New Slot Game release: Five Reel BINGO!

April 26th, 2011

This is short announcement for the release of a new-concept slot machine. It combines the game of Bingo with that of slot machine.

Today, April 26th, Superior Casino will release this new game and will be found under the 5-reel slot category.





You may play this game from our Instant No-Download Slots page or by downloading our free software.

The link to the game will become active around noon time EST.

Non-stop releases only at Superior Casino – with nearly 100 games live today and many more to come in the near future!

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Official New Video Slot Release: Cream of the Crop review

November 23rd, 2010

Official New Video Slot Release: Cream of the Crop review

Superior Casino releases the latest 5-reel video slot that is sure to become a new favorite pastime for thousands of online casino players worldwide.

On November 23rd, Superior Casino has launched a new video slot for those players that enjoy cutting-edge slot machines. Colorful, with pleasant music and an original “spin”, this video slot has a wide appeal and may attract players from all ages that are looking for cool slot machines.

Superior Casino presents: Cream of the Crop 


We have here a new 5-reel slot with 20 betting lines and up to 10 coin bets. Players will be surprised to discover that the reels don’t “spin” in this slot, the icons pop out of the ground. The slot has an agriculture theme, with vegetables growing in a rural field. Most of the icons are edible vegetables that we are all too familiar with. After each spin you will see them grow from seeds to full-sized icons within seconds. This is an innovative variation to the common spinning slots.

Cream of the Crop slot has several special features that are common to video slot but they too present a variation that will keep players entertained for hours. The wild bunny is found within the icons and it will fill up an entire reel if it helps complete a win. The ‘wild’ bunny is also wild, in that it can be substituted for any other icon in order to get the highest win.


Players must then place attention to the bonus round feature. This bonus round is different from others were have seen in the past. Players will have to pick different locations on the soil to extract a secret harvest. It can be vegetables which are very good because they don’t just give out coin jackpots, they award FREE SPINS! Throughout the bonus round player can accrue free spins as well as coins. Another object hidden under the earth is treasure chests and these have sumptuous coin jackpots. The bonus round ends as soon as the player picks up a week plant.


The new Superior video slot is a sight to admire. Come by and play with big bonuses supplied by the one and only, Superior Casino!



Nothing like receiving an extra boast to your bankroll. This week it’s time to play the new Cream of the Crop video slot. Simply complete 50 real money wagers on this slot this week to receive, next Monday:

FREE $13 Casino Bonus

Available to all Superior Casino Players that have made a deposit in the past.
Enjoy the new fun video slot: Cream of the Crop and go for the harvest of the decade!


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New 5-reel video slot release: DooWop Daddy-o at!

August 24th, 2010

This is the official review for the new 5-reel video slot: DooWop Daddy-o

The times they are a-changin’, before our own very eyes. The reality of the 1950’s in America is long buried in the past but that doesn’t mean we can’t look back with certain amusement and nostalgia. The spirit of the 50’s has become the inspiration for the theme of the new dashing slot machine at Superior Casino. A flash from the past: roller skates, milk shakes and juke boxes constitute the new video slot:

DooWop Daddy-o


Neon lights adorn this sharp-looking slot, with trendy reels full of quaint characters and items from the 1950’s. This will naturally appeal to all those players that lived their youth in those memorable years. However, this slot was designed to appeal to a wider audience. The graphics are playful and funny, plus the bonus rounds will appeal to many of the younger crowd.

Let’s begin by having a look at the paytable. This slot divides all payouts in two separate pay-tables. On the first are revealed the normal pay jackpots, with a top jackpot of 1000 coins if you get all 5 hipster icons in a payline:


On the second pay-table we have a different sort of jackpots and bonus features.


The first symbol displayed from top left to right is the Scatter Symbol. This is a motorcycle symbol with a special function. As a Scatter Symbol it does not have to appear on a pay-line in order to give out a payout. It may appear on any reel and in any position.  If at least two appear in a spin, there will be a coin jackpot given.



Then, we can see there is a special Wild Symbol. The wild can be substituted for any of the first pay-table page. Lining up Wild Symbols on a payline can only give out big jackpots. Significant wild symbol wins will be celebrated with big musical notes passing over the slot reels:



Now, what players love most are bonus rounds. They won’t be disappointed with DooWop Daddy-o. This new video slot has 2 interactive bonus rounds that will keep you asking for more! During the first bonus round, you will step behind the diner’s counter and serve customer as they make their orders. Satisfy their appetites and receive big cash awards:


The second bonus round is double the fun. You will race an old classy truck down the highway. Change gears, hunk the horn and speed up for a victory. Big amounts of coins will be given if you can win the race:



DooWop Daddy-o is an all-round video slot, with a solid payout rate of approximately 97%. The great thing about it is that the bonus round come often, so there’s always an extra element of entertainment and big chance to win a significant jackpot. Another winning slot game at your favorite online casino: Superior Casino!

