Understanding online slot machine Pay-Out Rates, when slots pay out over 100%!

March 15th, 2011

The Pay-out rate of online casino games is a very basic tenet that all casino goers must understand when they play online. The odds of the games are governed by the pay-out percentage. We want to reach out to you and explain what this means, what you can and cannot expect from published pay-our rates. It is Superior Casino’s belief that players should be informed about how things are run within an online casino and to understand the information that is provided for the benefit of the player.


There are two types of pay-out rates. The established pay-out rates of the games and the actual pay-back rates. The difference is very simple to understand. An online casino will have set a particular pay-out rate for each slot machine. This Payout rate is measured in percentages and will often be over 94%. A fair online casino cannot have pay-out rates under 90%, as that would be highly hinder the players’ chance to win. The established or set pay-out rate simply dictates what the game will pay out in the long term. If a game is set at 95%, that means that over the long run it will pay OUT or BACK to the player, 95% of ALL Bets received. Imagine a slot machine that receives $100,000 in wagers over 2 years (example: 100,000 spins on $1 denomination). If the casino set the pay-out rate at 95%, that equals $95,000 paid back to players. The casino is earning only $5,000 out of $100,000 wagered. The rest has been paid back to players in random combination, enabling some players to win while others lose.

The second payout rate is the actual, which means that it is what the game has actually paid out in a certain period. If taking the example above, a slot that has receive $100,000 over 2 months and has paid out $101,000 in that same period, the ACTUAL pay-out rate of the games is 101%. It has paid out 1% more than the total sum of the bets received.

Superior Casino is eager to share its actual slot pay-out rates from time to time. It reveals how the games have been paying out to players in certain periods. This month, for example, there are many games that have broken the 100% payout barrier and are paying out more, on average, than what they have received in bets this month. These are the loose slots of the moment.

What you must understand is that these are Actual Pay-out Rates, for a specific period. They are not the established pay-out rates. Superior Casino has all slots over 93% with the great majority around 96% and some close to 98%.

The payout rates below correspond to the month of March. They are a report run from March 1st to March 15th. That is to say they are retrospective and do not predict on how the games will pay out from today forward. Experience has shown us that they may continue to pay highly or may retract. It is a matter of chance.

But what is important to notice is that it’s just not a couple of games that are over 100% at any given time. This month there are over 20 casino games with positive payouts to players!

The pay-out rates for the best casino slots of the moment are:

Online Casino Game: Pay-out Rate:
Reel Party  128.50%
Dog Pound  128.43%
McMurphy (Progressive)  121.80%
Cosmic Quest Episode One  120.62%
French Cuisine (Progressive)  110.95%
Flea Market  109.34%
Jacques Pot – Gourmet Slot  108.23%
Surf Paradise  107.74%
Red Dog  106.50%
Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise  104.46%
Hobo’s Hoard  102.75%
Roll Out the Barrels  102.62%
Metal Detector  102.04%
French Cuisine  101.98%
Moonlight Mystery  101.81%
Western Wildness  101.76%
Gold Rush  101.20%
Bust-A-Vault  101.11%
Dr. Magoo  100.22%
Gunslingers Gold  100.03%

The top games of the month are without a doubt: Reel Party and Dog Pound

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How? We invite you to play both of the top games of the month. Simply complete 50 real money wagers on each before the end of this week. Then, on the very next Monday, you will find the $27 FREE at your cashier.

Good luck to you all and keep those Pay-Out rates on your side!

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The only online casino where there are winners every day!

January 11th, 2011

Casinos are notorious for taking away people’s money but there are exceptions. Superior Casino is proud to offer online slot machines that retain, on average, a pay-out rate of over 100% every month, allowing players to win every day. According to a report, Superior Casino has not had a single day in the past 6 months when a player has not request a withdrawal here. That comes to show how favorable the odds are at this online casino.

As usual, Superior Casino likes to publish at the first third of the month the top pay-out rates of games, to reveal those games that are producing profits to players. For the great fortune of its players, there are over 10 games that have consistently paid out over 100% of the bets received during the month of January 2011. As we cross the auspicious 11.1.11, we shall see if more games will cross the barrier and set free thousands of dollars in profits for players.


The following chart displays the ongoing trend of loose online slots and casino table games:

Casino Game name: Pay out: 
Bust-A-Vault  114.78%
Western Wildness 113.01%
Double Joker 109.59%
A Switch In Time   109.42%
Scary Rich 2  107.23%
Surf Paradise  107.23%
Pai Gow  104.21%
Global Cup Soccer  103.14%
Best of Luck  103.12%
Fantastic Fruit  102.92%
As The Reels Turn 2   102.37%
Watch the Birdie 100.40%

The top game of the month so far is Bust-a-Vault, an exciting Vegas-style 3-reel slot machine.

The list is then followed by the most popular old west video slot: Western Wildness.

A game that has been on fire lately is A Switch in Time, an interactive i-slot that is available exclusively within the Rival-powered network.

All the above games can be played directly from our No-Download Casino page.

Superior Casino invites new online casino players to enjoy their fair online slot machines in order to experience a legitimate chance to win. All winnings are paid in a timely fashion and with utmost confidentiality.

Now for Superior Casino’s latest blog casino contest!


It’s easy and you can win yourself a: FREE $12 CASINO BONUS

All you have to do is complete a minimum amount of wagers on Bust-a-Vault this week. The number of spins you must make will not be revealed this week but it won’t be too much. Just make sure you play with real money at Bust-a-Vault and then check your cashier on January 17th for the free chip to appear there.

This contest is available to all players at the casino that have previously made a real money deposit and have normal promotions enabled.

For the loosest online slots there is one and only one place for that: Superior Casino

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July Sum Up for loose slot machines at Superior Casino!

