The new 3-reel slot (fruit machine) is now live at Superior Casino.

May 25th, 2011


Introducing Heroes’ Realm, the new mythical adventure at Superior Casino.


This is an ambitious new slot because it is only a 3-reel slot but has, as we’ll see, several bonus features plus astounding graphics and sound-effects. It plays almost like a video slot but has the simplicity of just one pay-line, and three reels with max bet of 3 coins.


Heroes’ Realm has two pay-tables. This is the first time we see a 3-reel slot having 2 sets of pay-tables. The first table (above), shows the normal paying symbols.


The second pay-table (above) describes the special bonus features of Heroes’ Realm. As you can see there are free spins on this slot as well as an interactive bonus round. These features make it stand out from the rest already. But just start playing and notice the moving background with the two heroes, plus all the sound-effects that go off while you play and get paying combinations.


As stated above, you get free spins in this online slot. But not just a few sets of free spins. If you get all three of the special swords you will be awarded a total of 50 real money spins! Otherwise, just getting two will award a still decent set of 10 free spins.


Finally, we have the bonus round. When have you seen a 3-reel slot with a bonus round? This could be the first time around and we invite you to participate in the adventure. Fight spectral skeletons that attacked nearby towns. Collect coins for destroying the enemies but watch out! You will lose coins (bonus round earnings) for the damage you receive in your domain. Kill them all to get a hefty prize at the end of the bonus round, especially when you defeat the evil leader!


Heroes’ Realm is a unique online fruit slot machine available at Superior Casino via download or through our no-download slot page.

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Official Review of new 2D video slot: A Day at the Derby

February 24th, 2011

Lovers of horse racing and horse race betting will get a delightful surprise here at Superior Casino. Our latest 5-reel video slot is all about racetracks and the memorable experience of spending a day at the derby. Yes, that’s the very name of our new dynamic slot: A Day at the Derby


What you get is a 20-line video slot with up to 10 coin bets. Denominations vary from penny (1 cent) to quarter (25 cent). On max bet this is equal to $2 on the former and to $50 on the latter. By reducing the coin bets to a minimum, you can play on penny denomination for only $0.20, while wagering on every pay-line for maximum odds.


Have a look at the generous pay-table of this video slot. It has 2 full pay-tables. The first one (above) consists of the normal payouts, with icons that surprisingly match well during play and create often wins for the player.


The second pay-table is all about the bonus feature that we will see below. These features are quite common nowadays for video slots. Having all these bonus features in one slot increases the odds for players to walk away with profit from this racetrack slot.


Players often enjoy getting free spins. You don’t get to risk a dime of your money and you see your balance increase. These free spins are special as every spin has the pay-table multiplied by 3. Every jackpot will pay three time its normal value. Get sets of 5, 10 or 20 free spins all with the 3x multiplier.


The wild icon appears on A Day at the Derby quite often. It helps the player complete winning combinations as it is a joker-type icon, substitutable with any other normal pay-table icon. When the wild icon appears on the first reel you can almost count on a pay, as it seriously increase you chance of making a winning combo.


The bonus round is what will appeal to those horse race grubstakers. Trigger the bonus round by getting three white race horses in one spin. During the bonus round you must pick a horse. Then sit back as you watch them take off!


Follow the race by the meter above the track. As they reach the final line, a photo will be taken to avoid any doubt about the winner. Getting the winning horse will pay out very nicely, multiplying your initial bets a few tenfold.

A Day at the Derby is the new horse race slot at Superior Casino, available via instant play (no-download slots) or via our free software download. Don’t wait a minute longer and get to the track to begin your betting!

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The only online casino where there are winners every day!

January 11th, 2011

Casinos are notorious for taking away people’s money but there are exceptions. Superior Casino is proud to offer online slot machines that retain, on average, a pay-out rate of over 100% every month, allowing players to win every day. According to a report, Superior Casino has not had a single day in the past 6 months when a player has not request a withdrawal here. That comes to show how favorable the odds are at this online casino.

As usual, Superior Casino likes to publish at the first third of the month the top pay-out rates of games, to reveal those games that are producing profits to players. For the great fortune of its players, there are over 10 games that have consistently paid out over 100% of the bets received during the month of January 2011. As we cross the auspicious 11.1.11, we shall see if more games will cross the barrier and set free thousands of dollars in profits for players.


The following chart displays the ongoing trend of loose online slots and casino table games:

Casino Game name: Pay out: 
Bust-A-Vault  114.78%
Western Wildness 113.01%
Double Joker 109.59%
A Switch In Time   109.42%
Scary Rich 2  107.23%
Surf Paradise  107.23%
Pai Gow  104.21%
Global Cup Soccer  103.14%
Best of Luck  103.12%
Fantastic Fruit  102.92%
As The Reels Turn 2   102.37%
Watch the Birdie 100.40%

The top game of the month so far is Bust-a-Vault, an exciting Vegas-style 3-reel slot machine.

The list is then followed by the most popular old west video slot: Western Wildness.

