Movie Trivia for Superior Casino!

August 26th, 2009

Participate on this week’s movie trivia to get some free casino bonuses. If you are an active depositing player at Superior Casino you will get:

$11 Trivia Token

133% Trivia Bonus Reload!

The Trivia is:

In the Francis Ford Coppola 1992 movie Dracula, the opening scenes take place at a famous battle in history. This battle is remembered as:

a) Battle of Normandy
b) The Siege of Troy
c) The Night Attack
d) The Battle of Agincourt

Please note that in order to participate, players must have:

At least 1 deposit since July 2009
Account in good standing, with promotions allowed
No more than 2 no-deposit bonuses such as cashback, token, trivia token, cocktails, etc. since last deposit

Send your answer to Superior Casino’s host, Stephen Vaught at You will receive answer in 24 hours or less on weekdays.

Movie Trivia Expires September 1st at noon Eastern Time.  Good luck!

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Spy Game is Live – the ultimate adventure slot game!

August 18th, 2009

Ladies and Gentlement, we are pleased to inform you that the latest I-slot has been released and is live at our No-Donwload Casino Games page:

Click here to play: SPY GAME

This game is also available when you download the casino.

:::: MOVIE TRIVIA ::: (expires August 25th at noon Eastern Time)

Counting only official James Bond movies, which actor has portrayed James Bond the greatest number of times?

a) Sean Connery
b) Pierce Brosnan
c) Daniel Graig
d) Roger Moore

Correct answers will get:


200% Trivia Reload!

Remember that you must fit the criteria:

1) Have made a deposit within the last two months (since June 15th 2009)
2) Have account in good standing, with promotions allowed
3) Have not received more than 2 no-deposit bonuses since last deposit

All answers go to to Stephen Vaughn. Allow him up to 24 hours to reply, on weekdays only.

Enjoy a week of espionage and adventure only at Superior Casino!

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July comes to a close, games hotter than ever!

July 21st, 2009

It is normal to see games flare up with good odds at the beginning of each month. We saw it in June and in the beginning of July too. But now, after three weeks of July some games are just not willing to go down to their normal payout rates (94% – 99%). Thanks to these 100%+ games and others with very high payout rates, Superior Casino has been paying out thousands of dollars in winnings to over 60 players in the last two weeks.

As a player it is important to understand how this works. Games have a payout rate set somewhere between 94% and 99%. Over a very long period the games will have paid out exactly that percentage in proportion to the wagers it receives. So a slot game having 97% payout rate, that receives $1,000 in wagers, will pay out $970 in a perfect scenario. However, when you look in the short run, the game may payout over 100% to some players while well under 90% to others. The player must understand that casino games are all about random luck. If you play the right game at the right time, even with a small deposit, you can see big winnings. And this is what we are seeing in July 2009.

Some of the games with over 100% payout rates for all of July include the new I-slot, Psychedelic Sixties that today alone paid out over $7,000 on a $1.40-wager Free Spin. Other games include Flea Market with 109.82%, 5 Reels Circus with 103.40%, Sudoku Box Game with 109.43%, Surf Paradise with 100.93%, Western Wilderness 100.56%, Reel Party with 100.46%.

For the new player, please remember you can access all these Free Casino Games, from our No-Download Web Lobby page.

::: MOVIE TRIVIA ::: (expires July 28th at noon Eastern Time US)

In the 1999 movie Fight Club, starting Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, the main character(s) create an organization called, Project Mayhem. The aim of this organization is to:

a) Save endangered Panda Bears
b) Bring down modern civilization as we know it
c) Create awareness of global warming
d) Sponsor underground bare-knuckle fights

Your correct answer will get you: Free $8 Trivia Token, plus 100% Bonus Reload!

Only applicable for players that:

1) Have made a deposit within the last two months (since May 20th)
2) Have account in good standing, with promotions allowed
3) Have not received more than 2 no-deposit bonuses since last deposit

All answers go to to Stephen Vaughn. Allow him up to 24 hours to reply, on weekdays only.

Have spectacular week at Superior Casino, your home of online entertainment!

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$8 Free Casino Bonus Trivia Contest!

June 16th, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, a new exciting week is here and Superior will splurge you with a combination of unbeatable promotions. This week we will have several MATCH promotions in your cashier, not including our trivia bonuses.

New players can receive this week a 400% Bonus up to $400 for this 1st deposit.

Active Players currently have a 100% Bonus up to $200 at their cashier.

Make the best of this week, as we’re again having a good streak of winners and this may be your lucky break. We also want to congratulate Mrs. Janice H. from California for winning over $25,000 on a $200 deposit just yesterday alone!

::: MOVIE TRIVIA ::: (expires June 23rd at noon EST)

In the classic Steven Spielberg movie “Close Encounters of a Third Kind”, the final scene with extraterrestrials takes place on a famous mountain in which US state?

a) Indiana
b) Montana
c) Wyoming
d) New Mexico

Correct answers will get $8 Free in the cashier plus a 150% Trivia Reload.

You may participate if you satisfy these criteria:

1) Have least one deposit in the last two months (since April 15th 2009)
2) Account in good standing with promos allowed
3) Have not received more than 2 no-deposit bonuses (token, cashback, etc) since last deposit.

Stephen Vaughn at will be waiting for your answers. Please allow him up to 24 hours to reply on weekdays.

Hope you all have a fun time with all our casino bonuses!

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Renovated 3-Reel Slot machines at Superior Online Casino!

June 9th, 2009

The excitement of playing online 3-reel slots will never be the same once you try our updated and renovated 3-reel slots. Experience new sound-effects, full-screen animations, and improved background sounds. The following games have been fully renovated:

Big Cash Win
Chicken Little
Fantastic Fruit
Flea Market
Gold Rush
Milk the Cash Cow
Sevens and Bars
Surf Paradise

Here’s a sample of some of the new win animations for some these games:




There are many other new animations for every game, including the completely renovated Chicken Little slot game. The only way for you to discover all the new features is to play the game. Click on the games above to play directly from our website. Or visit our No-Download Lobby page:

                                 Click here to play all our amazing slot machines and video poker games – no download required!
:::: MOVIE TRIVIA ::::  (expires June 15th at midnight EST)

In the Ben Stiller movie Tropic Thunder, the foul-spoken movie executive who keeps oversight of the production of the movie within this movie, is portrayed by:

a) Matthew McConaughey
b) Nick Nolte
c) Owen Wilson
d) Tom Cruise

By answering correctly you will receive in your cashier: $12 FREE and a 175% BONUS RELOAD!

To apply you must have:
1) At least one in the last two months (since April 1st)
2) Account in good standing with promos allowed
3) Not received more than 2 no-deposit bonuses (token, cashback, etc) since last deposit.

Your Host, Stephen Vaughn will credit the bonuses to your cashier. Send your answer to Please allow up to 24 hours for a reply during weekdays.

Answer our Trivia Now so you can play all our newest 3-reel slots!

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