Superior Casino top games for July 2010 break 99% Payout Rate!

Two main announcements this week. First, best payout rates for games this month. Secondly, the upcoming release of the new cozy 5-reel video slot: All Aboard.

Superior Casino is happy to share their payout rates from time to time. Many players enjoy reading about which games are loose and may help them achieve their desired profits. In the month of July 2010, there have been mixed results with games, many staying around their average of 95%. However, some games are breaking the coveted 99% Payout Rate, including some of Superior Casino’s top-notch slot machines:

• Penguin Payday  July Top Game at:  131.98%
• Atomic Age  July Top Game at:  129.19%
• Strike Gold  July Top Game at:  113.69%
• Shamrock Isle  July Top Game at:  106.23%
• Scary Rich  July Top Game at:  105.51%
• Rock On  July Top Game at:  103.95%
• Psychedelic Sixties July Top Game at:  103.89%
• Jacks or Better July Top Game at:  103.16%
• Chicken Little July Top Game at:  102.38%
• Metal Detector  July Top Game at:  101.49%

Now, for our sneak peek at the latest online casino slot machine: All Aboard


Coming next week. All details and full review will be released here at Superior Casino’s official blog!
New Game Contest this week!

Let’s return to a classic I-slot golf game, a favorite for many: Hole in Won!

Interactive Casino Slot

Interactive Casino Slot

This fantastic I-slot has 9 different bonus rounds, the 9-hole mini-golf course. Get a birdie or eagle on each bonus round and top jackpots!

I-Slot Bonus Round

I-Slot Bonus Round

Place 18 real money bets (spins) on this slot this week, before Sunday July 18th and find at your cashier this very next Monday: $9 FREE GAME TOKEN!

Extra Free Spins for long hours of fun!

 Movia Trivia Blog

Can you guess what Marvel movie this is:

[audio:|titles=Movie Trivia July 13]

Send your guess, click here for your Superior Casino Free No-Deposit Bonus!

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