The Back Nine is live, a new interactive slot game with mini-golf bonus rounds!

June 29th, 2011


The long-awaited sequel to Hole in Won is here. We introduce The Back Nine, a masterpiece in slot machine entertainment.


If you like playing golf then you’ll particularly enjoy this slot machine. It revolves around the sport of golf and even has 9 distinct bonus rounds in which you’ll play virtual mini-golf. We can give you a glimpse with this game map of the 9 holes you’ll be putting:


This is a 5-reel and 15 betting line slot. It is a signature slot powered by Rival Gaming called I-slot. This stands for interactive slot, meaning that it demands skill and wit to perform well during the bonus round. As you’ll see further below, you require much practice to get good at the game, but your developed skill will be rewarded nicely. This I-slot has 2 pay-table plus the additional game map we just saw above. The first pay-table reveals that normal payouts during the game. A straightforward example is given so new players may understand the payout system:


The second pay-table deals with the special features of the game. It shows the highest paying jackpot which is the gold cup symbol. The game offers an expanding wild symbol on reels 2- 3 -4. The wild will expand everything it applies for a win and will pay out the highest possible combination. Finally, we see the icon that is needed to trigger the bonus round, get at least 3 golfers in a spin and you’re ready to play mini-golf!


Here’s a screen shot of how the wild icon works. As you can see it fills the entire reel and connects as many symbols it can from the surrounding reels:


Finally, we come to the mini-golf bonus rounds. Again, there are 9 to be played and practice will make perfect here. This is the first one you’ll play:


To play you must use your mouse to move the direction of the arrow, towards the place you aim at shooting. Move the mouse cursor closer or farther away from the ball to decrease or increase the power respectively. It may take a couple of times to get the hang of it, but once you get confident, we’re sure you’ll be putting the golf ball in a minimum number of tries.

We invite all our players to play THE BACK NINE and win 75 free credit!

All you have to do is complete 250 spins on the new slot and make sure you reach at least one mini-golf bonus round. You have until Sunday July 3rd to complete the wagers. On Monday July 4th, the free chip will appear automatically in your promotions cashier.

We hope you enjoy playing with us and will love the new game as much as we did!


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Coming soon, full review of new I-slot: The Back Nine (Sequel to Hole in Won)

June 28th, 2011


The sequel to the renowned Hole in Won is here, we introduce today the outstanding new I-slot: The BACK NINE

These are the complimentary 9 holes to the original golf slot (Hole in Won). In this follow-up, you get to play 9 new mini-golf courses in bonus round and you will be given cash prizes for playing them.


The game will be release in the upcoming hours. Tomorrow we will have a full review of the game as well as a casino contest for the game, to reward our loyal players.

Come back tomorrow as we explore the new “The Back Nine”, the latest interactive slot at Superior Casino.

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Official Bowled Over i-Slot Game Release

October 11th, 2010

This is an official review of the new I-slot (Bowled Over)  released on September 28th at Superior Casino.

 It’s time to strike it big at Superior Casino!


This time around you must wear your bowling shoes. Interactive slots fans will be thrilled to know that our newest I-slot addition has been a complete success, paying out thousands of dollars to players already.


This 5 reel slot game is called BOWLED OVER and will take players directly to the bowling alley for endless hours of fun.


There are many different ways to win while playing Bowled Over. With 20 different paylines players have more than enough chances to create winning patterns. Players can wager anything between 0.01 cents and up to .025 cents per bet and use 1 or up to 10 coins each spin.


Superb graphics stand out in Bowled Over. The over-sized icons are bright and colorful and run smoothly with the overall feel of the game. The different symbols in Bowled Over include a male and female bowlers, Bowling Balls, Pins, Bowling Shoes, Snacks and traditional playing card values (9, 10, J, Q, K, A) that complete a fun and entertaining icon selection.


Bowled Over comes with all the special features slot players love. The very popular Free Spins Round is triggered by landing the expanding Wild Bowling Bowls icon. These wild icons will multiply winnings by 2.


