Share the Excitement, a new exciting feature where players share their wins!

October 19th, 2010

Superior Casino is thrill to make public a new feature that will revolutionize the online gaming world. We present the new “Share the Excitement”


With Share The Excitement players can take screen shots of any game at the casino. The idea is for players to share exciting moments when they play, for example, when you complete successfully a hard bonus round or when you hit a much desired jackpot.

To get a screen shot image of the game, simply press the “ESC” (or Escape) button when you are playing any game. Don’t worry the screen shot will be shared anonymously, only your initials will show. By hitting ESC key, it will automatically save an image and will be stored under the “Share The Excitement” tab at the cashier:


There you can view all your saved game images as well as those of other players.

But that’s not all!


Browse through “All User’ Screenshots” and see what’s been happening lately. You can view screen shots per date, per win amount, or per rating. Feel free to rate them yourself and comment on them. Soon, there will be a big collection of amazing stored moment at Superior Casino and all thanks to you, the player.


To rate a screen shot simply click on the stars found under the two initials. You can rate it from 1 to 5, 5 being the best rating.

Below the screen shot you may enter your comments. Share your thoughts with other players and congratulate them for their good wins.

Finally, you can even send your fun wins to friends and colleagues. This features provides you a unique URL that has your screen shot. You can also send it via email to friends or embed it in forums. The sky is the limit with Share the Excitement.

We are also working on Share The Excitement online. We are still working on our beta site for this so you may encounter some minor glitches. You may access it here:


As you can see above, one of the top rated screen shots so far was a spin on BIG CASH WIN! Come play this classic 3-reel slot and try to get that top jackpot yourself!

We invite you to play this slot so you can have a chance to win: $10 IN FREE SPINS

All you have to do is complete at least 35 real money spins on BIG CASH WIN before the week ends. The Free Spins will be added on Monday Oct. 25th at your cashier.

This contest is restricted only to players that have made at least one deposit at Superior Casino in the past.

Enjoy your play this week at Superior with new promotions for both old and new players!

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The craziest online casino contest for slots games!

September 7th, 2010

Superior Casino has a slots game contest with free no deposit bonus!


Superior Casino has the drive to keep experimenting and bringing novel ideas to the world of online gaming. If you are into free slots games then read this post because it can give you a chance to win a $50 Free Casino No Deposit Bonus!

This week at Superior Casino all active players, that is to say, players that have made at least 1 deposit at the casino will be participating in a crazy slot games contest!

We have taken the top paying loose slot games of this month. Take a look at how each game has paid out in the last 7 days:

Big Cash Win (114.69%)
Gobblers Gold (114.35%)
Cosmic Quest Episode One (111.90%)
Dog Pound (104.34%)
Psychedelic Sixties (101.92%)
Fixer Upper (100.66%)
Ocean Treasure (100.06%)
Flea Market (100.01%)

To win a $50 Free Casino No Deposit Bonus all you have to do is complete 20 real money spins on each of these 8 games! Simple as that! You are going to be playing the top paying games of this month with big chances of winning big. The good thing about this contest is that everybody that fulfills the condition will receive the prize. You are welcome to use other free comp money to fulfill the requirement of 20 real money spins on each, so long as you are playing in real money mode.

Rules of the contest:

– The 20 real money spins must be made before Sunday September 12th
– Only accounts that have previously made at least 1 deposit at Superior Casino
– The token will be given at the cashier on Monday September 13th in the morning hours EST
– Player accounts with limited promotions due not apply

If you are a new player that has not deposited before this is a good chance. We are offering new depositors a 777% Welcome Bonus on the first deposit. With such a bonus you can easily complete 20 real money spins on all of these games.

We hope you enjoy all our slot games and casino contests. Remember that all our games can be played gratuitously from our Free No Download Slots page. If you are looking for free slots then Superior Casino is your #1 choice.

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New 5-reel video slot release: DooWop Daddy-o at!

August 24th, 2010

This is the official review for the new 5-reel video slot: DooWop Daddy-o

The times they are a-changin’, before our own very eyes. The reality of the 1950’s in America is long buried in the past but that doesn’t mean we can’t look back with certain amusement and nostalgia. The spirit of the 50’s has become the inspiration for the theme of the new dashing slot machine at Superior Casino. A flash from the past: roller skates, milk shakes and juke boxes constitute the new video slot:

DooWop Daddy-o


Neon lights adorn this sharp-looking slot, with trendy reels full of quaint characters and items from the 1950’s. This will naturally appeal to all those players that lived their youth in those memorable years. However, this slot was designed to appeal to a wider audience. The graphics are playful and funny, plus the bonus rounds will appeal to many of the younger crowd.

Let’s begin by having a look at the paytable. This slot divides all payouts in two separate pay-tables. On the first are revealed the normal pay jackpots, with a top jackpot of 1000 coins if you get all 5 hipster icons in a payline:


On the second pay-table we have a different sort of jackpots and bonus features.


