Alien Spinvasion Slot Review

March 30th, 2017

The aliens have made it to the Superior Casino reels! It’s time for you to protect your wins by hitting the spin button of this brand new, out of this world 5-reel and 50-payline where there are tons of fantastic wins up for grabs.


The extra-terrestrial setting takes you on a trip you’re going to want to repeat over and over. Spin for wins as you wait on symbols like the laser pistol, alien eggs about to hatch, a rocket, a meteorite, and a picture of planet Earth. You’ll also run into some of the most popular symbols of all times: poker cards ranging from 9 to Ace.

Land the Wild extra-terrestrial symbol to collect coins as it will replace all other symbols to create winning combinations. The General of the Army symbol will trigger the free spins game where you’ll really travel to a new galaxy of Superior Casino wins!

Time to take your online casino gaming action to outter space realms!

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Getting the Most Out of your Superior Casino Experience

March 12th, 2015

When you play at Superior Casino, you know you’re playing at the best virtual gambling site on the net. But what happens when you want to get the most out of your experience and you want to seriously improve your time here?

If you want to stretch your time at the games, you want to make the most out of your bankroll. It’s truly easier than you think it is. Taking just a few minutes a day to organize your numbers and bankroll, will result in a winning strategy right from the beginning.

mobile casino games

Remember that Superior Casino gives you the chance to try our wonderful selection of no-download casino games in the Instant Play version, without you having to spend one dime. If you feel like trying your luck without spending your hard-earned cash, you can practice for as long as you would like to. When you feel it’s right to start hitting the spin button of your favorite fruit machine games, remember that you can make smaller bets instead of making a large one that could end up eating your bankroll.

Superior Casino offers you a huge selection of games with different themes and betting options. Don’t just stick with one single game and feel free to experience different titles that will give you a diverse selection of options and winning odds.

When you make the decision to play at Superior Casino, you’ve already made the right choice. Playing with us means you’re a winner right from the beginning. However, if you take care of your bankroll and create your own personal betting strategy, you’ll be stretching your betting (and winning) sessions for much longer!

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Are Slots Taking Too Much of Your Time?

March 23rd, 2014

Playing Superior Casino fruit machines is undoubtedly a lot of fun and possibly the best way to spend your time in our online casino. However, there are times when you might come to a place where you might be feeling that these types of games are getting to you. It’s not that you’re having an unlucky day or that the machine is not paying off – it might very well be that you’re spending too much of your time playing fruit machines and it’s time to take a break!

While Superior Casino offers players many different games the most popular pick always tends to be fruit machine games. Our site releases new and one-of-a-kind fruit machines on a very regular basis that keeps players entertained and gives them plenty of chances to try out exciting features that are not found anywhere else.

However, there are times when playing too much of anything will bring players to a state of fatigue. When this happens it’s probably not a bad idea to take some time off. In addition, players can also feel free to try our a brand new fruit machine that perhaps they haven’t tried out before.

Feeling fatigue from playing online fruit machine games might simply be a case of playing the same game over and over. Try varying your day with different fruit machines as you go. Don’t just stick to one game since luckily for you Superior Casino offers players one of the most sizable and amazing collection of fruit machine games with different amounts of reels and paylines, outstanding animations, mind-blowing payouts and much more.
If you’re a party maniac type of player then try out games such as Reel Party and Reel Party Platinum for an experience packed with entertaining animations and fun sound effects that will take you to a virtual party full of wining possibilities. If you’re an action buff then give Spy Game a try where you get to become agent 007 yourself and try to be the hero by saving the day!

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Some of Our Favorite Bonus Round Games

March 4th, 2014

Playing Superior Casino fruit machines is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and fun times you can experience online. Our games are packed with fantastic features including our super entertaining bonus rounds. Our bonus round features are popular for giving players the chance to win more and win big. In addition, our fruit machine games are extra special since they offer bonus rounds in all categories: games with just three reels, video fruit machines and of course, our fabulous interactive fruit machines otherwise known as i-Slots.

A great example of one of our favorite and most outstanding bonus round games is the Cosmic Quest Saga. These fruit machines are all about the outter space theme and the bonus features are some of the most interactive and fun ever.

The first game is Cosmic Quest Mission Control and the bonus feature here takes place when players land three or more Pink Pilot symbols. This particular game is called the Asteroid Blasteroid and there are actually five different stages in this bonus round, each with its own casing and different kinds of rocket ships. Players must get rid of asteroids and the more they destroy, the more coins they will earn.

The second part of this saga is Cosmic Quest Mystery Planets and is complete with yet another enjoyable bonus round game. The interactive bonus round is triggered by three or more astronaut symbols and players can select between skill play and random win. Here players need to navigate their rocket ship and reach the end to get a coin prize.

And if interactive fruit machines are not your cup of tea, try your luck with one of our fantastic video fruit machine games. Bonus round features are also a very important part of these games and you can count on serious winnings in no time!

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What Type of Online Slots Players are You?

February 18th, 2013

Superior Casino welcomes all types of players to enjoy our fantastic online slots games selection. Our games have been carefully designed to suit the needs and wants of each and every one of our customers – those looking to bet smalls amounts as well as high roller players.

Furthermore, we have also thought about the fact that not all of our players have the same taste and are constantly looking for new and interesting themes. As you know, our slot games are divided into different categories depending on the number of reels and specialty. However, players will also find that our games also could also be classified into categories that are related to their theme such as food, travel, leisure and much more.

Now, when talking about types of slots players a recent study has shown that these can be divided into different categories as well. It's important to note that none of these groups backs up the theory that all slots players have a gambling addiction or some other negative connotation.

The first group on this list includes those players who simply enjoy the games to have a good time every once in a while. This group of players do not play slot games to cash out big sums of money since they actually enjoy just sitting back and relaxing while the reels turn.

The second group includes players who actually avoid playing slots with progressive jackpots or games that pay out larger sums of money. These players do not necessarily care about winning huge prizes; they just want to win something and as you know, progressive slot games do not pay out as often.


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