Have you ever wondered why you haven’t been successful in the casino, at least in extending your play long enough to really have a good time?

Well, maybe the answer lies in some of the reasons we’ve detailed below.

Possible Reason #1 — MAYBE YOU’VE GOT NO GAME PLAN

Of the people who sit down to play any casino table game, some of them obviously are there for sheer entertainment, but most who are hopeful of making money will likely remain just that – hopeful. They really have no idea what they’re there for, or what they’re trying to accomplish. The good players, i.e., the ones who want to be competitive at least – know what
they’re going to do in each and every situation. Even if you don’t consider yourself some kind of “expert,” you still want to be that kind of player in the casino.

The opposite of that is being rather careless. If you’re on a lark, or if you’re drunk and just biding some time, you’re relying on luck and luck alone. You really don’t have any long-run chance, and we’ve got news for you – you indeed very little chance in the short-run either. That’s okay with some people, because they just want to have a few laughs and an hour or
two of light entertainment. There’s nothing wrong with that. Are you one of those people? Well, just don’t punish yourself too much.

Anybody who thinks losing is funny, please raise your hand. No, I didn’t think so. Part of a playing session, whether it’s in the atmosphere of a brick and mortar casino or online, involves determining ahead of time how much you are willing to put into play and more to the point, how much you are willing to lose before coming back another day.

If you’re not of this mindset, try it sometime. Some kind of control on your casino behavior will wind up doing you some good, which will be noticeable in the long run.


Let’s face it – a lot of the people who travel to a casino locale for an evening or weekend of play, or engage in online casino sessions, have certain discretionary income which allows them to spend the money necessary AND have bankroll with which to gamble. Many of these people have secure jobs, or run their own businesses, which allows them to undertake this recreational activity. In other words, these are reasonably successful people, and in some cases, very, very successful.

At some point though, they become somewhat less than successful when it came to gambling.


Whether it be ego-driven or not, they don’t take kindly to someone telling them that they are playing their favorite casino game the wrong way; that there is a better way to go about it. Or they think they know it all already, just like they know their own business backwards and forward (this is much more common than you think, by the way). Because of all this, bad habits are acquired and will never be shaken. It’s happened a million times and will no doubt happen a million more.

Let’s illustrate this. Say you were talking to a boxing trainer. He would tell you that he would much rather have a fighter come in the gym who was an absolute beginner, who he could teach from scratch, than one who has had a little or a lot of experience but had developed bad habits that were going to be problematic to undo. It’s no different than people who, say, have been playing blackjack or craps for years – the wrong way – and are so far gone that it is particularly hard to reverse that pattern of bad play.

Try not to be one of those folks. Even if something doesn’t seem to make “logical” sense to you, follow it if it is mathematically sound. Your “best bet” is to absorb good advice like a sponge.


Yes, that cardinal rule sounds so simple. Yet one can claim to understand it and still not do it. Gambling is supposed to be an entertainment vehicle. It is not blood and guts, or life and death. The “spirit” of your play is important here, and it’s not healthy to be mean-spirited toward yourself.

Follow something in the way of rudimentary principles of money management. In the long run, “living on the edge” is not something that will give the gambler more satisfaction. In fact, it will not only distract from the enjoyment of the game as you are playing it, it will invariably wind up dictating that you play less and less.

You do not want to play less and less, do you?

What you may want to do is budget a certain amount of money to play with in any individual session. That does not mean that you are taking the entire amount of what you have on deposit with the casino. The deposit (along with projected bonuses you might accumulate) should constitute the “bankroll” and you should divide it up into sub-bankrolls, if you will, to be used in your individual sessions.

Relax. Enjoy. And don’t fall victim to the tension created when you try to get too excessive too fast. That would kind of defeat the purpose of it, don’t you think?

Go get ’em.

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