Action-packed 3D Slot, play online: Beretta’s Vendetta

March 8th, 2011


Superior Casino releases the newest 3D slot machine, a blockbuster game with explosions, bombs, guns and Joker-like criminals. Play it free today from our No-Download Slots page.


Beretta’s Vendetta is the new release at Superior Casino. 5 Reel slots in 3D format, with electrifying soundeffects, cool animations and a thrilling theme. It deals with a special agent Beretta and his career-long obsession to trap an infamous criminal that wears a bunny suit. More than just a job, his work is now personal, namely a vendetta.

This is fast pace 3D slot with a lot of action in its reels. We find ammunition, guns, bombs, shielded cars, swat teams and detonators in its reels. Not to mention Beretta’s himself. He is also on the right side of the slot and during play you will hear him command his Swat team as they hunt down the bunny criminal.


The 3D effects burst through after every win but most visibly when the wild icon is trigger. A police chopper will fly out of the reels indicating that the wild has been activated. It will substitute for most of normal jackpot icons and create big wins.


The most exciting part of the game is when you trigger the bonus round. Get three black bank cars in one spin to access the cool bonus round. During the bonus round you will use a satellite transmission to locate bomb locations and coordinate the Swat team that will enter and defuse the bomb. This part of the 3D Slot gives a lot of coins and will increase the bankroll significantly.


This is a masterpiece in 3D slot gaming. A blockbuster to keep you at the edge of your seat!

Play Beretta’s Vendetta this week to win: FREE $20!

How? Very simple. Simply complete at least 150 real money spins on the new 3D Slot this week. If you complete these spins before Sunday, get ready to receive your $20 Free on Monday March 14th!

Simple as that! This promotion is available to all active players that have made at least one deposit at Superior Casino. The wagers must be in real money mode.

Enjoy all the 3D action and adventure with all the new 3D slot machines at Superior Casino!

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The Temple of Shangri-La, the amazing Asian 3D slot machine!

February 3rd, 2011


The indefatigable Superior Casino, releases yet one more 3D slot machine game. This time the adventure takes place in the Far East, in the magic temple of: Shangri-La


This amazing new 3D casino slot tells the story of Mr. Fu, a descendant from the prestigious dragon dynasty. He dwells in a magic temple that is rumored to harbor incredible powers. Many have attempted to take these powers by force but it is no easy task to defeat Mr. Fu. This is the setting for the new 5-reel 3D Video slot: Shangri-La


View the amusing trailer for this 3D slot in our YouTube account:


This new 3D slot has some features most players probably have not seen. From the start it may look like an ordinary video slot, except for that fact that it has some 3D elements. Yet, when you begin playing, this 3D slots literally jumps out of your screen. Furthermore, as you get deeper into its bonus features, you realize that is has many things you don’t normally see in other slots.


One of the best features is the “Click and Avoid”. To reach this phase you must collect 5 wild icons during normal play. After you have reached 5 wild wins, on the same denomination and same line-betting, then the Click and Avoid bonus round will begin. Click on any of the fish icons available and try to avoid the hidden “collect” icon. You will accrue coins for every click until you find the collect icon.


Lastly, the Buddha bonus round is much fun. To reach this bonus phase you must get 3 Buddha icons in one spin. You will enter inside the temple to help the Buddha stop two spinning wheels. In one wheel there will be numbers of coins and on the second one there are multipliers. At the end of the bonus round the coins will be multiplied by the factor in the second wheel. Then that will be multiplied by the number of betting lines you had going before the bonus round. Prepare to receive nice juicy jackpots this way.


The Temple of Shangri-La is available with Superior Casino’s software or by visiting our Instant No Download Slots page.

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Online 3D Slots are a complete success with new: The McMurphys

February 2nd, 2011


Superior Casino releases yet another game this week. In an unstoppable marathon of new slot game releases, Superior Casino has launched in the last 15 days a total of five new slots, four of them in 3D. Last week we saw French Cuisine and Dog Casher. Today comes out the new: The McMurphy’s


This 3D slot machine is ideal for those that love family adventures. It tells the story of the McMurphy family and its travels around the world. Here is a video trailer of the game:


This new 3D slot is of the video slot kind, with 5 reels and with up to 20 pay-lines to choose from. Players can bet within a wide range of denomination, from a penny a spin to $100 a bet.



