Hot slot machines with high payout slots: Play them with free spins!

September 14th, 2010

Superior Casino is not shy about revealing the payout rates of their famous slot machines. The following are the payouts for many of their casino games, mostly slot machines while being played with real money. These slot games can be played for free as well, with very similar payouts.

The following published report of payout rates are for the period of September 1st to September 14th. This reveals the ongoing trend at Superior Casino that games can pay over 100% consistently for extended periods of time.

You can access virtually all the following games directly from the Free No Download Slots lobby of Superior Casino or click on each link below to access the game instantly.

Tiki Treasure  With payout of: 124.55%
Aces and Faces  With payout of: 115.94%
Red Dog  With payout of: 114.43%
Big Cash Win  With payout of: 108.80%
Ocean Treasure  With payout of: 107.04%
Surf Paradise  With payout of: 106.18%
Fixer Upper  With payout of: 105.82%
Gobblers Gold  With payout of: 103.20%
Scary Rich  With payout of: 102.69%
Moonlight Mystery  With payout of: 102.53%
Doo-Wop Daddy-O  With payout of: 101.12%
Fantastic Fruit  With payout of: 100.31%
War   With payout of: 100.29%
Dog Pound  With payout of: 100.18%

Superior Casino is treating players with free spins on slot machine this week. This is part of their weekly contest that can be found here at the official blog for the casino.

To receive the free spins you must be an active player at the casino. What times means is quite simple. If you have made a deposit at the casino at any point, whether two years ago or today, you automatically apply for these free spins. 


To participate all you have to do is make a few real money spins on Ocean Treasure, a classic video slot game at Superior Casino. If you complete at least 20 real money spins on this slot this week, you will receive on Monday September 20th:  a $10 Credit for FREE SPINS!

It cannot get any easier than that. You will be playing one of the most popular video slots at Superior Casino. This slot game provides ample chances to win big, with sets of free spins triggered often.


Free slots and online casino contests for free spins are always available on this site. Stop by regularly to get the inside scoop on the latest casino promotions and games at Superior Casino.

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The craziest online casino contest for slots games!

September 7th, 2010

Superior Casino has a slots game contest with free no deposit bonus!


Superior Casino has the drive to keep experimenting and bringing novel ideas to the world of online gaming. If you are into free slots games then read this post because it can give you a chance to win a $50 Free Casino No Deposit Bonus!

This week at Superior Casino all active players, that is to say, players that have made at least 1 deposit at the casino will be participating in a crazy slot games contest!

We have taken the top paying loose slot games of this month. Take a look at how each game has paid out in the last 7 days:

Big Cash Win (114.69%)
Gobblers Gold (114.35%)
Cosmic Quest Episode One (111.90%)
Dog Pound (104.34%)
Psychedelic Sixties (101.92%)
Fixer Upper (100.66%)
Ocean Treasure (100.06%)
Flea Market (100.01%)

To win a $50 Free Casino No Deposit Bonus all you have to do is complete 20 real money spins on each of these 8 games! Simple as that! You are going to be playing the top paying games of this month with big chances of winning big. The good thing about this contest is that everybody that fulfills the condition will receive the prize. You are welcome to use other free comp money to fulfill the requirement of 20 real money spins on each, so long as you are playing in real money mode.

Rules of the contest:

– The 20 real money spins must be made before Sunday September 12th
– Only accounts that have previously made at least 1 deposit at Superior Casino
– The token will be given at the cashier on Monday September 13th in the morning hours EST
– Player accounts with limited promotions due not apply

If you are a new player that has not deposited before this is a good chance. We are offering new depositors a 777% Welcome Bonus on the first deposit. With such a bonus you can easily complete 20 real money spins on all of these games.

We hope you enjoy all our slot games and casino contests. Remember that all our games can be played gratuitously from our Free No Download Slots page. If you are looking for free slots then Superior Casino is your #1 choice.

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Love and Money meet again at Superior Casino!

September 2nd, 2010

Superior Casino completely renovates graphics and animations of their classic ‘Love and Money’ video slot slot machine. Read the full review below.


Superior Casino is famous for having some of the best online slots available today. Over 60 slot games are available via the free download of the casino software or by accessing the Free No Download Slots page.

As new games are released, the older ones may seem outdated but that won’t be for long. Superior Casino does not neglect the old games. That’s why the classic video slot game, Love and Money, has been revamped with well-crafted design and animations.

We present today the newest version of Love and Money:


Now you can enjoy this famous video slot in new improved graphics, with renovated reel icons and a refined introduction animation. You also get new in-game animations for significant events, such as when you trigger free spins or wild icons.

Those that are big fans of this game should not worry. The old pay scheme is still the same. As you can see, the paytable has remained virtually the same albeit with new graphics:


Players should look forward to getting those free spins that quickly increase the balance for significant winnings. Free spins come in sets of 10 spins all with a 3x multiplier:


We invite all new and current active players to try the new Love and Money. This game has had very loose months when it has paid close to 100%. Here is a record of its highest paying months in 2010:

February 2010 pay-out rate: 98.23%
May 2010 pay-out rate: 97.95%
June 2010 pay-out rate: 96.11%

Make September a high yielding month by cashing out big jackpots playing Love and Money.


