Loosest online slots for first days of August 2009!

As a player it is very important to know how the games are paying out at your favorite casino. It tells you first of all that the casino games you are playing are fair and can also help you determine which slot game is loosest, in hopes of getting good jackpots. At Superior Casino we are not shy about revealing our payout rates. We are quite proud of them since they provide every player with extremely generous odds. As we revealed last week, we had up to that date some games that had paid over 100% for all their accumulative history dating since we first inaugurated our online casino.

This month, as early as it may be, is already starting to pay off very well. Although the following figures are no indication of which slot machines will be the hottest for the whole month, players may at least see which games are loose at the moment.

The top pay-out rates for our online slots this month so far are:

Atomic Age at 136.49%
As the Reels Turn Part 2 at 119.85%
Surf Paradise at 112.39%
Ocean Treasure at 110.49%
Pigskin Payout at 105.18%
Gobbler’s Gold at 102.75%
Rock On at 101.90%
Reel Crime part 2 at 100.31%

New players and old players can play all these games when you download our casino or by visiting our Free Casino Games lobby.

::: MOVIE TRIVIA ::: (expires August 11th at noon Eastern Time US)

In the blockbuster Walt-Disney movie TOY STORY, Andy has his birthday celebrated at the following fictitious fast-food chain restaurant:

a) Infinity Burgers
b) Pizza Planet
c) Cosmic Chicken
d) Interplanetary Grill

Answer correctly to receive a complimentary $7 TRIVIA TOKEN plus a 175% Trivia Reload!

Active players can participate if they have:

1) Made a deposit within the last two months (since June 2009)
2) Account in good standing, with promotions allowed
3) Have not received more than 2 no-deposit bonuses since last deposit

All answers go to host@superiorcasino.com to Stephen Vaughn. Allow him up to 24 hours to reply, on weekdays only.

Thanks to all of you for making this an interactive experience!

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