The Back Nine is live, a new interactive slot game with mini-golf bonus rounds!

June 29th, 2011


The long-awaited sequel to Hole in Won is here. We introduce The Back Nine, a masterpiece in slot machine entertainment.


If you like playing golf then you’ll particularly enjoy this slot machine. It revolves around the sport of golf and even has 9 distinct bonus rounds in which you’ll play virtual mini-golf. We can give you a glimpse with this game map of the 9 holes you’ll be putting:


This is a 5-reel and 15 betting line slot. It is a signature slot powered by Rival Gaming called I-slot. This stands for interactive slot, meaning that it demands skill and wit to perform well during the bonus round. As you’ll see further below, you require much practice to get good at the game, but your developed skill will be rewarded nicely. This I-slot has 2 pay-table plus the additional game map we just saw above. The first pay-table reveals that normal payouts during the game. A straightforward example is given so new players may understand the payout system:


The second pay-table deals with the special features of the game. It shows the highest paying jackpot which is the gold cup symbol. The game offers an expanding wild symbol on reels 2- 3 -4. The wild will expand everything it applies for a win and will pay out the highest possible combination. Finally, we see the icon that is needed to trigger the bonus round, get at least 3 golfers in a spin and you’re ready to play mini-golf!


Here’s a screen shot of how the wild icon works. As you can see it fills the entire reel and connects as many symbols it can from the surrounding reels:


Finally, we come to the mini-golf bonus rounds. Again, there are 9 to be played and practice will make perfect here. This is the first one you’ll play:


To play you must use your mouse to move the direction of the arrow, towards the place you aim at shooting. Move the mouse cursor closer or farther away from the ball to decrease or increase the power respectively. It may take a couple of times to get the hang of it, but once you get confident, we’re sure you’ll be putting the golf ball in a minimum number of tries.

We invite all our players to play THE BACK NINE and win 75 free credit!

All you have to do is complete 250 spins on the new slot and make sure you reach at least one mini-golf bonus round. You have until Sunday July 3rd to complete the wagers. On Monday July 4th, the free chip will appear automatically in your promotions cashier.

We hope you enjoy playing with us and will love the new game as much as we did!


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The best payout rates for online casino slot games REVEALED!

November 2nd, 2010

Novice and expert players alike are always looking for those slot machines that have the highest possible payout rates. High pay out rates imply better chances to win and make a profit as you spin your favorite reels. Superior Casino is always eager to share and publish their online slot stats as they often come very favorably to their players.

This week it is no different. What you will find below are the payout rates for the top games in the entire month of October 2010. These games have paid out consistently over their expected pay out rate.

Will November present the same good luck to players? Find out by playing any of the below slot games from our Free Slots Page:

• Spy Game   : with payout of : 111.79%
• Heavyweight Gold  : with payout of : 108.36%
• Pigskin Payout  : with payout of : 106.85%
• Travel Bug  : with payout of : 105.04%
• Gunslingers Gold  : with payout of : 100.16%
• Penguin Payday  : with payout of : 99.77%
• Dog Pound  : with payout of : 99.04%
• One Million Reels BC  : with payout of : 98.92%
• Surf Paradise  : with payout of : 98.06%
• Strike Gold  : with payout of : 97.75%
• Hobo's Hoard  : with payout of : 97.46%

Some of these video and interactive slots such as Spy Game and Heavyweight Gold, have delivered combined over $20,000 in winnings last month. This shows that not only progressive slot machines can be out generously; even a normal slot can pay out extremely high if luck is around the corner.

Superior Casino has a long tradition of superbly loose slot machines. Review older posts on and find out which games have had their glory in the past.

We invite you to play the intriguing and heart-thumping I-slot: Spy Game


Much more than just a regular video slot, it is an interactive slot that feels just like a James Bond movie. Solve riddles, complete missions and get thousands of coins as you do this for an ultimate gaming experience.

Play this classic I-slot and WIN FREE $22 NO-DEPOSIT TOKEN!

How? Simply complete at least 10 real money wagers on the 3rd and last scene of Spy Game (it has 3 levels). You have to advance through the initial 2 bonus rounds to get there.


Complete easily 10 or more spins on the final scene and the free token is yours. It will be awarded on Nov. 8th in morning hours EST. The real money spins must be completed before Nov. 7th.

We welcome all players to a wonderful gaming experience at Superior Casino.


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Play and win at the only online casino contest!

January 26th, 2010

Superior Casino invites slots fans to participate in this week’s two online casino contests! We have prepared two exiting contests for players to win some extra free casino chips. To begin with we will have our slot game contest, featuring one of the slickest I-slots ever produced:


 Spy Game Casino Contest

Play this slot game from our Instant No Download Slots lobby.

This is one of our most ambitious slots games that we have. It has a spy theme not unlike a James Bond movie. Being part of the interactive slot family, this slot has several “scenes”. The player can be part of the plot of the game and advance to each one of these scenes by triggering the bonus rounds. There are a total of 3 scenes in this game.