::::: PLAY DooWop Daddy-o TO WIN $20 FREE! :::::

How? Simply complete at least 50 real money wagers on this new slot before the upcoming Sunday August 29th. This promotion is available only to players that have deposited previously at Superior Casino, and that have normal promotions allowed. Bonus disabled countries do not apply.

The Free $20 will be awarded at the cashier on Monday August 30th.

May you all enjoy the new bashing video slot: DooWop Daddy-o

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Official release and review of new online video slot game: Shamrock Isle

March 19th, 2010

Traditions and common proverbs have it that the Irish of the luckiest of all the people in the world. They radiate good luck and those that come near them will be blessed by their good fortune. We thought about putting this to the test by creating a video slot game that epitomizes the happy spirit of the Irish. And with a wisp of fortune, you might catch all the good luck the green people have to offer.

We present our newest video slot: Shamrock Isle

Already slot machine reviewers are hailing this as one of the best crafted slot machines in a long time. The team of artists that created this slot spent many weeks perfecting the designs of each symbol and the overall appearance of Shamrock Isle. This slot has very soothing music that is very suiting for the playing the game for hours on end.

Here are the specifics of Shamrock Isle, with a complete review of its bonus features:


The paytable presents the traditional symbols of earlier video slots. The upper figures and numbers of a deck of cards: 9, 10, J, Q, K, A. All these provide small-to-medium jackpots in normal play. The higher jackpots go to the four-leaf clover, the unicorn and the crown.

The wild leprechaun:

Shamrock_Isle_wild icon

The snazzy green leprechaun is wild and will multiply any win by 2x during normal spins. The wild symbol will expanding if you catch it during a free spin and this will give you a great advantage to get higher jackpots.

The Free Spins:

Get at least 3 harps to triggers sets of free spins. All Free spins come with a 3x multiplier, so simply look at the paytable and triple all jackpots there. Getting 3 Harps in one spin will trigger 10 free spins, getting 4 Harps triggers 20 free spins and getting one Harp in each of the 5 reels, will trigger an amazing 125 FREE SPINS!

The Bonus round:


Shamrock Isle presents a nice variation in bonus rounds. To trigger the bonus round, get at least 3 pots of gold in one spin, as shown above. The player has a choice of selecting any of three different bonus games when entering the bonus round. All these games are Irish traditional leisure games and they will reward you handsomely if you perform well. We will not review every game so there’s still a spark a mystery when you approach this new video slot.


One of the bonus games is SKITTLES!


Play a rustic version of Skittles. Throw 5 sticks at pins and collect coins of each pin you bring down.

Keep playing till you have tried all three different types of bonus mini-games. You are sure to love all of them!

Superior Casino is proud to present Shamrock Isle, available to all players at our casino. Remember USA players are welcome here!

During this week we are running an introductory game contest for Shamrock Isle. Players that complete at least $25 in wagers on this game will receive a nice bounty of $20 Free on Monday March 22nd. Don’t miss your chance to play Shamrock Isle and experience the luck and bliss of the Irish.

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The secret is out: new mastermind slot Moonlight Mystery!

September 16th, 2009

We’ve kept this one a secret for some time now but today is the big day.

We announce that MOONLIGHT MYSTERY is available both at our free no download slots lobby as well as our free download software.

We are head over heels for this video slot machine.  Its music is simply masterful, the feel of the slot is crisp and the whole theme of it is just downright amusing.

Please take your time to explore this video slot. The theme behind Moonlight Mystery is in short this: you are invited to a dinner party at Dunnit’s manor. During the night a murder takes place and the whole manor becomes a crime scene. As you spin the reels you will discover all the characters of this eerie story.

Moonlight Mystery features many appealing specialties for the player.

The Poison Bottle is wild during normal spins. That means that it can be substituted for any other icon. During normal spins wins are multiplied by number of wilds.


The Scatter Lantern triggers the set of 10 Free Spins. At least 3 Scatter Lanterns must appear in one spin, no matter in which reels or order. During Free Spins the Wild icon becomes an expanding wild and 1 wild will double the win, 2 wilds will triple the win and 3 wilds will quadruple the win.

3 or more Body icons will trigger the bonus round. This is truly a one-of-a-kind bonus round. The player will become both detective and cop and get paid nicely for his or her deductive skills. During the bonus round the player must deduct the circumstances of the murder: did the murder take place upstairs or downstairs, in which room of the house, with what weapon, who did it and finally what was the motive behind the murder. For each decision the player is given 4 different alternatives, some worth more than others. At the end of the bonus round the player will receive all the collected coins from each phase of the bonus round.

Pick the crime scene: Pick the method:
Pick the Culprit: Pick the motive:

Don’t wait a minute longer to solve this mystery… at Superior Casino!

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