To our active players, we have a special contest for you.

Come and try out the new Love and Money by placing at least 33 real money spins. If you complete these spins before Sunday September 5th, then you will receive on next Monday at your cashier:


For further spins at your favorite slots!

This promotion is available only to players that have deposited previously at Superior Casino, and that have normal promotions allowed. Bonus disabled countries do not apply.

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Play our Free 3-reel Slots and enter Slot Jackpot Paradise at Superior Casino!

March 23rd, 2010

Summer of Slots is almost here at Superior Casino, weeks of endless slot machine bonuses, contests, tournaments and prizes. This year Superior Casino started the weekly online slot contest, which you can read right here in our blog. We will have many more activities and games for you in the months to come. Plus, with the World Cup coming up, we will also have many football/soccer-themed contests and promotions.

Today, come play a classic Superior 3-reel slot: Surf Paradise

The perfect slot to play during the warm seasons of the year. Basked in a tropical sun while you spin reels with a chance to win up to 2,000 coins on max bet! Surf Paradise is a basic slot machine for those that want simple play and constant profits.

Plus, not long ago we had all our 3-reels upgraded with new fun animations for significant wins. So when you see a big surfers or a big wave in front of you, that means you’ve hit a nice slot jackpot.


Play this game from our free software or play it for free from our No Download Slots page.

Play this game with your real money balance, and complete at least $20 in wagers this week to receive in your cashier:


To be awarded on Monday March 29th in morning hours, if you complete at least $20 in wagers between today and next Sunday.

Available only to players that have deposited at least once at the casino. Bonus restricted countries and players do not apply.

Movia Trivia Blog

Love movies? Then you can probably guess where this clip comes from:

[audio:|titles=Movie Trivia March 23rd]

Visit our Movie Trivia Page and  participate today!

Enjoy all our fun and free casino games this week, best of luck!

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Official Release and Review of new Video Slot Machine Game: Candy Cottage

March 9th, 2010

Online gambling world, Superior Casino is thrilled to announce the release of the latest 5-reel video slot game:

Candy Cottage

Candy Cottage slot machine game


Online slot players can now play this video slot with our software or by visiting our Free No-Download Slots page.


Complete review of video slot Candy Cottage:


This video slot is directly inspired by the tale of Hans and Gretel, a classic story that tells of two young siblings lost in the woods until they find a small house, or cottage, made out of candy and sweets. The house belongs to a child-devouring witch that has the intention of fattening the children with confectionary, in order to eat them later.

Candy Cottage can be played with up to 20 betting lines, up to 10 coin bets and in denominations ranging from 1 cent to 25 cent (per line).



The paytable schedule may look similar to other video slots but it does have an interesting variation. The two top paying symbols (the boy and the girl respectively), will pay out a jackpot when at least two of the same symbols are in a row. Normally, video slot machines require at least 3 symbols to be aligned, but this is not the case with Candy Cottage. This allows more frequent jackpots to be hit during normal play.

Let’s now look at the special features of the Candy Cottage slot. After test driving this new video slot, we soon discovered that the most common feature to be triggered is the expanding wild in the center reel. The Furnace Icon is wild and will expand to fill the entire middle reel when it can help connect a winning line between the first/second and fourth/firth reels.




Then, we discovered the while the free spins don’t come that often, when they do the ending jackpot will be significant. All wins during the free spins are multiplied by 3, that is to say, all the paytable is tripled. The total amount won during the free spins will be displayed at the upper left corner of the slot.




Finally, Candy Cottage has a fun and original bonus round. The player use the controller computer mouse to move the small boy left and right while candy falls from overhead. Make sure that the candy falls directly into his wide-open mouth, otherwise it can bounce off his cheeks and the candy will be wasted (along with the coins). Each candy successfully eaten will award coins that are later converted into cash when you end the bonus round. The bonus round takes skill and practice to be perfected. 


Overall, Candy Cottage is a very well designed video slot with exceedingly good sound-effects during play. This game also features animation sequences that will be displayed when certain combinations are achieved in one spin.

We invite all Superior Casino players to try this new game out and get a chance to win a FREE CASINO BONUS of $15!

It is very simple to participate in this contest. Simply wager $10 on this game this week, before Monday March 15th. If you accomplish that, then next Monday you will receive at your cashier the Free $15 Bonus Cash (no-deposit required to be redeemed).

Available only to players that have deposited at least once at the casino. Bonus restricted countries and players don’t apply.

Movia Trivia Blog

Win $10 FREE by answering correctly our movie triva.

Visit our MOVIE TRIVIA page and learn how to participate!

[audio:|titles=Movie Trivia March 9th]

We wish all our visitors and players a fun and lucky week. We hope you all get the sweetest jackpots while playing the new Candy Cottage video slot at Superior Casino!

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