Important Things You Should Know When Playing Superior Slots For Real Money

December 10th, 2012

Is tonight the night (or perhaps the morning, middle of the day or afternoon!) when you're thinking about seriously trying out some of Superior Casino slot games? If the answer is yes, then we’ve got a few important things we thought you should know first. However, before we get started there's something you should know first –it's very likely that you already know this but we need to say it: playing online slots is extremely fun and entertaining!


Now that we have stated the obvious it's time to check out some of the most important things you should keep in mind when you play Superior Casino slots for real money.

Be sure to take advantage of the vast amount of bonuses and promotions we offer:

Do you feel your $50 won't get you far? Worry not! Our incredible selection of bonuses and promotions can get you more for your money. Superior Casino new players the chance to try out the slots for free with our $20 Slots No Deposit Bonus. Furthermore, when players go ahead and make their first real money deposit they will be able to claim an outstanding $5,000 in Slots Bonuses divided into the five deposits. Make sure you check out our promotions page before making your deposits and hitting the reels.

Playing online slots might be a tad faster than what you're used to in live casinos:


If you're used to playing slot machines in a live casino then it's probable that you're used to a certain game pace. Take into account that it takes you time to move your hand and hit spin or pull the arm of the machine at a brick and mortar casino. Moreover, you also need to feed the machine with bills or quarters. However, with online slots all you need to do is keep your hand on the mouse!


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Pay-out rates for online slot machines for entire month at Superior Online Casino!

May 3rd, 2011

This is our monthly report of top paying slot machines and casino games. Superior Casino gladly shares the pay-out rates of games to players so they can verify how well (or badly) a game pays throughout a period of time. At our official blog you will be getting constant updates related to online casinos, new game releases, pay-back rates for games, general gambling news and much more.

For the period running from April 1st to May 3rd, these are the pay-back rates for the top paying games that consistently paid out, on average, over 100% of their wagers.

Online Casino Slot or Game: Pay out rate:
Penguin Payday  125.56%
So 80’s  120.77%
French Cuisine  113.16%
Money Magic  110.47%
Gunslingers Gold  109.72%
Secret Garden  107.84%
Craps  105.85%
Goldenman  105.70%
Red Dog  105.68%
Psychedelic Sixties  105.08%
Scary Rich 2  105.04%
Wacky Wedding  103.97%
Dog Pound  103.83%
Beretta’s Vendetta  101.47%
Aces and Faces  101.28%
Fantastic Fruit  100.43%
Dr. Magoo  100.26%
Rock On  100.17%

Remember, what this means is that they paid out at this rate (percentage) overall, when you take the sum of wagers (bets) on each game. So if Penguin Payday has a pay-out percetange of 125.56, that means that if this game received a total of $10,000 wagers, it paid out $12,556 back to players randomly. Note here that the pay outs are random. It does not mean that for every $1 bet on this game, there was a payout of $1.25. Some players may have seen losses while playing this and others may have seen huge winnings. The randomness of the game prevents even the casino operator of knowing who will get the big rewards. It’s just a matter of playing the right casino game at the right time.

We invite you to play So 80’s the second highest pay-back rate for the period. This is classic retro-looking slot machine for those of you that remember the 80’s with nostalgia.


Simply complete a total of 80 real money spins on this game this week. If you complete the spins in real money mode then you’ll get a free token for $25, just like that! The token will be awarded next Monday May 9th.

Stay tune for more updates at our official online casino blog!

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Play this online slot game to win a Free Casino Bonus!

December 1st, 2009

December is here and Holidays are just around the corner. We have planned for this special season of the year a series of contests, trivias and other surprises for all our Superior Casino players. This week you can win a Free $25 Casino Games Bonus just by playing our latest online slot: A Switch in Time.

Switch in Time Slot

Game rules:

Complete at least $25 in wagers at our latest I-slot A SWITCH IN TIME at the Past prehistofic phase. The game has 3 epochs. Make sure you complete $25 wagers in the past phase as shown above. You will receive a Free Casino Bonus of $25 at your cashier. It’s that simple.

This casino promotion is available only for depositing players. You must have at least 1 deposit in order to apply. Only players will unrestricted promotions allowed.  The promotion ends on December 8th.