A game that has been on fire lately is A Switch in Time, an interactive i-slot that is available exclusively within the Rival-powered network.

All the above games can be played directly from our No-Download Casino page.

Superior Casino invites new online casino players to enjoy their fair online slot machines in order to experience a legitimate chance to win. All winnings are paid in a timely fashion and with utmost confidentiality.

Now for Superior Casino’s latest blog casino contest!


It’s easy and you can win yourself a: FREE $12 CASINO BONUS

All you have to do is complete a minimum amount of wagers on Bust-a-Vault this week. The number of spins you must make will not be revealed this week but it won’t be too much. Just make sure you play with real money at Bust-a-Vault and then check your cashier on January 17th for the free chip to appear there.

This contest is available to all players at the casino that have previously made a real money deposit and have normal promotions enabled.

For the loosest online slots there is one and only one place for that: Superior Casino

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Generous Online Slot Games generate over $50,000 in casino winnings!

December 28th, 2010

Generous Online Slot Games generate over $50,000 in casino winnings!

The week of Christmas has stocked up the pockets of Superior Casino players. The plentiful week going from December 20th to December 26th generated over $50,000 in profit for players at Superior, thanks to the loose pay-outs of their games. It is no surprise since the games for the entire casino have in the month of December 2010 an average payout over 96%. Some games in particular are well over 100% leaving thousands of dollars of profit in players’ hands.

The below chart shows the payout rate report for the top casino games at Superior Casino, a report run through December 1st to December 28th at noon. You are welcome to play any game for free by clicking it. That will take you to the direct no-download flash version of the slot games.

Superior Casino Game: Pay Out Rate:



Superior Casino Game: Pay Out Rate:
A Switch In Time 117.90%
Dog Pound 113.92%
So 80's 110.62%
Atomic Age 108.11%
Reel of Fortune 106.42%
Big Cash Win 103.46%
Bowled Over 101.71%
One Million Reels BC 101.52%
Reel Crime 2: Art Heist 101.49%
Cosmic Quest Episode One 100.32%
Secret Garden 100.32%
Video Poker Total 100.31%

The indisputable top game is A Switch In Time, an I-slot that was released just over a year ago. It is an innovative slot machine as it has different phases players can access. The player is given the opportunity to travel between the past, present and future and collect coins in each phase as they go along the adventure. A Switch in Time has delivered over the last week nothing less than $20,000 in profit going to players.


With loose payouts, Superior Casino slots are quickly rising into the stardom. Many players are calling Superior Slots the favorite online slots of the moment!

We invite you to play at this superb online slot in order to win a free casino bonus!

Online Casino Contest: Free $15 Chip!

Are you looking for Free Spins for online slots in real money, then this is your chance to get some. Collect $15 to play as many spins as you can cramp in that amount simply by participating in Superior Casino’s game contest.

Here’s what you have to do. Complete at least 25 real money wagers on A SWITCH IN TIME (THE FUTURE PHASE), the I-slot that has paid out the month in the current month. If you complete those easy-to-count spins, then you automatically apply to receive the $15 Free Spins Chip. The chip will appear in your promotional cashier next Monday on January 3rd.

This contest is open to all players that have made at least 1 real money deposit at Superior Casino in the past.
As 2010 draws to an end, Superior Casino invites all players from the world to partake in the excitement of playing online and winning fairly at loose slot machines and casino games.


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Love and Money meet again at Superior Casino!

September 2nd, 2010

Superior Casino completely renovates graphics and animations of their classic ‘Love and Money’ video slot slot machine. Read the full review below.


Superior Casino is famous for having some of the best online slots available today. Over 60 slot games are available via the free download of the casino software or by accessing the Free No Download Slots page.

As new games are released, the older ones may seem outdated but that won’t be for long. Superior Casino does not neglect the old games. That’s why the classic video slot game, Love and Money, has been revamped with well-crafted design and animations.

We present today the newest version of Love and Money:


Now you can enjoy this famous video slot in new improved graphics, with renovated reel icons and a refined introduction animation. You also get new in-game animations for significant events, such as when you trigger free spins or wild icons.

Those that are big fans of this game should not worry. The old pay scheme is still the same. As you can see, the paytable has remained virtually the same albeit with new graphics:


Players should look forward to getting those free spins that quickly increase the balance for significant winnings. Free spins come in sets of 10 spins all with a 3x multiplier:


We invite all new and current active players to try the new Love and Money. This game has had very loose months when it has paid close to 100%. Here is a record of its highest paying months in 2010:

February 2010 pay-out rate: 98.23%
May 2010 pay-out rate: 97.95%
June 2010 pay-out rate: 96.11%

Make September a high yielding month by cashing out big jackpots playing Love and Money.


To our active players, we have a special contest for you.

Come and try out the new Love and Money by placing at least 33 real money spins. If you complete these spins before Sunday September 5th, then you will receive on next Monday at your cashier:


For further spins at your favorite slots!

This promotion is available only to players that have deposited previously at Superior Casino, and that have normal promotions allowed. Bonus disabled countries do not apply.

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