July Sum Up for loose slot machines at Superior Casino!

The month of July 2010 is almost over and now we can glance back from this vantage point and view how Superior Casino’s online games paid out for this period. To interpret these numbers is quite simple. See, the payout rate percentage represents the amount of winnings paid out to players when compared to the bets it has received. So, for example, if you look at AS THE REELS TURN 3, the game has an amazing 126.60% payout. If the game received, say, $100,000 in wagers this month, then the game has paid out $126,600 in winnings. In other words, players are making more profit than the casino on games like these!

Have a look at the top paying games for July 2010, up to July 27th:

Our new game All Aboard has been performing very well with a payout rate of 98.96%, very close to 100%.

We invite players to play the new railway fantasy 5-reel video slot: All Aboard

All Aboard 5-reel Slot

Complete at least 25 real money spins on this game before Sunday August 1st. On the following Monday be ready to collect:

Free $7 Casino Contest Token!

As easy as that, free casino money for our cherished players!

(this token is given only to players that have full promotions allowed at the casino and have made at least 1 deposit this year)


Movia Trivia Blog

Do you remember this classic movies of the 30's:

[audio:http://blog.superiorcasino.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Movie-Trivia-July-27.mp3|titles=Movie Trivia July 27]

Visit our: MOVIE TRIVIA WEBPAGE and learn how to win FREE $10!

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