Debunking Free Online Pokie Myths this Christmas

We at Superior Casino are counting down the days until Christmas; it is after all our favorite time of the year! And as we work our way towards this most wonderful time, we’d thought this is as great time as any for us to debunk some of the most popular myths surrounding free online pokie machine games.

Spend your holidays just like you want to – winning! And winning while playing free no download pokies is not impossible, as some would like you to believe. Some online casino players think that they should stick with one single pokie game in order to land the jackpot. And on that note, bettors also tend to believe that certain slots will soon pay out the big one, anytime now. In reality, pokie machines are all about random results. In other words, there’s no game out there that has a set number of spins you need to make before winning the jackpot. Simply keep on spinning your favorite pokie and all of the sudden, the big bucks will come your way.

And what’s yet another way that players believe they will become long-term winners? The answer is bonus round features. Nevertheless, the truth of the matter is that Superior Casino bonus round games are already added into an online pokie game’s long-term payback . Granted, this doesn’t mean that bonus round features add to your bankroll and you want to try and land these over and over – not only are they fun, but profitable!

Let’s help you spend your days before the big holidays winning as you hit the spin button of your favorite Superior Casino pokie and get ready for more Santa Claus wins!

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