Official Review of new 2D video slot: A Day at the Derby

February 24th, 2011

Lovers of horse racing and horse race betting will get a delightful surprise here at Superior Casino. Our latest 5-reel video slot is all about racetracks and the memorable experience of spending a day at the derby. Yes, that’s the very name of our new dynamic slot: A Day at the Derby


What you get is a 20-line video slot with up to 10 coin bets. Denominations vary from penny (1 cent) to quarter (25 cent). On max bet this is equal to $2 on the former and to $50 on the latter. By reducing the coin bets to a minimum, you can play on penny denomination for only $0.20, while wagering on every pay-line for maximum odds.


Have a look at the generous pay-table of this video slot. It has 2 full pay-tables. The first one (above) consists of the normal payouts, with icons that surprisingly match well during play and create often wins for the player.


The second pay-table is all about the bonus feature that we will see below. These features are quite common nowadays for video slots. Having all these bonus features in one slot increases the odds for players to walk away with profit from this racetrack slot.


Players often enjoy getting free spins. You don’t get to risk a dime of your money and you see your balance increase. These free spins are special as every spin has the pay-table multiplied by 3. Every jackpot will pay three time its normal value. Get sets of 5, 10 or 20 free spins all with the 3x multiplier.


The wild icon appears on A Day at the Derby quite often. It helps the player complete winning combinations as it is a joker-type icon, substitutable with any other normal pay-table icon. When the wild icon appears on the first reel you can almost count on a pay, as it seriously increase you chance of making a winning combo.


The bonus round is what will appeal to those horse race grubstakers. Trigger the bonus round by getting three white race horses in one spin. During the bonus round you must pick a horse. Then sit back as you watch them take off!


Follow the race by the meter above the track. As they reach the final line, a photo will be taken to avoid any doubt about the winner. Getting the winning horse will pay out very nicely, multiplying your initial bets a few tenfold.

A Day at the Derby is the new horse race slot at Superior Casino, available via instant play (no-download slots) or via our free software download. Don’t wait a minute longer and get to the track to begin your betting!

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A day at the Derby, upcoming video slot at Superior Casino!

February 22nd, 2011


The excitement of February is not over yet. In this month alone we have seen 2 progressive jackpot winners and an amazing start in game’s payouts. Now, we get ready for a new 5-reel video slot to be released this Thursday. Full review of the game will be coming forward that same day here at our blog.

The new slot machine is A Day At The Derby.


It is a popular theme amongst casino-goers, as you can see it’s about horse racing. It has several bonus features that we will be exploring in our official review. We invite you to visit our all official reviews for former releases of new slot games. You will see that video slots are the fastest growing game type, as we try to release at least one new video slot every month or two.

Now, as we approach the end of February we want to update you on the latest pay-rates for Superior Casino. Some games continue to pay nicely to players, keeping their total payouts above the 100% payout mark. These loose slots have allowed a few dozen players to cash out this month and take some profit home. We hope you will find the same luck soon at our casino, if you haven’t already.

The top paying games for the entire month of February (so far) are:

Superior Casino Game: Payout: 
 Spy Game   135.23%
Major Moolah  110.01%
Secret Garden  108.47%
Red Dog  107.32%
Cosmic Quest Episode One  106.85%
Bowled Over  104.80%
Penguin Payday  102.63%
Cosmic Quest Episode Two  101.40%
Jacques Pot – Gourmet Slot  101.18%

These games are available for instant play, no-download required just by clicking on them.

Although the new game is yet to be released, we will run a contest for it right away. So get ready to play the new game soon.

Get ready to receive FREE $17 Casino Token!

To receive this token you must complete at least 75 real-money wagers on A Day At The Derby. You may play on any denomination that you’d like. The token will appear in your cashier on Monday Feb. 28th, in morning hours Eastern Time.

We hope you enjoy our new 5-reel video slot!

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