Major Moolah Jackpot Winner takes $23,104!

In yet another display of good fortune, a Superior Casino player has won the progressive jackpot for Major Moolah, pocketing a total of $23,104!

The lucky winner, Mrs. Kathy P. from Kaneohe, Hawaii, was spinning reels for different slots at Superior Casino. Then, out of a hunch perhaps, decided to try her luck at Major Moolah.

First spin of $3 was lost.  She gets ready for her second and fateful spin, first reels stops at the Major Moolah icon, second one too and suddenly the bells go off and she’s become the latest progressive jackpot winner!

It took only $6 in bets to win over $20,000!

Now that’s what we call very good luck!

We want to congratulate Kathy on her spectacular win. We will be very glad to start approving her withdrawals promptly so she can celebrate her historic win!

On a second note, we want to inform all our readers and players that our Music Contest is officially over. We will be announcing soon the winner song and our lobby will have a new fresh feel thanks to its new soundtrack.

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