Loose online slot machines are here at Superior Casino!

Welcome back to one more week of exciting casino news at our blog!

We will start off by letting everybody know that we have some quite unbelievable stats for the month of October.

It is perhaps the first time we’ve seen a month start with such high payout rates. We ran a report today to see how our games are paying and this is what we found.

All our games combined are paying out at an average of 99.19% !

These are the loosest slots you’ll ever find on any online casino.  Here’s a report of how some of our casino games are paying out, which include many I-slots:

You can Play Free Slots Games at our no download page. Try them out for free to see how loose they are and once you have your favorite picks play them with Real Money, for real profit thrills!

We start again our MOVIE TRIVIA (expires Oct. 13th at noon Eastern Time)

Trivia question: In the 2001 comedy EVOLUTION, the quickly-evolving alien race is eliminated by spraying it with what common household item:

a) Mineral Water
b) Cooking Oil
c) Head and Shoulders
d) Diet Pepsi

Your correct answer gets you:



Send your answer to Stephen Vaughn at host@superiorcasino.com. Please allow up to 24 hours on weekends to receive an answer.

This trivia contest is limited only to players that have

1) Deposited at least once in the last 2 months (since August 2009)
2) Has account in good standing with promotions allowed
3) Has not received more than 2 no-deposit bonuses or tokens since last deposit

Good luck this week with all these great promotions at your cashier. Be quick to find which are the loose online slots at our casino, and play them till you strike gold!

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