I-slot Mania? What’s it all about?

I-slot Mania? What’s it all about?
By Jean Real

As you’d expect every now and then there are great leaps forward in every technology and online slot machines were no exception. The innovative I-Slots series have transformed the very nature of slot machines. Superior Casino is proud to be at the epicenter of this new and exciting epoch; and guess what, you’ll be part of each step of the way!

Traditionally, slot machines required an effortless pull of the lever (or click of a button) while you quietly sit for a random result. This is no longer the case for I-slot machines. With the inclusion of storylines to the game, multiple plot endings chosen by the player, bonus rounds that require your skill and imagination, and laugh-out-loud animations; you’ll be in for quite a ride!

The last couple of weeks we’ve been describing the curious affairs of El Paradiso, the scene of As the Reels Turn, a favorite I-Slot game amongst our customers. Not only does it have three different bonus rounds when getting three scattered icons during any spin, you can also advance from scene to scene and unwind the mysterious plot. For every two scenes you advance there will be an extra bonus round, a golden opportunity to earn thousands and thousands of chips!

Our goal is for you to get maximum entertainment value for every spin, but that’s not all. Here’s a tip to help you load-up on some casino chips!

TIP: Been spinning those I-slots reels and haven’t had a bonus round for a while. It’s very likely it will come soon. Raise your coin value, from say, $0.01 to $0.05 and spin for five turns with that higher value. Why? Because if that bonus round is just about to come you will win the bonus round chips in the higher denomination. You know what that means, more money in your pocket longer playtime! Try this until you get the hang of it. If the bonus round doesn’t come while you raised the bets, return to your normal betting level and wait a while until you raise it again. When that bonus round finally comes around you’ll be happy to win 500 coins in 5 cents value rather than a penny each.

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