Understanding Online Fruit Machines Payout Percentages

September 9th, 2013

Many players who decide to switch from land based casinos to online casinos often face problems understanding some of the differences. The vast majority of players who are new to the virtual gambling world often think that when playing games like online fruit machines they will be able to win more and more regularly. However, it's important for players to really understand how payout percentages work before they can raise their expectations about winning lots and lots on money while playing a specific game.


Payout percentages, also known as payback amount or long-term average return, are an important detail to keep in mind when playing online. This is not only important because players will be able to know what they're investing on, but also it helps to know just how much they can expect to collect at the end of a session. The payout percentage in an online fruit machine game is the amount that players can find in the different review sites and these are noted with a percentage. For instance, if a review states that certain game pays out a 95% payout this means that when there is a bet of $100 in the future players can expect to see $95 back in their accounts. The percentage represents how much of the total bets placed on a casino game will be returned to the customers. But this percentage is an expected long-term average, so in the short term the percentage can vary in favor or against the player, permitting some players to win big while others finding little luck. Needless to say, players who have made the switch to virtual casinos and are looking to win cash while playing fruit machines must always pick the games with the higher payout percentages possible.

There are many casino players who venture in the online world and aren't quite sure how to deal with the fact that they have to learn new things on a daily basis. Learning about payout percentages is a huge deal because this way players will always keep coming back to play their casino games more often. Therefore, it's pivotal for the online casinos to teach their players all they can about this vital information. Players can always count on their online casino of choice for more information about how their payout percentages work. Even so, players must also take into account that more often than not this information is not displayed for everyone to see since these percentages are set by the online casino software provider and not the casino itself. However, online casino players can surely count on the randomness and fairness of all the games if the casino has chosen a prestigious provider.

In truth, making the right choice when switching to virtual casinos is what will ultimately determine just how much players can expect to win in the end. Payout percentages are important but what's more important if for players to have a good time while playing their online fruit machine games. Learning to play these games and having a strategy that works in terms of time investment, budget and knowing when to quit is what will ultimately lead players to the best online casino experience possible. Reading what other players have to say about certain games is a great way to start building what players want to accomplish: have fun and win!


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Are Fruit MachinesTaking Too Much of Your Time?

July 1st, 2013

Playing Superior Casino fruit machines is undoubtedly a lot of fun and possibly the best way to spend your time in our online casino. However, there are times when you might come to a place where you might be feeling that these types of games are getting to you. It's not that you're having an unlucky day or that the machine is not paying off – it might very well be that you're spending too much of your time playing fruit machines and it's time to take a break!

While Superior Casino offers players many different games the most popular pick always tends to be fruit machine games. Our site releases new and one-of-a-kind fruit machines on a very regular basis that keeps players entertained and gives them plenty of chances to try out exciting features that are not found anywhere else.

However, there are times when playing too much of anything will bring players to a state of fatigue. When this happens it's probably not a bad idea to take some time off. In addition, players can also feel free to try our a brand new fruit machine that perhaps they haven't tried out before.

Feeling fatigue from playing online fruit machine games might simply be a case of playing the same game over and over. Try varying your day with different fruit machines as you go. Don't just stick to one game since luckily for you Superior Casino offers players one of the most sizable and amazing collection of fruit machine games with different amounts of reels and paylines, outstanding animations, mind-blowing payouts and much more.


If you're a party maniac type of player then try out games such as Reel Party and Reel Party Platinum for an experience packed with entertaining animations and fun sound effects that will take you to a virtual party full of wining possibilities. If you're an action buff then give Spy Game a try where you get to become agent 007 yourself and try to be the hero by saving the day!


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Free Casino Tips: Improving your Luck at Superior Casino

March 11th, 2013

There's been a moment in every Superior Casino player's online gaming experience when things just don’t seem to go their way. You hit your favorite interactive slot's spin button over and over and nothing happens. You wait for the right cards to fall your way while playing blackjack but they just never do. And you even try your luck with one of our fun Scratch Card games but this isn't really your day.

