The best paying slot games of all times!

If someone ever told you that you can’t win at a casino, they were quite mistaken. We ran some reports today to see what games have paid out the best since Superior Casino has been operating. After millions upon millions of wagers, the games are likely to pay out at their programmed payout rates. However, to our surprise and the benefit of our players, we found that some games have had rather high payout rates!

The most amazing payout rates go for the first scene of Reel Crime 1: Bank Heist, which has paid out at 119.23% and has given out over $120,000 in winnings!

The next are:

Reel Crime 2 (Beach or Bastille scene) at 104.99%
Bust-a-Vault is at 104.03%
Psychedelic Sixties is at 101.59%
Scary Rich 2 is at 100.14%
Jacques Pot is at 99.54%

We then have some 10 more slot machines between 97% and 98% which is quite high!

Come try all these loose slot games directly from our Free No Download Slots lobby.

::: MOVIE TRIVA ::: (expires August 4th at noon Eastern Time)

In the 2008 movie “Dark Knight”, the archrival of Batman, the Joker, is famous for having said:

a) Why so settled?
b) Why so cynical?
c) Why so serious?
d) Why so happy?

Answer this simple trivia correctly to receive:

FREE $11 Trivia Token
150% Trivia Reload

Only players that met the following criteria can apply:

1) Have made a deposit within the last two months (since June 2009)
2) Have account in good standing, with promotions allowed
3) Have not received more than 2 no-deposit bonuses since last deposit

All answers go to to Stephen Vaughn. Allow him up to 24 hours to reply, on weekdays only.

Enjoy this week with superb weekly casino promotions!

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