Five Reel Superior Casino Fruit Machines

October 14th, 2013

In our previous Superior Casino blog entry we discussed some information about our classic 3 reel fruit machine games. This week we would like to take a closer look at our video, five reel fruit machines. These games have become the favorite pick for many bettors out there and there are many different reasons that support this choice.


Perhaps what makes these games stand out from the rest is the novelty feature. Most of our five reel fruit machine games have extra added features which keep players entertained for many hours on end. In addition, these extra features also add to the winning possibilities. And let’s face it, one of the main reasons why everyone likes to play Superior Casino fruit machines is due to the fact that our players win and win big.


Some of our favorite five reel machines include games like Hobo’s Hoard, a fantastic game based on the daily life of a Hobo making it happen in the city. Players can help the Hobo out by spinning the reels and landing three or more Pop Cans to trigger a series of Free Spins that come with a 3x multiplier. There’s also a very profitable (an highly interactive!) bonus round game to look out for.


Another great example of our exciting video fruit machine games is Roll Out the Barrels. In this tastefully designed game players have a chance to cash in with expanding wilds, up to 75 free spins with triple payouts and a fun bonus rounds where you’ll get to serve beer to customers. This game is perfect for the Oktoberfest season!

Superior Casino is constantly adding new and interesting five reel games to our selection. Make your pick from over 50 fun-packed games. In a matter of minutes you’ll see how your bankroll begins to grow, grow and grow! Happy gaming!

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What to Munch On While Playing Online Casino Games

August 12th, 2013

Placing bets online is currently the favorite hobby of many different players from all around the globe. Virtual gambling is a special treat for many players that are tired of making the trip to their habitual brick and mortar establishment and who are still seeking for that adrenaline rush and excitement of betting plus being able to do it from the comfort of their own homes. However, there's also another great benefit that comes from online gambling and that is that you also get to pick what you will be eating and drinking at any time you want.


Of course at one point or another during your gaming session you're bound to get hungry. Plus, with all the excitement that comes from placing online casino bets it's only natural that you're going to want to have something at hand that can be devoured when the time comes. Many players use just one hand to click on the button and place their wagers which is the perfect scenario for grabbing a bite here and there. However, at this point you might just not now what makes the best snack possible to play your virtual casino games.. Let's take a look at a few simple ideas that will turn out to be just perfect for you to munch on (and also drink) while you're playing your favorite online casino game.

Go ahead and open a bag of your favorite potato chips or corn crisps and place them in a fun colorful bow. These days players are bound to find many different bags of these goodies at their nearest market and there are many healthy options too. Try to go for the baked potato chips which are delicious and you can always accompany these with a salsa or guacamole on the side.

If you also want to stay on the healthy side it's easy to chop a few vegetables and make these delicious snack items. Raw celery, carrots, cucumbers, peppers and many others are fantastic on their own and you can also accompany these with a yogurt dip or onion spread.these are easy to grab while you have your other hand busy hitting the spin button or asking the dealer for more cards.

In addition, fruits are also a great snack option and a healthy one too. Delicious and fresh fruit like grapes, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon and more will give you a definite energy boost and also keep you on the healthy side.

If you're feeling a little more hungry than snacks you can always go for a bigger bite with a hearty sandwich or perhaps even a pizza (all for you). These items will also only require for you to use one hand and you'll be able to keep on placing your bets without any problem at all.

While drinking alcohol has always been associated with casino games remember that you can also clench your thirst with a fruit juice, water or even a soda here and there.


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Skill vs. No Skill Superior Casino Fruit Machines

July 8th, 2013

When you play Superior Casino fruit machine games you play the best games on the net. Our collection of fruit machines range from traditional games with 3 reels to the most interactive games filled with extra features such as bonus rounds and more.

There are some fruit machine games that involve skill while there are other games that require much less concentration and focus. All fruit machine games' the end result is left entirely up to chance or luck, however there are games where you can definitely alter the end result of a bonus round feature. Of course, each particular game presents you with the chance of landing many different winning combinations based on how many coins you've decided to use and the symbol combinations.

Keep in mind that if you want to win big, you have to bet big. Betting with max bet amount will qualify you for the jackpot prizes as well as getting paid back larger amounts of coins. Be sure to check out each fruit machine's payout table for more information on the specific payouts.


