Can you handle the Reel Crime?

Can you handle the Reel Crime?
by Jean Real

Statistics have shown that 7 out of 10 bank robberies fail. There is always something that goes wrong in the end and spoils the crime. Thats why the Big Boss needs your professional help because tonight youre taking over the National Bank!

Dont sweat it, we dont want to get your into any kind of trouble. Thats why our I-Slot machine Reel CrimeBank Heist is here to simulate the nerve-racking excitement of criminal activities. The games plan is very simple, to rob a national bank. If you are able to do so, youll have enough cash to play for weeks at Superior Casino or cashout for a nice early holiday trip.

Reel Crime takes place in the 1950s as a two crime partners decide on their next heist. The very first goal you have is to get 3 Tommy-Guns icons to enter the first bonus round. After that your fate is uncertain since there are multiple endings to this plot. In the Tommy-Gun bonus round you can shoot several objects outside the main doors of the National Bank. Collect coins as you hit these objects without setting off the alarm. One of the objects has the hidden key to the bank and will allow you to enter the second phase of the game. Next, you will need to open the safe before the cops catch you red-handed. If you can beat those sneaky cops youll have to blow the vault open and get away with a car full of cash.

Reel Crime has been designed so you can win even when things dont turn out so well. There are free-spins icons, multipliers, and a few other surprises that will convince you that crime does pay! (just dont let the Reel cops hear you)

Login in at Superior Casino and experience the next generation of slot machines.

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