Understanding Online Fruit Machines Payout Percentages

September 9th, 2013

Many players who decide to switch from land based casinos to online casinos often face problems understanding some of the differences. The vast majority of players who are new to the virtual gambling world often think that when playing games like online fruit machines they will be able to win more and more regularly. However, it's important for players to really understand how payout percentages work before they can raise their expectations about winning lots and lots on money while playing a specific game.


Payout percentages, also known as payback amount or long-term average return, are an important detail to keep in mind when playing online. This is not only important because players will be able to know what they're investing on, but also it helps to know just how much they can expect to collect at the end of a session. The payout percentage in an online fruit machine game is the amount that players can find in the different review sites and these are noted with a percentage. For instance, if a review states that certain game pays out a 95% payout this means that when there is a bet of $100 in the future players can expect to see $95 back in their accounts. The percentage represents how much of the total bets placed on a casino game will be returned to the customers. But this percentage is an expected long-term average, so in the short term the percentage can vary in favor or against the player, permitting some players to win big while others finding little luck. Needless to say, players who have made the switch to virtual casinos and are looking to win cash while playing fruit machines must always pick the games with the higher payout percentages possible.

There are many casino players who venture in the online world and aren't quite sure how to deal with the fact that they have to learn new things on a daily basis. Learning about payout percentages is a huge deal because this way players will always keep coming back to play their casino games more often. Therefore, it's pivotal for the online casinos to teach their players all they can about this vital information. Players can always count on their online casino of choice for more information about how their payout percentages work. Even so, players must also take into account that more often than not this information is not displayed for everyone to see since these percentages are set by the online casino software provider and not the casino itself. However, online casino players can surely count on the randomness and fairness of all the games if the casino has chosen a prestigious provider.

In truth, making the right choice when switching to virtual casinos is what will ultimately determine just how much players can expect to win in the end. Payout percentages are important but what's more important if for players to have a good time while playing their online fruit machine games. Learning to play these games and having a strategy that works in terms of time investment, budget and knowing when to quit is what will ultimately lead players to the best online casino experience possible. Reading what other players have to say about certain games is a great way to start building what players want to accomplish: have fun and win!


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Success While Playing Superior Casino Games: Not Just Luck and Skill

April 15th, 2013

There are many Superior Casino players out there who might think that winning is all about luck; however, this is not always the case. Of course our players need to have lady luck on their side, but they're going to need a little bit more if they want to be truly successful.

In addition, players also believe that being skillful at a certain game will determine the outcome of their gaming session. While it's true that players do need skill, this alone will not make players instant winners. As a matter of fact, success is determined by a mixture of luck, skill, emotion control and other factors that will place players in the position of becoming winners.

Emotions have a huge impact on the outcome of online gambling sessions. It's important for players to keep in mind that if they're going to really enjoy the online casino experience as a whole they need to look at this as a natural extension of their normal routine and lives and that this is a healthy source of entertainment and a great way to fill up the players' leisure time. Viewing online gambling as anything else will ultimately work in a negative way.

A great way to ensure a better end result is to try to place bets when your mind is clear and stress free. Bettors will have a much easier time making smart choices in regards to which games to play, how best to place their best, when to stop a session and so on if they have a clear head and the least amount of distractions possible. The true definition of a successful Superior Casino players is the one that knows when it's time to end a session and not have their emotions decide what's best for them.


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Other Helpful Tips when Playing Superior Casino Slots

November 12th, 2012

Superior Casino has a wide variety of online slot games just for every type of player out there. If you're into classic 3 reel slots then we have 12 different games to choose from including the amazing Heroes' Realm that takes traditional slots to a whole different level with free spins and a bonus round game. There are 54 video slot games packed with amazing graphics, multipliers, wilds and many winning probabilities And of course our incredible interactive slot games that really take the whole online casino experience to another dimension.

There are many different things you can do to increase you odds while playing these fabulous slots. While you may be used to playing slot games in your brick and mortar casino of choice. Things are a little different in the online world.

In the 'real world' you have to be ready to do a number of things to get your machine going. You need a few seconds to move your hand and hit spin or pull the arm. In addition, you must also feed the machine with money. However, in the online casino world all you need to do is set your machine once and click on the spin button.

But wait! Superior Casino will also let you sit back and relax all together with the use of the “Auto Spin” feature. If you feel like taking a break from clicking on the spin button you can switch to automatic play and let it all happen.

Keep in mind that some slot machine games have certain betting limits that determine the number of credits you can play on each spin. Make sure you understand what the limit is before you pick your game. The very last thing you want to do is hit the ‘Bet Max’ button and have all your credits eaten up by one spin. However, you never know when lady luck might come your way and that one spin could be the very best thing that could happen to you!

Plus, as you play at Superior Casino you will discover new innovative promotions all the time. Just look at this week's new welcome bonus for new players' initial deposit:

This bonus can be withdrawn upon cash out (i.e. it will not be deducted). No max cash out for ultimate jackpots!


