Share the Excitement, a new exciting feature where players share their wins!

Superior Casino is thrill to make public a new feature that will revolutionize the online gaming world. We present the new “Share the Excitement”


With Share The Excitement players can take screen shots of any game at the casino. The idea is for players to share exciting moments when they play, for example, when you complete successfully a hard bonus round or when you hit a much desired jackpot.

To get a screen shot image of the game, simply press the “ESC” (or Escape) button when you are playing any game. Don’t worry the screen shot will be shared anonymously, only your initials will show. By hitting ESC key, it will automatically save an image and will be stored under the “Share The Excitement” tab at the cashier:


There you can view all your saved game images as well as those of other players.

But that’s not all!


Browse through “All User’ Screenshots” and see what’s been happening lately. You can view screen shots per date, per win amount, or per rating. Feel free to rate them yourself and comment on them. Soon, there will be a big collection of amazing stored moment at Superior Casino and all thanks to you, the player.


To rate a screen shot simply click on the stars found under the two initials. You can rate it from 1 to 5, 5 being the best rating.

Below the screen shot you may enter your comments. Share your thoughts with other players and congratulate them for their good wins.

Finally, you can even send your fun wins to friends and colleagues. This features provides you a unique URL that has your screen shot. You can also send it via email to friends or embed it in forums. The sky is the limit with Share the Excitement.

We are also working on Share The Excitement online. We are still working on our beta site for this so you may encounter some minor glitches. You may access it here:


As you can see above, one of the top rated screen shots so far was a spin on BIG CASH WIN! Come play this classic 3-reel slot and try to get that top jackpot yourself!

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All you have to do is complete at least 35 real money spins on BIG CASH WIN before the week ends. The Free Spins will be added on Monday Oct. 25th at your cashier.

This contest is restricted only to players that have made at least one deposit at Superior Casino in the past.

Enjoy your play this week at Superior with new promotions for both old and new players!

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