New Game: Secret Garden


Lots of people who own a home have a garden. But it’s likely you’ve never found one quite as fertile as the “Secret Garden” that’s available at Superior Casino.

The brand new 20-line, five-reel video slot game with a lush, green ambiance, designed and powered by Rival Gaming, offers the player quite a few ways to win. For example, play one to ten coins and hit five squirrels in a payline to get a 350-unit return. That’s hardly “nuts.” Or if you really want to get lucky, hit five “rose” icons and we can guarantee pocket 500 units, which isn’t being too flowery in the least (all wins multiplied by coins staked per line).

And we’re saving the best for last. Be on the lookout for the “Scatter” icons, which can help your bankroll “grow” in ways you may have never thought possible. Scoring three Scatters on any one spin will produce 20 free spins. Four Scatters return 30 free spins; get five on the board and receive 50 free spins (all with a 2x multiplier). That’s a great way to bring your play to a new level. And as if you needed any further proof that this game is not “for the birds,” they’re wild – get five of them in a line and you’re staring a 5000-unit payoff in the face.

But even that doesn’t compare with the rewards that are in store when you pull up three or more “Master Key” icons in one spin, which puts you right into the “Explore the Secret” bonus round, where you can win as much as you can collect. That’s what we call a big potential harvest!

So maneuver that mouse with your “green thumb” and get ready to water those plants and bring them to life – you’ll know what we mean when you get into the game!

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