Wildly amusing with many bonus features, this 3D slot is destined to make you laugh, rejoice and win as you play from the comfort of your home.



Look for unique bonus possibilities in this 3D slot and prepare to profit enough to take your whole family in a vacation of your own!

The McMurphy’s is a free 3D slot available via our no download slots page or by downloading our free online casino software. It can be played both in fun mode and in real money mode. Good luck!

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The latest 3D Slots experience: new Dog Casher Video Slot in 3D!

January 26th, 2011

Superior Casino knows no limit. Following the release of French Cuisine this week, another 3D Slots game has been released. Play today for free: Dog Casher!

This game is available only via the no-download casino slots page. The download version of the casino does not include the 3D video slot games.


Dog Casher tells the story of a rich little puppy that is tired of the high life. She goes out to the streets to find out more about the real hound way of living. As irony has it, she is caught by a dog catcher and taken in his custody. This 3D slot’s adventure starts from that setting. View the Youtube trailer below:



This 3D video slot has many features that players will love. It accepts a wide range of bets ranging from penny bets up to $5 bets. Players have up to 20 betting lines to choose from.

What players should look forward to several features:


WILD ICON. The dog catcher symbol is wild and will expand to fill the entire reel. It will be substituted for many of the normal pay-table icons.


FREE SPIN BONUS. To trigger the free spins players must collect at least 3 free spin icons (keys) in three different spins. Once the player has collected 3 bonus keys the free spins begin and the player will play as many as 25 free spins with a new slot case:


During the Free Spins players can extend them by getting at least three scatter icons in one of the free spins:


BONUS CLICK ME. During play players may see a “click me” icon coming up as they three of more dog trucks. Click one of the “click me” icons and a random jackpot will be assigned.

Dog Casher is the new exciting free 3D Video Slot at Superior Casino, do not miss it!

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Impressive new 3D Video Slots Game: French Cuisine

January 25th, 2011

uperior Casino releases a new 3D Slots Game: French Cuisine.


An exhilarating era has begun at Superior with the release of the new 5-reel 3D video slot, French Cuisine. Inspired by the delicious food of France, this slot presents a funny story about a famous chef handling an unusually small problem in size but huge in consequence. His restaurant has been infested with little cute rats (are they every cute?) and he’s got to find a way to get rid of them. See the trailer for 3D Slot French Cuisine below:

French Cuisine has 5 reel with 20 lines crossing through them for maximum earnings. On each line the player may add up to 5 coin bets. The denominations of this 3D slot machine run from $0.01 to $5 a spin, multiplied by how many lines and coin bets are place in that spin. This means that a Max Bet on the penny 3D slot adds up to a total of $1 per spin. At the highest denomination the total bet would add up to $500 per spin, for high-roller players.


French Cuisine comes complete with an expanding wild bonus icon. The wild icon will substitute any of the normal icons.


This 3D slot has a special feature in which 3 scatter icons trigger a “Click me” bonus. When these three special icons appear, in any position, during a spin, they will turn into a “Click Me” button. The player may click one of them and receive a hidden but big jackpot that will revealed after the click.


Finally, this 3D video slot offers a fun bonus round ideally set for the theme of the game. During the bonus round you will be seated at a table of the restaurant as a customer. You will be presented a menu with 3 choices as starters, main courses and desserts. Pick the one that is tastiest in your opinion and just wait to be served. If the waiter delivers a plate of food and not a tray with mice, then you will earn coins for that pick. At the end of the bonus round you will receive the coins that have been added up in the tab of the dinner.

Play this fantastic 3D slot casino game at Superior Casino, the one and only gaming center.


Come play French Cuisine this week and win a free: $15 Casino Bonus!

To win this no-deposit only, all you have to do is try the new 3D game! Place at least 50 real money wagers on French Cuisine before this weeks end. If you have done so, prepare to receive on January 31st your free $15 chip at the cashier.

This offer is only available to players with full promotions and at least one deposit at Superior Casino.

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