If you seem to be having and odd day but would love to change things around there are in fact some things that can be done in order to improve your luck!

One of the first things you should definitely try to always keep in mind is that perhaps you've pushed your limit with a particular game. It may be wise for you to switch slot games if perhaps you've been trying to land a juicy prize for the last couple of hours with no luck. Superior Casino offer players hundreds of slot games to choose from in addition to our realistic and always exciting classic table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker and many others!

If you're still having issues improving your luck after a long session then it might be the right time to take a break. Remember that just like in brick and mortar casinos there are times when playing just doesn't sit right with that particular day and you decide to head home. When playing online casino games there might be times when it's right to take a break, step away from your computer and enjoy some fresh air which will give you a new perspective and hopefully have lady luck come your way sooner!

Playing Superior Casino games is all about having fun and enjoying yourself. There will be times when you might not win as much as you would hope but just like in live casinos, there will be other times when cashing out your winnings will feel like an every day experience!


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Superior Casino Polices and Rules

December 17th, 2012

There are many ways to enjoy Superior Casino. However, one of the smartest ways to have the most positive experience is to take a few minutes to go through our rules and policies. Each and every online casino operates differently from the next one so it's not a bad idea to read through this information before placing your real money bets on your favorite online slots, tables games and more.

The following are just some of the main policies and rules that you should keep in mind when playing at Superior Casino. Understanding these terms can be pivotal in making this an extremely positive online gaming experience versus one that will not be as fun as you wanted it to be.

1. Superior Casino players must be at least 18 years old. Keep in mind that different jurisdictions have different rules in regards to online gambling. Players must make sure that before signing up at Superior Casino and agreeing to our policies and rules and that they are not violating any rules in the jurisdiction in which they live.

2. Players must take into consideration that when making real money deposits each method offered by the casino will have different minimum and maximum amounts that can be deposited as well as cashed out. It's the players' responsibility to read through these limits before they go ahead with their transactions. Players can learn more about these methods here http://www.superiorcasino.com/Cashier. Furthermore, if players want to know more about this topic they can contact customer service and they should be able to inform them of their current deposit/withdrawal limits.

3. Players must make sure that they understand the rules of the game they have chosen to play beforehand. In addition, players must also acknowledge that such rules are available by clicking on the “help” button.


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High Payout Rates Online Slot Games REVEALED!

February 23rd, 2010

Online casinos are based on the payout rates of their games. Players must remember that casinos only make a small percentage of all the bets placed by the players. Normally, a standard casino will have their slot machines with a medium payout rate between 93% and 95%. This is the average for most online casinos, at least those that are fair and trustworthy. Superior Casino had configured their games from the very start to pay out around the 95% mark. However, in the month of February the games have had a will of their own and average up, till today, a total of 96.51% in their total payout rate!

Can you imagine what 1.51% is of millions of bets this month? It represents a much higher amount of profits going to the players.

Here’s a list of the top-paying games with over 98% payout rates from February 1st to February 23rd:

We invite all our players to come and join the party that has taken place this month at Superior Casino!

Here’s an easy way for you to Win FREE $12 this week!

Come play the top paying game of the month, the unbelievable video slot: So 80’s


A blast from the past, love by many that grew up in the 80’s. This video slot is complete with set of Free Spins and Wild Icons with a 3x multiplier.

To earn your $12 Free Casino Bonus, simply wager at least $10 this week on So 80’s.

If you have completed the $10 wagers before Sunday Feb. 28th, you will receive on Monday March 1st a $12 FREE TOKEN at the cashier. Available only to players that have deposited at least once at the casino. Bonus restricted countries and players don’t apply.

Sounds like a cool party to us!


Movia Trivia Blog

Here’s our latest movie trivia. Learn what you can win by visiting our MOVIE TRIVIA page.

[audio:http://blog.superiorcasino.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/Movie-Trivia-Feb.-23rd.mp3|titles=Movie Trivia Feb. 23rd]
We want to thank all of our current players for making us a leading USA online casino. Good luck this week!

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