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By Charles Jay

Did you ever hear this expression from some players – “I’m playing with the house’s money”? I really hate it when I hear that. Can there be any expression that is a worse representation of the gambling experience? I don’t know, but it certainly sounds like the kind of thing you would hear from a loser. In fact, it might be the most characteristic “loser’s statement” there is (although I’d have to check on that, because I’m sure if you gave me enough time, I’d find something worse).

Hey look – there’s a big difference between OPM, which stands for “Other People’s Money.” and the “House’s Money,” especially when it is in your possession. With OPM, you are literally using someone’s else’s bankroll, from the get go. And folks, if you’re doing that, you don’t need any advice whatsoever from us. If you’re like most people, however, you are pulling that playing bankroll out of your OWN pocket, which means that it’s either yours or the house’s, depending on whose fingerprints are on it.

And you know, even though at the all-new, redesigned Superior Casino we are the “house,” so to speak, we still feel like an educated consumer is our best customer.

So pay attention, because there is something very fundamental you need to know; so fundamental, in fact, that we’ll put some stars next to it:

** It’s only the house’s money when it’s on the other side of the table, in the bankroll of the house. When it makes that transition from the dealer’s rack (think virtual, if you’re online) to your pocket, it is YOUR money, plain and simple.

Repeat that again, class.

Hey – it’s not simply a matter of semantics either. It really goes much deeper than that. This really reflects on the attitude of the player in general and can, in the long run create a very unhappy player, which we sure don’t want to see over here at Superior Casino.

When you take the attitude that the money you win is really the house’s money, that’s precisely what it will revert to again. That’s because you are basically giving yourself any and all excuses to lose it back. You have conceded that the laws of nature will send it all back to the other side. So you force it back in that direction.

There is also, in a strange way, a false sense of acceptance at work here; that somehow it is “okay” to lose that money back because the worst that can happen is that you wind up even. Sure, that’s the WORST that can happen. Right, and I’d like to sell you a house for the same price I paid for it two years ago. Anyone who has been around people in a casino knows how much truth there is in THAT statement.

Listen – we’d like you to play in our beautiful casino all you want. We are in business for a reason. But we hope you think we’re working in your best entertainment interests at the same time. Players take it on the chin enough in the casino without doing things they can actually control to prevent it. When you finally have a leg up, it’s not a condition that should taken so lightly. Remember, only a loser feels that it’s alright to lose. In the gambling business, possession is TEN tenths of the law.

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