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December 14th, 2010

If you are wondering where to play this holiday season then you should read this. It has been an extremely pleasant surprise to those players that are already playing at SuperiorCasino.com.

While playing online slots, video poker, table games such as Pag Gow Poker or Craps; these players have been able to reap winnings of shocking proportion.

There was no premeditated action by Superior Casino management to raise the payout percentages of the games. The games by their own accord have paid consistently for the month of December at over 96% for the entire casino. It is a jolly season for players as they are getting their holiday gifts a few weeks before the festivities.

The following chart displays the online casino games with over 100% Payout: (click on the games to play them for free, as no download slots)

Game Name:


Dog Pound


Atomic Age


A Switch In Time


Rock On


Pigskin Payout


Bowled Over


One Million Reels BC


Cosmic Quest Episode One


Secret Garden


Reel Crime 2: Art Heist 


Metal Detector


Gold Rush


Hobo's Hoard


Aces and Faces


As the Reels Turn 1 


Pai Gow


So 80's




It is important that you play them while they are hot!

Furthermore, Superior Casino is about to release two new video-slot games next week. Here is a teaser preview of both games, Japan-o-Rama and Reel Party Platinum.

Japan-o-Rama video slot (teaser image):

Reel Party Platinum video slot (teaser also):


Casino Game Contest::: Play to win FREE $13 TOKEN!

Now that the heat is on at Superior Casino, we invite all players to participate in this week’s game contest. One of the top 3 games in the above list (Dog Pound, Atomic Age, A Switch In Time) will be the lucky trigger for the Free $13 Bonus.

This is how it works. During this week, complete at least 25 real money spins on the secretly chosen trigger game of those three. If you complete the 25 wagers on the lucky game we have already secretly selected, on Monday December 20th you will find Free $13 Casino Chip in your cashier. Just like that!
Come back next week as we release the official reviews of video slots Japan-o-Rama and Reel Party Platinum slot!


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Cruise around the world on a Superior Online Slot Machine !

November 9th, 2010

Superior Casino is specialized in online slot games. We provide slot games for all ages and tastes, currently we have over 60 slots in various styles, such as 5-reel video slots, I-slots, three-reel slots (Vegas style) and progressive jackpot slots. They are all available for players around the world and can be played from free after a simple registration of name and email, for those that only want to play in fun mode.

One of the greatest achievements has been the release of I-slots, also known as Interactive Slots. These slots have expanded the realm of online slots to new frontiers. They are heavily themed-based, with storylines that evolve to such a degree that even the façade of the slot can drastically change and include new symbols and jackpot combinations. The bonus rounds on I-slots are highly developed and depend normally on the decisions and skill of the player rather than just mere chance. Players are required to use their wit, technique and skill as they play entertaining mini-games for extra coins.

One of Superior Casino’s famous online slots is: Baby Boomers Cash Cruise

Baby_Boomers_Cash_ Cruise

This slot game explores that pleasure of traveling to different regions of the world through the comfort of a cruise ship. Players begin the game at the travel agency where they will spin the slots until they can get three cruise ships to trigger the Destination Wheel bonus round. In that bonus round players will spin the wheel to win a trip to an exotic destination such as Greece, Caribbean or Alaska. Also, money prizes can be won at this point.

If the player lands on a new destination, the slot will change completely and have a new look. In each of the 4 slot façades players will have unique mini-games and bonus features that will increase their chances of hitting a big win.

At the Caribbean players get two mini-games bonus rounds. Both require good concentration but can easily deliver thousands of coins:


At Alaska players find a much template looking slot. Nonetheless, it is filled with fun bonus features such as a mini-bingo game that is sure to thrill many.

Cash Cruise_Alaska

Finally, Greece is a fun chapter in this multifaceted slot game. Get incredible sets of free spins and see your winning soar.