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Three Card Poker Rules and Strategy

September 16th, 2008

Three Card Poker Rules and Strategy
by Jean Real

This week Superior Casino treats its players with a guide and tips to one of the world’s favorite casino games: Three Card Poker. This game originated in the UK under the name of Brag, a three-card betting game that was played at a fast rate. The game evolved over the last three hundred years and when it was brought to the United States the British game was influenced by Poker, eventually creating a blend between both of them.

Three Card Poker is essentially two games in one, Pair-Plus and Ante. Some casinos oblige the player to make both bets but at Superior Casino it’s completely up to the player. Placing the bet only on the Pair-Plus will increase the speed of the game since you are simply betting on getting a Pair or better poker hand. If your hand does not have a pair, flush, straight, three-of-a-kind or straight flush, the bet is lost.

Pair-Plus bets will win according to this paytable:

Straight Flush
Three of a Kind

The Ante game consists of beating the dealer with a stronger three-card poker hand. The dealer is dealt three cards face-down. Players place an Ante bet to see their three cards. To play the game to its end the player must place a second Play bet for the same amount as the Ante bet. If the player feels his or her hand is not strong enough to beat the dealer’s, the player may fold and only the Ante bet is lost. Having a stronger poker hand will pay 1:1 for the Ante bet. The payout is the same for the Play bet, but applies only if the dealer has at least a Queen. If the dealer does not have a Queen kicker or a better hand, the Play bet is returned when the player wins.

Ante bets have an additional bonus payout for the following poker hands:

Straight Flush
Three of a Kind

There is no strategy for Three-Card Poker if only the Pair-Plus bet is placed. For the Ante bet, the strategy is extremely simple. Mathematical calculations have revealed that the player must only place the second Play bet if dealt at least a Queen, six and four (Q/6/4). Raising the bet on any hand over that, including a Q/7/3 (a 7 kicker is better than a 6), will increase the player’s chances of getting the best results at Three Card Poker.

Don’t waste another minute, log in now to apply your new ThreeCard Poker strategies and tips.

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April 3rd, 2008

Charles Jay on Blackjack

With the Sweet 16 of the NCAA basketball tournament upon us, it’s a reminder that having a 16 dealt to you at the blackjack table is decidedly not very sweet. In fact, it’s a horrible hand to have, since you can easily “bust” (go over 21) with a hit, and it’s not very advantageous to stand with it.

So if you’re sitting in a game and get a 16, how are you going to handle it?

Suffice it to say that this is a hand which is probably misplayed by a most people. On a psychological level, you may in fact be scared to hit a 16. That’s understandable, since in all likelihood you’re going to break 21. But there is a hard reality, which is that the best way to help yourself here is to hit the hand, that is, against the so-called “pat” upcards that run from the seven through the Ace (it goes without saying, at least we think, that you will stand against anything from a two through six as the dealer’s upcard, because those are generally bad cards for the dealer). If you think about it for a second, the dealer has to play by strict house rules in the casino which require him to hit on a total of 16. And if you notice, he winds up making hands to beat you, to the point where there is a house advantage to blackjack. That is no coincidence, believe me.

You need to operate on that principle too. Hitting hands is the best way you have at your disposal to make hands, and when you are playing against a dealer who is most likely going to make a hand for himself, there’s no way you can preserve your bankroll in this case while employing a “no bust” strategy. Experts also call that a “no-win” strategy.

Let’s take the example where you’re going against the dealer’s weakest “pat” upcard – the seven. If you stand in this situation, you are going to win 26% of the time and lose 74%. If you hit, you’ll win only 27%, which is only a small improvement but an improvement nonetheless. More importantly, you’re going to wind up losing less, to the tune of 67.5% (with the rest being pushes). So by hitting the hand, you are, for the most part, making an attempt to SAVE some of your bankroll.

As an addendum to this discussion, let’s make sure we’re very clear as to what to do in one particular situation – when you have a 16 and the dealer is showing a ten (or ten value card, like a Jack, Queen or King).

That puts you into one of the tougher spots a blackjack player can find him/herself. There is virtually no chance at all to win the hand. The necessary point of focus here is how you’re going to LOSE LESS on the hand. More so than some of the others, this is a very close call. Let’s say you took the posture that you were always going to stand on this hand. That strategy would bring you a defeat 77% of the time, which constitutes roughly the number of times the dealer is going to be pat with a ten showing. Hitting the hand will obviously leave you busting out quite a bit, and you will win 2.7% less. But you will also LOSE 3.1% less, making it a slightly better decision to hit the 16 here. Minimize your losses when you can.

Because it counts for something.

I’ll tell you one instance where you can indeed get a “Sweet 16.” It’s when you are dealt a pair of eights. In this case, they are indeed “Elite Eights,” because you will always split them. It’s a much better opportunity, especially if you can take advantage of doubling down after splitting.

That counts for something too.

Try it for yourself at Superior Casino.

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