It’s Ok to Take a Break While Playing Superior Casino Games

November 13th, 2014

Superior Casino gives you the chance to try your luck with a great deal of fantastic casino games including classic tables games, specialty titles such as scratch cards and bingo, and of course, our extremely popular and highly-profitable fruit machine games.

If you opt for the latter, which is very likely to happen at one point or another, you will quickly learn that while the outcome of these games are largely based on luck, there are still some tips you can follow that will hugely help you create and maintain a healthy bankroll.

One tip that’s not normally followed by fruit machine players is to take a break every once in a while. Many players would rather stick to the same game for hours on end, without taking a break for two main reasons: 1) they absolutely love the game they’re playing and don’t want to end their session 2) they don’t want to decrease their chances of landing a jackpot or somebody else to “steal” their jackpot.

However, one of the many benefits players have when playing at Superior Casino is the fact that in virtual casinos things are quite different than your normal brick and mortar place. When you play online you have the chance to relax and take a break whenever you want to as you know nobody will take your machine or give you any trouble while you go to the bathroom or go out for some fresh air.

progressive_jackpot_fruit machines

And when it comes to taking a break and the possibility of missing a jackpot prize, you want to keep in mind that these prizes, as well as all other fruit machine payouts, occur at random and are determined by a random number generator (RNG). These jackpot prizes occur at the right time for one lucky winner and it might be you or someone else, but you can’t predict when it will happen. So don’t avoid taking a healthy break every so often just because you feel your jackpot is coming next. This outcome is simply impossible to predict.

Taking a break will help you unwind and come back to the Superior Casino fruit machine online games feeling fresh and ready to continue hitting the spin button once again!

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A New, Exciting 50-line Video Online Fruit Machine: Mystic Wolf

April 10th, 2014

If all of the sudden you’ve grown tired of playing the same games over and over and you’re looking for something different then we’re more than excited to introduce our newest fruit machine game: Mystic Wolf.


This 5 reel and 50 pay-line video fruit machine is full of wonderful surprises and features that will keep you entertained and having a good time for many hours. And what’s best is that there’s a wonderful surprise waiting for you in the end: tons of cash!

Bonus Fruit machine casino game

The main theme of Mystic Wolf revolves around one of these wonderful creatures in search of a treasure. You’re in charge of guiding it towards the light: the fantastic and very profitable bonus round game and many other special features.

Some of the most important icons to look out for include the Wolf, the moon, some magical feathers, a few mystic coins, a diamond, a Wolf head, a Howling wolf and a Lunar Dice. You will also benefit from symbols such as the 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace playing cards.

Mystic Wolf is packed with never-before seen features such as Splash Screens, where the game’s hottest features are prominently displayed. Furthermore, you’ll also get the chance to cash in with Wilds that have Multipliers and random jackpot wins. You’ll be earning a 5x multiplier on Wild wins in regular play with the opportunity to hit a random Jackpot paying up to 100 times the size of your bet!

Also, land 3 or more of the Magical Feather icons to trigger the Mystic Wolf Super Round. It is during this round that you’ll be able to earn 7, 15 and up to 50 free spins with prizes awarded a 10x multiplier. And as if that wasn’t good enough, you also have the chance to earn Random Jackpot amounts that pay up to 200x your bet!

But hey, the fun is never quite over with Mystic Wolf as you still have the Lunar Phases Bonus Round to enjoy! Land three or more Lunar Dice icons and then choose between three lunar phases. You will then need to click the center of the game board to roll the dice. If you’re able to match the lunar phase symbols with the images on the dice you’ll be adding a nice amount of coins to your bankroll!

Come try this new online fruit machine with an incredible 700% welcome bonus:

Big Online Casino Bonus

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Different Superior Casino Fruit Machines Part 1

September 30th, 2013

The online casino industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years and right along with the growth of the industry has been the growth of Superior Casino. Some bettors might recall that when virtual gaming first started there was actually a rather small variety of fruit machine games to choose from. The vast majority of these machines only had 1 pay line and 3 reels, what we know as traditional or classic fruit machine games.

