US online casino Trivia Bonus

Superior Casino is not exclusively an USA casino. Besides US players, we accept customers from all over the world.

Nonetheless, our Movie Trivia usually tends to be about Hollywood movies that are easier guessed by American players.  We’ve actually had many European, Latin-American and Asian players do well for the trivia since United States movies obviously reach every corner of this modern world.

All players are invited to play our weekly Movie Trivia at our online casino whether they are US players or not.

Without further ado, here’s our new Trivia (Expires Nov. 24th at Noon EST)!

Brokeback Mountain is a 2005 movie, directed by a Taiwanese-American director and starring a late actor from which country:

a) Mexico
b) Canada
c) United Kingdom
d) Australia

All answers go to Stephen Vaught at and allow up to 24 hours on weekdays to be credited:

Free $8 Triva Token

150% Slot Bonus up to $1,500!

To apply players must have:

1) Deposited at least once in the last 2 months (since September 15th 2009)
2) Account in good standing with promotions allowed
3) Not received more than 2 no-deposit bonuses, cashback or tokens since last deposit

Have fun playing your favorite online casino games!

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