The Bowling Bonus Round occurs when players land 3 or more Bowling Ball icons anywhere on the reels. Players will then choose from either the male or female bowler. They’ll be given 2 bowling balls to try and knock down all the pins.


If you’re skilled enough to knock down all pins with one ball you’ll get a Strike, which offers the highest payout. If you use both bowling balls to knock the pins down, you’ll have a Spare for the second highest payout. The Bowling Bonus Round can happen multiple times during the duration of the game and each time the round is triggered players will complete another frame of a full 10-frame bowling game.

Time to master and show off your bowling skills with the newest member of the Superior Casino slot games selection: Bowled Over!

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As the Reels Turn Part II

September 3rd, 2008

As the Reels Turn (part 2)
by Jean Real

Casino Manager Matt is under a lot of pressure and the plot of As the Reels Turn II is reaching a boiling point. Get ready to try out new bonus rounds, meet new characters (including the irresistible Chrissy), plus you’ll get closer to solving this Vegas Casino mystery plot.

There are three new bonus rounds with As the Reels Turn part 2 as you advance from scene to scene or get three scattered icons:

Finding Danny The Blackjack Dealer:

Getting three Danny Icons on any regular or free spin triggers this bonus round. This lazy employee will do anything to get off of work so it’s your duty to spot the possible places he’s hiding at within the El Paradiso casino. Don’t pick the places Jamie, the washed-out tennis pro, may be since she’s always backing Danny up and her presence will terminate the bonus round.

Wanted: Val Diamonte Bonus Round

The Don has two colossal bodyguards Sal and Val Diamonte and he won’t go anywhere without them. The Don wants his father’s old casino back but the manager Matt is not willing to let El Paradise fall into the wrong hands. Help Matt and the police differentiate Val Diamonte from his twin brother and collect coins for each match. This bonus round is reached after the first two scenes have been played.

Reel of Riches:

This bonus round is simple enough but it can sure deliver a lot of coins! After you reach the third scene of As the Reels Turn II, you get this bonus round for every time you advance to a new scene. Spin the reel with all the characters faces and hope that needle stops at the jackpot or one of the higher paying faces.

What’s going to happen in the end? Will Matt and his pet fish Ivan continue to manage El Paradiso casino or will the mob leader Don find a way to regain his father’s old casino? Log in now at Superior Casino to unravel this mystery to its very end!

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Can you handle the Reel Crime?

July 23rd, 2008

Can you handle the Reel Crime?
by Jean Real

Statistics have shown that 7 out of 10 bank robberies fail. There is always something that goes wrong in the end and spoils the crime. Thats why the Big Boss needs your professional help because tonight youre taking over the National Bank!

Dont sweat it, we dont want to get your into any kind of trouble. Thats why our I-Slot machine Reel CrimeBank Heist is here to simulate the nerve-racking excitement of criminal activities. The games plan is very simple, to rob a national bank. If you are able to do so, youll have enough cash to play for weeks at Superior Casino or cashout for a nice early holiday trip.

Reel Crime takes place in the 1950s as a two crime partners decide on their next heist. The very first goal you have is to get 3 Tommy-Guns icons to enter the first bonus round. After that your fate is uncertain since there are multiple endings to this plot. In the Tommy-Gun bonus round you can shoot several objects outside the main doors of the National Bank. Collect coins as you hit these objects without setting off the alarm. One of the objects has the hidden key to the bank and will allow you to enter the second phase of the game. Next, you will need to open the safe before the cops catch you red-handed. If you can beat those sneaky cops youll have to blow the vault open and get away with a car full of cash.

Reel Crime has been designed so you can win even when things dont turn out so well. There are free-spins icons, multipliers, and a few other surprises that will convince you that crime does pay! (just dont let the Reel cops hear you)

Login in at Superior Casino and experience the next generation of slot machines.

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