Fixer-Upper is live at your favorite online casino

October 1st, 2009

We sure have a bundle of great news for you as we start the month of October.

Let’s start with our lobby. A few weeks ago we ran a Music Contest and had our players vote for their favorite new lobby music. The winner track has been uploaded now and you can enjoy when you play from our Free Online Casino Software Download.

The winner track was the #3 song on the music contest page. It had a clear advantage over the other two although all three receive considerable votes.

Then, we want to announce the release our latest I-slot Game: Fixer Upper

Feast your eyes on this superbly designed I-Slot:

This I-slot has everything slot players love.

• Up to 50 Free Spins with expanding wilds
• Wild Icons during normal spins
• Not one but 3 interactive bonus rounds
• The slot’s background “improves” as the player advances in the house repairs

Fixer Upper is all about home improvement. As you play this slot, you get to refurbished an old house. Step by step the house starts looking better. Explore the different bonus rounds to get lots of jackpot coins. All the bonus rounds are interactive.

The first bonus round is about fixing the basement pipes. As you exchanged old rusty pipes sections for new ones, you get lots of coins.

The second bonus round is about painting the house walls. Don’t miss a spot so you can receive a big reward at the end.

The final bonus round is about knocking down Groundhogs from your backyard. The more you hit on the head, the more coins you’ll receive.

This  month of October will be something quite different. We have plenty of surprises for you up ahead. Thanks for your preference and making us a top favorite online casino.

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Mystery Movie Trivia at Superior Casino!

September 15th, 2009

We are only a few hours away from the release of our upcoming 5-reel slot: Moonlight Mystery.

We truly believe this will become one of our player’s favorite slot machines. It has fantastic characters, an ingenious plot and a five-star bonus round.

We will have more information about it very soon.

::: Movie Trivia ::: (expires Sept. 22nd at noon Eastern Time)

The 1985 movie Clue is based on the board game of the same game. Several murders take place during a dinner party and remain unsolved till the end of the movie. Which character(s) perpetrated the murders in the movie?

You may name either the fictional name or the actor’s name.

Answer correctly to receive at your cashier:

Free $12

150% Reload Bonus!

Please note that in order to participate, players must have:

At least 1 deposit since July 15th 2009
Account in good standing, with promotions allowed
No more than 2 no-deposit bonuses such as cashback, token, trivia token, cocktails, etc. since last deposit

Send your answer to Superior Casino’s host, Stephen Vaught at You will receive answer in 24 hours or less on weekdays.

Come back tomorrow as we will have news and official release of our video slot which you can play at free video slots lobby.

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