July 27th, 2010

The month of July 2010 is almost over and now we can glance back from this vantage point and view how Superior Casino’s online games paid out for this period. To interpret these numbers is quite simple. See, the payout rate percentage represents the amount of winnings paid out to players when compared to the bets it has received. So, for example, if you look at AS THE REELS TURN 3, the game has an amazing 126.60% payout. If the game received, say, $100,000 in wagers this month, then the game has paid out $126,600 in winnings. In other words, players are making more profit than the casino on games like these!

Have a look at the top paying games for July 2010, up to July 27th:

Our new game All Aboard has been performing very well with a payout rate of 98.96%, very close to 100%.

We invite players to play the new railway fantasy 5-reel video slot: All Aboard

All Aboard 5-reel Slot

Complete at least 25 real money spins on this game before Sunday August 1st. On the following Monday be ready to collect:

Free $7 Casino Contest Token!

As easy as that, free casino money for our cherished players!

(this token is given only to players that have full promotions allowed at the casino and have made at least 1 deposit this year)


Movia Trivia Blog

Do you remember this classic movies of the 30's:

[audio:http://blog.superiorcasino.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Movie-Trivia-July-27.mp3|titles=Movie Trivia July 27]

Visit our: MOVIE TRIVIA WEBPAGE and learn how to win FREE $10!


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High Pay out rates for online slots and video poker in May 2010!

June 1st, 2010

Superior Casino reveals the retrospective final payout rates for May 2010, exposing the highest paying slot machines and video poker games of this month. The new report for payout rates confirms once again that it is possible win, and win big amounts, at Superior Casino.

The following payout rates have been taken from May 1st till the very last minute of May 31st.

• Sudoku Box Game     Paid out in May 2010 at:    126.28%
• Penguin Payday     Paid out in May 2010 at:        115.88%
• A Switch In Time      Paid out in May 2010 at:      113.11%
• Fixer Upper     Paid out in May 2010 at:                108.72%
• Tens or Better     Paid out in May 2010 at:           106.01%
• Moonlight Mystery     Paid out in May 2010 at:    104.56%
• Watch the Birdie     Paid out in May 2010 at:       102.37%
• Aces and Faces     Paid out in May 2010 at:         101.83%
• Scary Rich 2     Paid out in May 2010 at:              100.53%

Play any of our loose online slots machine from our No-Download Online Casino lobby.

Some of these games yielded over $20,000 in net profits for players. Congratulations to all that have cashed out their winnings!

It is important to remember that payout rates are given for retrospective play, which means that they cannot predict in any way how the games will pay from now on. These games may continue to pay loosely as they did in May 2010 or they may return to their average payout rates of 95% to 97%.


We invite all our players to play the fun and original game: Sudoku Box Game!


Inspired by the newspaper hobby game of the same name, now you can play this number game and win real cash!

Complete at least 35 bets on this game before Sunday June 6th to receive at your cashier:

::: FREE $17 CASH TOKEN :::

The Free Token will be awarded on Monday June 7th. Available only to players that have deposited at least once at the casino. Bonus restricted countries and players do not apply.

Movia Trivia Blog

Play our latest movie trivia to win FREE $13 TOKEN!

[audio:http://blog.superiorcasino.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Movie-Trivia-June-1st.mp3|titles=Movie Trivia June 1st]

Participate by visiting: MOVIE TRIVIA PAGE

We expect to have high-paying online slots and casino games for the month of June 2010, so stick around at Superior Casino!

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Superior Casino beats the odds with loose slot machines!

May 11th, 2010

Every few weeks the slots at Superior Casino tilt towards high payout rates. These high paying slots deliver thousands of dollars in winnings to players that are keen enough to catch those loose slots. An example  of this is clearly given with VIP player Jill T. from Arkansas that has caught Western Wildness at its peak payout and has won nearly $30,000 in less than 48 hours.

We happily congratulate her and all other winners that have been reaping winnings these days, as slot machines continue to pay very highly, quite a few at well over 100% payback rates.

Without further ado, we reveal which games have been paying out over 100% in the month of May 2010, at Superior Casino:

Moonlight Mystery  with Payout Rate of:  136.36%
Scary Rich  with Payout Rate of:  117.62%
Western Wildness  with Payout Rate of:  113.24%
Secret Garden  with Payout Rate of:  111.78%
A Switch In Time  with Payout Rate of:  111.29%
Watch the Birdie  with Payout Rate of:  104.04%
Surf Paradise  with Payout Rate of:  103.30%
Heavyweight Gold  with Payout Rate of:  102.77%
Reel Crime 2: Art Heist   with Payout Rate of:  102.40%
Love and Money  with Payout Rate of:  101.51%
Cosmic Quest Episode One  with Payout Rate of:  100.78%
Jacks or Better   with Payout Rate of:  100.21%

Play any of these games directly from our No-Download Casino Games lobby page.
To celebrate these loose payouts, we invite our players to try the top paying game so far in May:

Moonlight Mystery

A 5-reel masterpiece with superb graphics and an eerie theme not unlike a detective novel.

Play Moonlight Mystery this week to win a free casino bonus of $10!

Simply complete at least $7 in wagers on this game before Sunday May 16th. Then, on Monday May 17th, you will find the FREE $10 BONUS at your cashier.

Available only to players that have deposited at least once at the casino. Bonus restricted countries and players do not apply.

Movia Trivia Blog

And we have new movie trivia for all your movie buffs!

Listen to this track and guess from which movie we extracted this audio clip:

[audio:http://blog.superiorcasino.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/Movie-Trivia-May-11th.mp3|titles=Movie Trivia May 11th]

This is the time to play Superior Casino’s slot machine, with guaranteed high payouts as our records have revealed in the last couple of weeks!

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