Every player gets Free $5 if you answer correctly!

Receive Free $5 this week when you answer this trivia correctly.

In what movie was this line spoken:

“We can’t stop here. It’s bat country.”

Please send your answer to Stephen Vaughn at host@superiorcasino.com. He will get back to you in 24 hours on weekdays. To apply you must be:

1) An active player with at least 1 deposit within the last 2 months (since Feb. 2009)
2) Have your account in good standing, with promotions allowed
3) You have not received more than 2 no-deposit token since your last deposit.

Additionally, you will receive a 125% bonus up to $125 for your next deposit.

This trivia will expire at noon April 21st, Eastern Time US.

Good luck to all of you this week. Please check your cashier as we have lots of match promotions over 100% this week, don’t miss the fun at Superior Online Casino.

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