19 Online Casino Games and Slots with over 100% Payout!

August 10th, 2010

Superior Casino players are having a blast this month. The overall payout for the casino is just over 96% and that’s quite high for online casinos that tend to pay out at around 93%. Every few months, Superior Casino is known to have phases of extremely high payout with their online slots and some other casino games. August 2010 is a clear example of this. 19 online casino games, to be exact, have been paying consistently at over 100% for the first 10 days of the current month. With such high payouts some players have been able to maintain balances of over $20,000.

This month the loose casino slots and games with over 100% are of various kinds. We can see in the list several 5-reel video slots, but also 3-reel slots, progressive slots, video poker games, specialty games and a table game.

Here are the top paying games for August 2010:

Flying Colors  PAYOUT RATE: 111.66%
Best of Luck  PAYOUT RATE: 111.27%
Travel Bug  PAYOUT RATE: 110.87%
Wacky Wedding  PAYOUT RATE: 109.18%
Penguin Payday  PAYOUT RATE: 106.94%
Future Fortunes  PAYOUT RATE: 106.60%
Atomic Age  PAYOUT RATE: 106.07%
Double Joker  PAYOUT RATE: 104.40%
Strike Gold  PAYOUT RATE: 103.87%
Reel Party  PAYOUT RATE: 103.25%
5 Reel Circus  PAYOUT RATE: 101.51%
Flea Market  PAYOUT RATE: 101.14%
Chicken Little  PAYOUT RATE: 101.07%
Winter Wonders  PAYOUT RATE: 100.75%
Keno  PAYOUT RATE: 100.46%
Fantasy Fortune  PAYOUT RATE: 100.40%
War   PAYOUT RATE: 100.36%
Jacks or Better  PAYOUT RATE: 100.26%
Blackjack – Multi-Hand  PAYOUT RATE: 100.14%

The top two loose slots are Flying Colors and Best of Luck, which are incidentally two of the newer video slots, both released in 2010.

To return to our famous blog casino game contest, we invite players to try out the top two loose games, namely:  Best of Luck and Flying Colors!


If players are able to complete at least 25 real money spins on each of these two games this week, they will receive next Monday August 16th:

Free $17 Casino Bonus!

Simply complete 25 wagers on each slot before Sunday August 15th. This promotion is available only to players that have deposited previously at Superior Casino, and that have normal promotions allowed. Bonus disabled countries do not apply.

We wish all Superior Casino players the best of luck for your game-play this week!


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Superior Casino beats the odds with loose slot machines!

May 11th, 2010

Every few weeks the slots at Superior Casino tilt towards high payout rates. These high paying slots deliver thousands of dollars in winnings to players that are keen enough to catch those loose slots. An example  of this is clearly given with VIP player Jill T. from Arkansas that has caught Western Wildness at its peak payout and has won nearly $30,000 in less than 48 hours.

We happily congratulate her and all other winners that have been reaping winnings these days, as slot machines continue to pay very highly, quite a few at well over 100% payback rates.

Without further ado, we reveal which games have been paying out over 100% in the month of May 2010, at Superior Casino:

Moonlight Mystery  with Payout Rate of:  136.36%
Scary Rich  with Payout Rate of:  117.62%
Western Wildness  with Payout Rate of:  113.24%
Secret Garden  with Payout Rate of:  111.78%
A Switch In Time  with Payout Rate of:  111.29%
Watch the Birdie  with Payout Rate of:  104.04%
Surf Paradise  with Payout Rate of:  103.30%
Heavyweight Gold  with Payout Rate of:  102.77%
Reel Crime 2: Art Heist   with Payout Rate of:  102.40%
Love and Money  with Payout Rate of:  101.51%
Cosmic Quest Episode One  with Payout Rate of:  100.78%
Jacks or Better   with Payout Rate of:  100.21%

Play any of these games directly from our No-Download Casino Games lobby page.
To celebrate these loose payouts, we invite our players to try the top paying game so far in May:

Moonlight Mystery

A 5-reel masterpiece with superb graphics and an eerie theme not unlike a detective novel.

Play Moonlight Mystery this week to win a free casino bonus of $10!

Simply complete at least $7 in wagers on this game before Sunday May 16th. Then, on Monday May 17th, you will find the FREE $10 BONUS at your cashier.

Available only to players that have deposited at least once at the casino. Bonus restricted countries and players do not apply.

Movia Trivia Blog

And we have new movie trivia for all your movie buffs!