A Switch in Time can be played directly from our Free Casino Games lobby (Flash Casino).

A Switch in time has three “skins”, each with a unique bonus round and a different pay-table. Don’t miss your chance to travel through space and time and win some casinos chips while you’re at it.

Weekly Movie Trivia ! (expires Dec. 8th at noon Eastern Time)

In the 1989 Steven Spielberg movie, Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade, we discover that Indiana Jones’ father has an animal phobia just as him. While Indiana Jones is terribly afraid of snakes, his father (portrayed by Sean Connery) is afraid of:

a) Rats
b) Bats
c) Cockroaches
d) Sea Gulls

Answer correctly to receive another Free Casino Bonus and a bit Match promotion:

Free $10 Trivia Token

150% Trivia Reload Bonus

E-mail your answer to Stephen Vaughn at He will reply to you within 24 hours on weekdays only.

Trivia is restricted to players that have:

1) Deposited in the last 60 days

2) Account in good standing with regular promotions allowed

3) Not received more than 2 no-deposit bonuses at the cashier since last deposit

 Enjoy all these Free Casino Bonuses and come back next week as we’ll have more surprises in store for you. Happy Holidays!

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Play Loose Slot Games for Halloween!

October 27th, 2009

Halloween is now at arm’s reach and we will give players a nice reward for playing one of our loose slot machines!

This week instead of a movie trivia, we will provide players a chance to win **$25 FREE** every day till next week!

Here’s what you have to do.

Any given day spin the reels of Scary Rich 2 for at least $25 and we will match that with a $25 TOKEN the next day!

The great thing is that Scary Rich 2 has been paying out at nearly 100% all this month. So you are likely to receive most of your spins back on this machine, possibly win, and then a new chance to play the next day with an extra $25!

Specification on Halloween Token Promo:

1) Wager $25 on Scary Rich 2 before midnight Eastern Time.
2) Wait the next day for an email in your inbox informing that you have $25 more to play with.
3) Play any slot game or return to Scary Rich 2 to win another $25 the next day.
4) The promotion expires Sunday Nov. 1st (last token is given Monday Nov. 2nd)
5) Only accounts with normal promotions allowed and only accounts in good standing.

Come celebrate with us this Halloween and aim for those big terrific jackpots.

Plus, don’t miss the mega 200% HALLOWEEN MATCH up to $2,000 on Saturday!

Only treats this Halloween at your favorite online casino!

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Pre-Halloween Blog Party for loose slot games!

October 20th, 2009

Hi everyone!

Halloween is just around the corner, so we’re going to prepare some slot fun for you this week that is going to spook you out.

Our most frightening and loose slot games are undoubtedly the Scary Rich duo. This week we’ll give you a nice deal if you play Scary Rich (the original). 

Here’s how it is going to work. If you wager at least $25 on a given day on Scary Rich, you will receive a complimentary $20 Token at your cashier the next day. Simple as that!

If today you wager $25 at Scary Rich before midnight Eastern Time, you will receive an email tomorrow making available $20 Free at your cashier.

This offer will be good for this entire week, every day, ending Sunday Oct. 25th. So your last day for playing is Sunday and your last token would be given on Monday Oct. 26th. You have 6 days to play for six $20 TOKENS!

This offer is only available for depositing players that have regular promotions allowed at the casino. Accounts with limited promotions cannot apply, including the bonus-restricted countries Canada, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Bulgaria and Netherlands.

::: MOVIE TRIVIA ::: (expires Oct. 27th at noon ET)

In the classic 1931 film, Frankenstein, the monster displays a brief sign of tenderness and humanness when playing with a little girl. They were playing at:

a) Throwing flower petals over their heads
b) Throwing smooth pebbles at a pond
c) Throwing blades of grass over their heads
d) Throwing flowers on a pond

Answer correct to receive: FREE $12 and a 150% MATCH Reload for your next deposit!

Send your spooky answers and our host Stephen Vaughn will answer within 24 hours on weekdays only.

To participate players must have:

1) Deposited at least once in the last 2 months (since August 20th 2009)
2) Has account in good standing with promotions allowed
3) Has not received more than 2 no-deposit bonuses or tokens since last deposit

Join Superior Casino on this pre-Halloween party and stay tune for next week’s REAL trick-or-treat goodies!

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