World Cup Frenzy reaches zenith at Superior Casino!

Only four more games left at the World Cup, within hours from the first semi-final between Netherlands and Uruguay. As we get closer to the end, Superior Casino’s team has prepared the best promotion in the online casino industry. Existing players this week get a 123% World Cup Finale Bonus up to $1230. Upon completing this bonus, player receive two consecutives tokens of $5!

There are internal raffles for the last games of the world cup. Be sure to check your email and don’t miss any good offer. Always have in your email contact list, so you don’t miss out on all our great promotional emails.


Furthermore, this week we want to try something completely new. We are going to raise the stakes for Global Cup Soccer, our World-Cup-themed 3-reel slot. Here’s what we’re offering our players this week:


Play our exciting Global Cup Soccer and try to get the top paying jackpot of 2500 coins. That’s the one with 3 referees on max bet. If you get that jackpot, we’re going to DOUBLE IT!

That’s right, if you get the highest prize of Global Cup Soccer, simply contact Stephen Vaughn at and he will manually double the amount won on the top jackpot prize of 2500. In other words, if you get that jackpot you are automatically entitled to 5000 coins! (2500 that the game will pay out immediately and 2500 coins you will get added on manually by the casino host).

Do you have what it takes to reach the top? This is your chance to prove it!


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[audio:|titles=Movie Trivia July 6th]

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