Baby Boomers Cash Cruise has been a casino game that has consistently paid out highly throughout its history at Superior Casino. We have compiled a list of its payout rates per month in recent months in which it paid out nicely to players:

• November 2010 so far: 116.88% Pay-back rate
• August 2010: 97.07% Pay-back rate
• July 2010: 94.05% Pay-back rate
• March 2010: 97.51% Pay-back rate
• February 2010: 96.94% Pay-back rate

We invite players from all over the world to come and play Baby Boomers Cash Cruise this week and get your chance to win:


To receive this free casino bonus at your cashier, all you have to do is explore the many chapters of Baby Boomers Cash Cruise. Here’s how:

Throughout this week, play this game in real money mode and complete just 25 spins on each of the four levels of the game. Just by doing this you are automatically entitled to receive your free spins credit.

The free casino token will appear in your cashier on Monday November 15th in the morning hours (EST).

We reserve this promotion only to players that have previously deposited at Superior Casino. Country and players with limited promotions do not apply.


Explore the never-ending world of I-slots and discover why interaction makes slot games way… SUPERIOR!


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The best payout rates for online casino slot games REVEALED!

November 2nd, 2010

Novice and expert players alike are always looking for those slot machines that have the highest possible payout rates. High pay out rates imply better chances to win and make a profit as you spin your favorite reels. Superior Casino is always eager to share and publish their online slot stats as they often come very favorably to their players.

This week it is no different. What you will find below are the payout rates for the top games in the entire month of October 2010. These games have paid out consistently over their expected pay out rate.

Will November present the same good luck to players? Find out by playing any of the below slot games from our Free Slots Page:

• Spy Game   : with payout of : 111.79%
• Heavyweight Gold  : with payout of : 108.36%
• Pigskin Payout  : with payout of : 106.85%
• Travel Bug  : with payout of : 105.04%
• Gunslingers Gold  : with payout of : 100.16%
• Penguin Payday  : with payout of : 99.77%
• Dog Pound  : with payout of : 99.04%
• One Million Reels BC  : with payout of : 98.92%
• Surf Paradise  : with payout of : 98.06%
• Strike Gold  : with payout of : 97.75%
• Hobo's Hoard  : with payout of : 97.46%

Some of these video and interactive slots such as Spy Game and Heavyweight Gold, have delivered combined over $20,000 in winnings last month. This shows that not only progressive slot machines can be out generously; even a normal slot can pay out extremely high if luck is around the corner.

Superior Casino has a long tradition of superbly loose slot machines. Review older posts on and find out which games have had their glory in the past.

We invite you to play the intriguing and heart-thumping I-slot: Spy Game


Much more than just a regular video slot, it is an interactive slot that feels just like a James Bond movie. Solve riddles, complete missions and get thousands of coins as you do this for an ultimate gaming experience.

Play this classic I-slot and WIN FREE $22 NO-DEPOSIT TOKEN!

How? Simply complete at least 10 real money wagers on the 3rd and last scene of Spy Game (it has 3 levels). You have to advance through the initial 2 bonus rounds to get there.


Complete easily 10 or more spins on the final scene and the free token is yours. It will be awarded on Nov. 8th in morning hours EST. The real money spins must be completed before Nov. 7th.

We welcome all players to a wonderful gaming experience at Superior Casino.


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Now live: Roll Out the Barrels, a free video slot game!

October 12th, 2010

This is an official review for ROLL OUT THE BARRELS, a new video slot available for free at Superior Casino!

The new 5-reel video slot at Superior pays tribute to one of the oldest and most fun festivals in the world: OKTOBERFEST. This year marked the 200-year anniversary of this famous event held in Munich. Superior Casino is proud to announce the release of ROLL OUT THE BARRELS:


Features and specifics.

ROLL OUT THE BARRELS features 5 reels with superbly designed icons. 20 pay-lines cross and zig-zag the reels for multiple winning opportunities. The game is of course offered in free play mode, by either download the free casino software or by visiting our free play slots page. However, if you would like to try your luck in real money mode, the slot accepts bets in several denominations ranging from a single penny to up to $0.25, for a max bet of $50 a spin!