 Spy Game I-Slot Game

We will award players this week if they are able to reach the 3rd and final scene. Wager at least $25 on this 3rd final scene and you will receive a $40 FREE TOKEN at your cashier on February 1st.

Note that the contest is only available for active players that have at least one deposit. Bonus restricted countries and players do not apply.

 Superior Casino Trivia

Now, for our newest Movie Trivia contest. This time we have a different approach. We have uploaded an audio clip of a movie and players must guess correctly the movie from where we took this clip.

[audio:|titles=Movie Trivia Jan 26th]

Listen to the audio clip above and try to find out which movie it is.

For your correct answer you will receive: FREE $15 TOKEN!

Send your answer to Stephen Vaughn at and expect an answer within 24 hours on weekdays only. This Movie Trivia expires Feb. 2nd at noon EST.

Note that the movie trivia is only for players that have deposited within the last 60 days, have no more than 2 free no-deposit bonuses since last deposit and have normal promotions allowed at their account.

Play at Superior Casino’s Contest this week and take home $55 FREE !

May you enjoy the last week of January at the world’s favorite online casino: Superior Casino!

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New I-slot: Baby Boomers Cash Cruise

September 9th, 2008

Quickly, it’s time to pack your bags because you’re going around the world on a first-class cruise slot machine! With the new I-slot game, Baby Boomers Cash Cruise, a whole new world has opened up to Superior Casino players. And we suggest our eager travelers to leave plenty of room in their suitcases as you will be coming home with bundles of cash!

Superior Casino is proud to announce the most compelling I-slot machine as of yet to be released! The new interactive slot is beyond anybody’s imagination. Baby Boomers is FOUR games in one. The game starts at a travel agency, where players can spin the reels for jackpots as high as 5,000! As soon as you get three Cruise icons in one spin, you enter the first (of a total of 4) bonus rounds! Spin the Destination Wheel with cash prizes and three wonderful destinations: Greece, Alaska and the Caribbean. If the wheel stops on any of these you’ll set out on a cruise trip to the new destination, a new I-Slot theme, with new icons, new bonus rounds and unique jackpots!

Greece, the land of great poets and wise philosophers, takes front stage as one of the four settings of this new I-slot game. At this point players may win coins by matching three of more icons, and multiply those winnings with the Dolphin multiplier icon. Three boat steering wheels trigger the easy-win 10 free spins, in which there is a guaranteed win on each spin!

The Caribbean, an ultimate escape to relax under palm trees while sipping daiquiris, is another setting for the new I-slot. This is an action-packed slot game with TWO skill bonus rounds. Play shuffleboard on the deck of the cruise or practice at skeet shooting to earn hundreds upon hundreds of coins!

Alaska, the home of Eskimos, will entertain players for hours as they collect coins matching polar bears, icebergs and seals. Get 10 free spins with a 3x multiplier or if the weather gets too cold for you, collect three Bingo Icons to begin playing the bonus round inside the cruise ship. A fun mini-bingo game that can easily deliver over 2,000 coins each time played!

The new Baby Boomers Cash Cruise game is giving players from all over the world something to talk about. Log in at Superior Casino now, to begin collecting riches from the various free spin rounds, multipliers and original interactive bonus rounds!

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As the Reels Turn Part II

September 3rd, 2008

As the Reels Turn (part 2)
by Jean Real

Casino Manager Matt is under a lot of pressure and the plot of As the Reels Turn II is reaching a boiling point. Get ready to try out new bonus rounds, meet new characters (including the irresistible Chrissy), plus you’ll get closer to solving this Vegas Casino mystery plot.

There are three new bonus rounds with As the Reels Turn part 2 as you advance from scene to scene or get three scattered icons:

Finding Danny The Blackjack Dealer:

Getting three Danny Icons on any regular or free spin triggers this bonus round. This lazy employee will do anything to get off of work so it’s your duty to spot the possible places he’s hiding at within the El Paradiso casino. Don’t pick the places Jamie, the washed-out tennis pro, may be since she’s always backing Danny up and her presence will terminate the bonus round.

Wanted: Val Diamonte Bonus Round

The Don has two colossal bodyguards Sal and Val Diamonte and he won’t go anywhere without them. The Don wants his father’s old casino back but the manager Matt is not willing to let El Paradise fall into the wrong hands. Help Matt and the police differentiate Val Diamonte from his twin brother and collect coins for each match. This bonus round is reached after the first two scenes have been played.

Reel of Riches:

This bonus round is simple enough but it can sure deliver a lot of coins! After you reach the third scene of As the Reels Turn II, you get this bonus round for every time you advance to a new scene. Spin the reel with all the characters faces and hope that needle stops at the jackpot or one of the higher paying faces.

What’s going to happen in the end? Will Matt and his pet fish Ivan continue to manage El Paradiso casino or will the mob leader Don find a way to regain his father’s old casino? Log in now at Superior Casino to unravel this mystery to its very end!

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