Listen to this track and guess from which movie we extracted this audio clip:

[audio:http://blog.superiorcasino.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/Movie-Trivia-May-11th.mp3|titles=Movie Trivia May 11th]

This is the time to play Superior Casino’s slot machine, with guaranteed high payouts as our records have revealed in the last couple of weeks!

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Updated Payout Rates and Video Slot Game News!

March 2nd, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are entering a new phase of online gambling. We have seen at Superior Casino some of the highest pay out rates in the entire history of this casino. Now that February has come to a definite close, we can look back at how the games have paid and we find that overall, the casino paid out at an average 96.44% payout rate!

The loose slot games that paid out consistently high in February were:

•  So 80’s    paid out at    115.86%
•  Penguin Payday    paid out at    112.46%
•  Scary Rich 2    paid out at    110.54%
•  As The Reels Turn 3    paid out at    102.26%
•  Fantasy Fortune paid out at    100.47%
•  Major Moolah   paid out at    100.20%
•  Deuces Wild    paid out at    100.08%
•  Secret Garden paid out at    99.97%
•  Scary Rich    paid out at    99.80%
•  Cleopatra’s Coins    paid out at    99.61%
•  Vegas Jackpot Keno    paid out at    99.52%

Also, we are excited to announce the upcoming new 5-Reel Video Slot game:  Candy Cottage


This slot will be released next week, so stay tune to read the official game review only at Superior Casino’s blog.

To warm up for the new video slot game, we have prepared another slot game contest. Come play the enchanting favorite:  Secret Garden

A favorite for thousands of online casino players. This slot will mesmerize you with its music, graphics and mysterious bonus round.



How? Simply come play Secret Garden this week at Superior. Make at least $10 in wagers on this game throughout the whole week and you will be matched with a $10 FREE CASINO TOKEN!

The Free Token will magically appear in your cashier on Monday March 8th. Be sure to complete your wagers before March 7th. Available only to players that have deposited at least once at the casino. Bonus restricted countries and players don’t apply.

Movia Trivia Blog

Think you can guess this classic romantic comedy?
[audio:http://blog.superiorcasino.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/Movie-Trivia-March-2nd.mp3|titles=Movie Trivia March 2nd]

You could win FREE $7 No-Deposit Bonus by visiting our MOVIE TRIVIA page.

Come back next week to read about our upcoming video slot Candy Cottage. You will be able to play it directly from our website and be the first to spin those new loose reels!

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Online Casino Slots with high jackpots

February 16th, 2010

The thrill of playing online casino slots consists in that drawing possibility of hitting a huge jackpot from a small wager. The excitement of going to Las Vegas is to get a roll of dimes or quarters and try to hit a life-changing jackpot. We have amongst our large collection of online slots, a few games with very high variance or high risk, which enable the player to win seriously big amounts from a relatively small wager. These games are called that, high variance slot machines, because they have very unpredictable payout patterns. Normally they will give very modest jackpots during your play and then suddenly during a bonus round or free spin, a huge jackpot will come that will cover all previous losses and still leave a large margin of profit.

We invite you this week to play one of the most famous high variance slot machines of all time: Scary Rich 

High Risk Slot Game

Scary Rich is renowned for giving out out-of-this-world jackpots. A $5 Bet can turn sometimes into a, literally, thousands of dollars. Thanks to a generous paytable, this game features top jackpots of 10,000 coins, plus expanding wilds and sets of free spins:

 Scary Rich Paytable

For this week’s online casino game contest, we want to give you a treat. An easy way to earn $10 Free Chips. Here’s how:

Simply complete at least $5 in wagers on Scary Rich (part one) this week. Then on Monday Feb. 22nd we will double that and award you with $10 Free at the cashier.

The Free casino bonus will be released and awarded at your cashier during the morning hours of next Monday.

Available only to players that have deposited at least once at the casino. Bonus restricted countries and players don’t apply.

casino movie trivia

Think you can guess from what famous movie the following audio clip was taken?

[audio:http://blog.superiorcasino.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/Movie-Trivia-Feb.-16th.mp3|titles=Movie Trivia Feb. 16th]

Visit our Movie Trivia page and get a chance to win another $10 FREE.

Hint: this movie was a blockbuster hit and is one with the highest box office revenues in history.

Stay tune for more free casino tips, online casino contests, movie trivia and free casino bonuses every week, only at Superior Casino!

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