ROLL OUT THE BARRELS  has a complete paytable, with 8 normal payout Oktoberfest icons and several bonus features:


In the second paytable you can review all the bonus features which include a jackpot icon with a top jackpot of 2500 coins. Here we can see this new video slots offers a wild icon, sets of free spins and a much coveted bonus round.


The wild icon function is very special and can help players to quickly increase their bankroll. When the beer barrel appears on a reel from where it can help create a winning combination, the entire reel will expand and each icon on this wild reel will be substituted for any other normal payout icon of the game. The highest paying icon will always be chosen. The wild icons appear only on reels 1 and 2.


The free spins are probably the best chance you have in this game to produce a monumental win. The Alpenhorns are the ones that trigger the free spins. These can be scattered around the reels and do not have to be aligned in order to trigger the free spins. If you get 3 Alpenhorns in a spin, the game will grant 10 free spins. 4 Alpenhorns will give out 20 free spins, while 5 Alpenhorns will give out an astounding 75 free spins! What’s best is that all free spins have a 3x multiplier.  But that’s just the start of it all. If you trigger the bonus round during a free spins, you will be rewarded handsomely, because the result of the bonus round will also be multiplied by 3x!


During the bonus round the player will enter an Oktoberfest tent and will serve beers to customers. There are 4 barrels to choose from and each has a hidden value of jackpot coins. Use your sixth sense to guess which barrel will give out the most coins. During each bonus round you will get a chance to serve two beers.


This completes the review for Roll Out the Barrels. Now we present our Casino Game Contest, where you can participate to earn free real money for playing our games!

Here’s your chance to win: $20 FREE SPINS BONUS!

All you have to do is try out the new video slot, Roll Out the Barrels.

Complete at least 50 real money spins on this game before the end of the current week. Then on Monday October 18th you will automatically receive your $20 FREE SPINS at the cashier. The $20 Free spins allow you to cash out a maximum of $200!

This contest is restricted only to players that have made at least one deposit at Superior Casino in the past. Players with limited promotions or bonus banned countries do not apply.

May you all enjoy this new free video slot, available at the one and only Superior Casino!

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Love and Money meet again at Superior Casino!

September 2nd, 2010

Superior Casino completely renovates graphics and animations of their classic ‘Love and Money’ video slot slot machine. Read the full review below.


Superior Casino is famous for having some of the best online slots available today. Over 60 slot games are available via the free download of the casino software or by accessing the Free No Download Slots page.

As new games are released, the older ones may seem outdated but that won’t be for long. Superior Casino does not neglect the old games. That’s why the classic video slot game, Love and Money, has been revamped with well-crafted design and animations.

We present today the newest version of Love and Money:


Now you can enjoy this famous video slot in new improved graphics, with renovated reel icons and a refined introduction animation. You also get new in-game animations for significant events, such as when you trigger free spins or wild icons.

Those that are big fans of this game should not worry. The old pay scheme is still the same. As you can see, the paytable has remained virtually the same albeit with new graphics:


Players should look forward to getting those free spins that quickly increase the balance for significant winnings. Free spins come in sets of 10 spins all with a 3x multiplier:


We invite all new and current active players to try the new Love and Money. This game has had very loose months when it has paid close to 100%. Here is a record of its highest paying months in 2010:

February 2010 pay-out rate: 98.23%
May 2010 pay-out rate: 97.95%
June 2010 pay-out rate: 96.11%

Make September a high yielding month by cashing out big jackpots playing Love and Money.


To our active players, we have a special contest for you.

Come and try out the new Love and Money by placing at least 33 real money spins. If you complete these spins before Sunday September 5th, then you will receive on next Monday at your cashier:


For further spins at your favorite slots!

This promotion is available only to players that have deposited previously at Superior Casino, and that have normal promotions allowed. Bonus disabled countries do not apply.

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