too much, go no now and try this game out at Superior Casino.

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Sweet Success Online Slot at Superior Casino

August 12th, 2019

Even though the online casino industry has been around for quite a long, its popularity has been arising in recent times which, of course, can be attributed to the incredible advances made in technology matters and a more polished offer of games and opportunities. This been said, Superior Casino is for sure one of the betting websites where you can find all of that on each one of their slots, this casino has the experience of being for more than ten years in the market, and this has served to build a one-of-a-kind platform, user-friendly and productive that happens to offer the best games in the business. Sweet Success is one of the latest hits of Superior, a game created in collaboration with the marvelous game developer Saucify, let’s see the main details of the game.

This 5-reel slot game has a fully colored design and more than 50 pay lines that you can use to activate and multiply your winning chances. It has a great symbol package; the player will find more than 10 different symbols. Among these, there is an orange candy, a black candy, a green gummy, a blue gummy, an A made of candy, a K made of cookie, a Q and a J made of candy, and finally, a 10 made of cookies. Also, there are four special symbols, a colorful lollipop representing the Wild symbol, a purple lollipop serving as the Scatter / free spins symbol, a gummy person as the Scatter/feature game, and finally a gummy that works as the regular scatter.

The wild symbol substitutes any symbol except for the Scatter symbol, and all of the scatter wins are multiplied by the total credits wagered. Scatters are paid in addition to the pay-line wins. The free spins / Scatter is triggered by getting 3 or more free spin symbols anywhere on the reels, also free spins can be activated again while they happen. All of the wins are doubled during free spins, and as if wasn’t enough all bets and lines played are the same as the game that triggered free spins.

The feature game Scatter is triggered by getting three or more symbols anywhere on the reel, this will trigger the “pick a prize” feature game. The values of the prize ​​are proportional to the size of the bet that triggered the feature. If the player gets three symbols it will earn 1 chance to pick among 3 prizes, with 4 symbols it will have 2 chances among 4 prizes, and with 5 symbols, 3 of 5 prizes. Finally, the Random wild turns into a wild symbol for that spin. The random wild is not available during free spins.

This game is an entertaining gold machine, on top the incredible special features, players can activate 50 pay lines in order to increase their winning chances, so this is by far a great deal. Also, the gameboard is quite simple to use and provides help while playing. Don’t forget to try this 3D Slot game now at Superior Casino.

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Age of Spartans Saucify Slot Machine at Superior Casino

July 10th, 2019

Superior Casino is by far one of the greatest casinos in the industry. This online gaming site integrates some of the most desired features in order to be considered as such by many players. Its 10 years of trajectory in the market has served to collect information and improve different areas with the final intention of providing an everyday better experience which along to plenty of cutting-edge games make of this online platform a powerhouse. One of the latest moves of Superior Casino has been partnering with the most well-reputed game developers in order to provide the best game offer existing. Saucify is the developer behind astonishing games among which we can count Age of Spartans, the latest release of this collaboration.

Age of Spartans is set in the ancient Greece. This five-reel online slot has 9 pay lines for you to use while winning plenty of credits. Saucify has taken very seriously subjects as graphics and design. In fact, the design of the symbols is simply awesome. The player will see a horn, the spartan queen, the spartan flag, a helmet, and a sword and shield; this, in addition to an A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9. Also, this slot game has two special symbols, the great Shield, and the King. The great shield works as the Scatter, and additionally, it grants free spins. This Scatter offers 15 free spins, get 3x, 4x or 5x Scatters shield symbols and the free spins feature will be activated. All wins are tripled during the feature and the free spins can be re-activated during the free-spin mode. The king is the Wild symbol, any of the wins with the king as a wild symbol will double your wins, get 2 of them and you will earn 10 credits, get 3 and you will earn 200, get 4 and you will earn 2,000, and finally, if you get 5 of them you will earn 10,000 credits.

This slot game pays from left to right, except for the Scatter symbol which pays at any direction. All of the pay line wins are multiplied by the credits wagered per line, and with respect to the Scatter wins, these are multiplied by the total credits. In addition to this, only the highest wins are paid on each pay line.

In conclusion, this is a simple yet entertaining game for players to interact with. The gameboard is quite simple to use, and it counts with different features to exploit. So, don’t wait too much! Go now and try this online fruit machine at Superior Casino.

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