The first symbol displayed from top left to right is the Scatter Symbol. This is a motorcycle symbol with a special function. As a Scatter Symbol it does not have to appear on a pay-line in order to give out a payout. It may appear on any reel and in any position.  If at least two appear in a spin, there will be a coin jackpot given.



Then, we can see there is a special Wild Symbol. The wild can be substituted for any of the first pay-table page. Lining up Wild Symbols on a payline can only give out big jackpots. Significant wild symbol wins will be celebrated with big musical notes passing over the slot reels:



Now, what players love most are bonus rounds. They won’t be disappointed with DooWop Daddy-o. This new video slot has 2 interactive bonus rounds that will keep you asking for more! During the first bonus round, you will step behind the diner’s counter and serve customer as they make their orders. Satisfy their appetites and receive big cash awards:


The second bonus round is double the fun. You will race an old classy truck down the highway. Change gears, hunk the horn and speed up for a victory. Big amounts of coins will be given if you can win the race:



DooWop Daddy-o is an all-round video slot, with a solid payout rate of approximately 97%. The great thing about it is that the bonus round come often, so there’s always an extra element of entertainment and big chance to win a significant jackpot. Another winning slot game at your favorite online casino: Superior Casino!

::::: PLAY DooWop Daddy-o TO WIN $20 FREE! :::::

How? Simply complete at least 50 real money wagers on this new slot before the upcoming Sunday August 29th. This promotion is available only to players that have deposited previously at Superior Casino, and that have normal promotions allowed. Bonus disabled countries do not apply.

The Free $20 will be awarded at the cashier on Monday August 30th.

May you all enjoy the new bashing video slot: DooWop Daddy-o

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$150 Give away and everyone gets Free $10 Casino Bonus!

June 8th, 2010

We want to try something new this week at Superior Casino. Every week we reward players that participate in our game contest by completing a certain number of bets on a particular game. Now, we want to make this a contest in a real sense of the word. We will a $150 Free Token with only 5x wagering and a maximum cash out of $1500. All players that participate on this contest will receive $10 Free and one lucky player will receive the extra $150 Token!

Rules of the Superior Casino Game Contest:

Play our all-star 5-reel casino slot: ROCK ON!


You must play it during real money mode. You can play it with any real money bonus or with your own deposit.

All players that complete at least 25 real money spins on this slot this week, receive:


All players that complete at least 150 Real Money spins are automatically participating for the $150 Token mentioned at the top of this post.

All spins must be made before Sunday June 13th. The $10 Free will be given automatically on Monday June 14th in the morning hours EST. Available only for that day on EST time zone.

The players that complete 150 bets on ROCK ON! will be included in a raffle and the winner will be notified by Stephen Vaughn, the casino host. The winner will be annouced both by email and at our Facebook page. If you are not yet a Superior Casino Facebook friend, we strongly encourage you to become one, for this contest and many future exclusives.

Movia Trivia Blog

Play our latest movie trivia to win FREE $7 TOKEN!

[audio:|titles=Movie Trivia June 8th]


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Blog Contest Winners and Free $50 Casino Bonus!

April 6th, 2010

So, we are happy to announce the 10 winners of a $100 Cash Prize, raffled electronically by our system. All players that activated the 800% Bonus up to $800 last week were immediately inscribed into the raffle.

The winners are:

Adrian M. from Mexico City
Lucy W. from Saint Paul, Minnesota
Albert R. from Pueblo West, Colorado
Ela S. from Dresden, Germany
Ricardo S. from Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Alice P. from Vista Encantada, New Mexico
John G. from Lake Stevens, Washington
Eliah T from Tucson, Arizona
Mariana C from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tia R. from Sevilla, Spain

The winners must contact Stephen Vaughn at to collect their prize, to notify him when they would like to receive it. Note that if you receive the cash prize while having an activated promotion, your entire new balance will be subject to the activated bonus.


This week come and play the coolest slot machine of all time: ROCK ON


An epic 5-reel video slot developed with the theme of classic rock. Find your favorite performers from the 60’s and 70’s in the reels of ROCK ON!

Spin the reels of this slot until you explode in a wild roar of cheers for those huge jackpots that ROCK ON is known to give out frequently. Plus, don’t forget that the bonus round is a game of virtual guitar playing which is great fun in itself, not considering all the coins it gives out.


Simply complete at least $50 Real Money Wagers on ROCK ON this week before Sunday April 11th and we’ll match those wagers with a Free $50 No-Deposit Token. 

The token will be awarded next Monday on April 12th.

Note that this offer is only valid for players that have deposited in the past at Superior Casino. Players will limited promotions do not apply.

Movia Trivia Blog

Play this Movie Trivia and win FREE $10!

[audio:|titles=Movie Trivia April 7th]
Visit our movie trivia page for more information on how to participate!


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