September 2012 Games Payouts revealed at Superior Casino!

October 2nd, 2012

Superior News

Impressive September report shows how over 10 games paid out over 100% of the bets received. This allowed over $35,000 to be paid out to players! The top games are:

Game / payout rate

As the Reels Turn: Episode 3 134.51%
Roll Out the Barrels 134.42%
Reel Party 129.39%
Penguin Payday 120.62%
One Million Reels BC 116.61%
Dog Pound 111.38%
Flying Colors 111.14%
Scary Rich 109.07%
Fixer Upper 107.58%
Milk the Cash Cow 106.75%
Wild Safari 106.71%
Future Fortunes 106.53%

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Superior Casino top games for July 2010 break 99% Payout Rate!

July 13th, 2010

Two main announcements this week. First, best payout rates for games this month. Secondly, the upcoming release of the new cozy 5-reel video slot: All Aboard.

Superior Casino is happy to share their payout rates from time to time. Many players enjoy reading about which games are loose and may help them achieve their desired profits. In the month of July 2010, there have been mixed results with games, many staying around their average of 95%. However, some games are breaking the coveted 99% Payout Rate, including some of Superior Casino’s top-notch slot machines:

• Penguin Payday  July Top Game at:  131.98%
• Atomic Age  July Top Game at:  129.19%
• Strike Gold  July Top Game at:  113.69%
• Shamrock Isle  July Top Game at:  106.23%
• Scary Rich  July Top Game at:  105.51%
• Rock On  July Top Game at:  103.95%
• Psychedelic Sixties July Top Game at:  103.89%
• Jacks or Better July Top Game at:  103.16%
• Chicken Little July Top Game at:  102.38%
• Metal Detector  July Top Game at:  101.49%

Now, for our sneak peek at the latest online casino slot machine: All Aboard


Coming next week. All details and full review will be released here at Superior Casino’s official blog!
New Game Contest this week!

Let’s return to a classic I-slot golf game, a favorite for many: Hole in Won!

Interactive Casino Slot

Interactive Casino Slot

This fantastic I-slot has 9 different bonus rounds, the 9-hole mini-golf course. Get a birdie or eagle on each bonus round and top jackpots!

I-Slot Bonus Round

I-Slot Bonus Round

Place 18 real money bets (spins) on this slot this week, before Sunday July 18th and find at your cashier this very next Monday: $9 FREE GAME TOKEN!

Extra Free Spins for long hours of fun!

 Movia Trivia Blog

Can you guess what Marvel movie this is:

[audio:|titles=Movie Trivia July 13]

Send your guess, click here for your Superior Casino Free No-Deposit Bonus!


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Superior Casino beats the odds with loose slot machines!

May 11th, 2010

Every few weeks the slots at Superior Casino tilt towards high payout rates. These high paying slots deliver thousands of dollars in winnings to players that are keen enough to catch those loose slots. An example  of this is clearly given with VIP player Jill T. from Arkansas that has caught Western Wildness at its peak payout and has won nearly $30,000 in less than 48 hours.

We happily congratulate her and all other winners that have been reaping winnings these days, as slot machines continue to pay very highly, quite a few at well over 100% payback rates.

Without further ado, we reveal which games have been paying out over 100% in the month of May 2010, at Superior Casino:

Moonlight Mystery  with Payout Rate of:  136.36%
Scary Rich  with Payout Rate of:  117.62%
Western Wildness  with Payout Rate of:  113.24%
Secret Garden  with Payout Rate of:  111.78%
A Switch In Time  with Payout Rate of:  111.29%
Watch the Birdie  with Payout Rate of:  104.04%
Surf Paradise  with Payout Rate of:  103.30%
Heavyweight Gold  with Payout Rate of:  102.77%
Reel Crime 2: Art Heist   with Payout Rate of:  102.40%
Love and Money  with Payout Rate of:  101.51%
Cosmic Quest Episode One  with Payout Rate of:  100.78%
Jacks or Better   with Payout Rate of:  100.21%

Play any of these games directly from our No-Download Casino Games lobby page.
To celebrate these loose payouts, we invite our players to try the top paying game so far in May:

Moonlight Mystery

A 5-reel masterpiece with superb graphics and an eerie theme not unlike a detective novel.

Play Moonlight Mystery this week to win a free casino bonus of $10!

Simply complete at least $7 in wagers on this game before Sunday May 16th. Then, on Monday May 17th, you will find the FREE $10 BONUS at your cashier.

Available only to players that have deposited at least once at the casino. Bonus restricted countries and players do not apply.

Movia Trivia Blog

And we have new movie trivia for all your movie buffs!

Listen to this track and guess from which movie we extracted this audio clip:

[audio:|titles=Movie Trivia May 11th]

This is the time to play Superior Casino’s slot machine, with guaranteed high payouts as our records have revealed in the last couple of weeks!

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