If you feel like trying out a game that has a lot to do with skill and with a highly interactive bonus round feature then give Sherwood Forest Fortunes a try. This fruit machine game gives players the chance to experience the feeling of playing different games in one as the casings change while the game itself progresses. Whenever players trigger a new bonus round feature, they will come back to a different casing on the main screen. Furthermore, players can instantly track their progress on the game map that is available at any given time.


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What Makes Superior Casino Fruit Machines Easier and More Fun?

June 10th, 2013

When you opt to play Superior Casino fruit machines you're choosing to play some of the most exciting games online. Our fruit machine games are packed with exciting features which give players more chances to become happy winners almost right away.

There are many features that can be taken advantage when players enjoy Superior Casino fruit machines. For instance, many of our machines offer an auto mode feature created especially for those players who like to take some time off from hitting the spin button and those who would like to see things happen rather quickly. If you consider yourself this type of player then playing fruit machine games in auto mode is the way to go.


Try a game like our interactive golf-themed fruit machine Hole in Won and simply click on the Auto Spin button to quickly get to the fabulous bonus round feature. However, you must take into account that this particular round is a skill based bonus feature. This means that players must be on top of the game and make the right decisions in order to win more. In this particular game you'll be taken to a nine-hole golf course and every time the bonus game is triggered you'll need to be ready to play one hole. When you've completed all nine holes you'll start a brand new cycle.

Another great advantage of using the Auto Spin feature is that you'll also be able to get to the Free Spins round games as well. Since the Free Spins round is not a skilled based game players can enjoy these while the Auto Spin feature is on.

The Auto Spin button is located on the right located on the bottom right hand side. If players want to stop this feature the can do so at any time during auto mode by clicking once again on the 'Auto' button. The Auto Spin feature is not available during Fun Mode play, only in Real-Money mode.


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Online fruit machines startled online casino players with huge profits!

May 31st, 2011

How you ever wondered how much money an online casino makes? If you don’t know much about how online casino fruit machines work, you might assume that the casino takes a big chunk of the money being played or wagered on these games. The truth of the matter is quite the opposite. Online casinos don’t make that much money per wager (at least honest casinos don’t). An online fruit machine such as the classic 7’s and Bars has a standard pay-out rate of 95% at Superior Casino. That implies that over the long run, the casino is only making 5% of the wagers or bets placed on that fruit machine.

5% is not that much now that you see it in percentages. But that’s not the end of the story. Online casinos give out a lot of promotion money, often double what they receive in real money deposits. That produces a lot of wagers in the games that comes from this “virtual” or fictitious money (from the casino point of view, the money is not real, i.e., it’s not real profit). So, of a fruit machine is generating only 5% revenue for the casino but half of that is promotion money, then the casino only sees around 2.5% of every wager (on average). What happens when the fruit machines pays out over 100% of the bets received? Well, the casino actually loses money!

And guess what, this does happen! Superior Casino has the habit of publishing their top games of the month here on this blog. This month we discovered that quite a few casino games and fruit machines were over the 100% mark, meaning that a lot of players took out profits from our casino. That’s how it should be because other games may be below the average payout rate, and therefore it balances it out. But when a game has over 100%, that means players got quite lucky and were able to cash out winnings.

Are you interested in knowing what those games were?

The list below represents the top games for May 2011. These games paid out consistently over 100% on average.

Game Payout:
As The Reels Turn 3   134.19%
A Switch In Time   110.52%
Atomic Age  110.06%
Cosmic Quest Episode Two  108.23%
Bust-A-Vault  108.21%
Red Dog  106.92%
Western Wildness  105.33%
Scary Rich 2  104.20%
Let It Ride  103.03%
Surf Paradise  102.85%
Major Moolah  100.98%
Video Poker Doubleup  100.33%
Baccarat  100.27%
Milk the Cash Cow  100.27%


It is customary at Superior’s blog to introduce a fruit machine contest. This week it is no different. We invite players to play the top paying fruit machine of the moment: As the Reels Turn 3

 What do you get for playing this fun fruit machine? You may win: FREE 25 ($ € £ R) CHIP


Simply complete at least 100 real money spins on this game before the end of the current week. Then on June 6th you will receive the free 25 ($ € £ R) chip in your cashier.


Enjoy all the loose fruit machines at your favorite gaming center: Superior Casino

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