These are actually the same kind of fruit machine games players are able to find at any brick and mortar casino. In order to win while playing classic machines (both in real casinos as well as in virtual casinos) players need to land three of the same symbols on the one payline. Landing some specific symbols will actually pay higher than landing others and some games will even pay for miss matched symbols or just one classic cherry symbol and so on.

Some excellent and high-paying classic fruit machine games that players are able to find in Superior Casino selection include the following titles:


Bust-a-Vault: This traditional fruit machine game is a wonderful winning opportunity for players looking for a classic game that allows bets as low as one penny and all the way up to $5.


Chicken Little: One of our most liked classic fruit machines with a fun and lovable theme. The icons found on the 3 reels include characters such a the Wild Chicken Little that replaces other symbols in the game and multiplies winnings times 2 for extra coins.


Heroes' Realm: This is actually a very special 3 reel and one payline fruit machine since it gives players extra winning possibilities with an exciting bonus round feature that truly takes traditional machines to a whole different level.

Be sure to read our next blog entry were will be discussing some of our best five reel fruit machine games. Happy gaming to all!


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How Have Casino Fruit Machines Changed Over the Years?

May 6th, 2013

Players tend to think that online fruit machine games are intrinsically the same, taking into account that both, online and offline machines, are computer generated graphics that spin around their reels and come to a stop to reveal prizes. The truth is that, for the most part, players would be right about that.


However, Superior Casino fruit machines are some of the most recognizable and exciting options players can choose to play online. There are many differences from what's offered in brick and mortar casinos and also, there are many differences from the very first games offered by our casino when it first started.

One of the greatest things about Superior Casino fruit machine games is that they offer much better payout percentage rates compared with land based machines. Some of the most fantastic options players can turn to are games like the five reel video fruit machine Opera Night with one of the highest payout percentages players can find.

Superior Casino has steadily improved their games bringing better and more creative fruit machine games to their selection. Over time, our fruit machine games have been revolutionized with better bonus features, more paylines, more reels and more of everything!

Our famous interactive fruit machine games offer players some of the most impressive graphic effects that are accompanied by realistic sound effects and they truly give players a glimpse into what is the next few years could hold for our fruit machine games. Titles such as Sherwood Forest Fortunes, A Switch in Time, Fixer Upper, Hole in Won and others have truly taken Fruit Machine games to the next level and the list of these cutting edge games continues to grow.

All of our fruit machine games are an absolute treat to play on and players are bound to find amazing and profitable bonus features and fantastic in-play animations that will keep you entertained for hour on end!


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Superior Casino Launches a New Classic 3 Reel Slot: Tahiti Time

January 7th, 2013

In recent times the online gambling community has seen its fair share of new and exciting slot games releases. These slots seem to be getting better each day with realistic graphics and effects, faster game play and more entertaining features. Moreover, these games also seem to be more polished with more features likes bonus games and free spin rounds even for traditional slot games.

Always looking to add new and interesting slot games to their already impressive selection, Superior Casino has launched a new classic slot to their casino games suite. Tahiti Time is a fun and fresh game that is all about this beautiful and magical French Polynesian island.


This traditional slot game has 3 reels and one payline for your players to create their winning combinations. However, players can expect a whole lot more from Tahiti Time than their usual classic slot game. The minimum bet on this game is set at 10 cents which adds up to 30 cents when players are betting with Max Bet. The maximum bet is $10 a line or $30 per spin when playing with 3 coins. The maximum coin jackpot in Tahiti Time is a juicy 7500 coins.


As it's expected with Superior Casino slots, betting is hassle free and your players can also take advantage of the Auto Spin feature that will let them sit back and relax while the reels spin on their own with their predetermined betting preferences.

Mai Tai cocktails, Ukuleles, Pineapples, Hibiscus Flowers, Coconuts, and 3 different styles of carved Tiki Heads are the symbols your players can expect to find on the Tahiti Time reels. This traditional slot game is enhanced with a free spins round that will take place when players land the Ukelele symbols. Landing two Ukeleles will grant five free spins and three Ukeleles will pay out 10 free spins for even more winning possibilities.

With the addition of Tahiti Time, Superior Casino brings their 3 reel classic slots to thirteen incredible games with exciting new features and very profitable payouts.


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