As the Reels Turn Part II

As the Reels Turn (part 2)
by Jean Real

Casino Manager Matt is under a lot of pressure and the plot of As the Reels Turn II is reaching a boiling point. Get ready to try out new bonus rounds, meet new characters (including the irresistible Chrissy), plus you’ll get closer to solving this Vegas Casino mystery plot.

There are three new bonus rounds with As the Reels Turn part 2 as you advance from scene to scene or get three scattered icons:

Finding Danny The Blackjack Dealer:

Getting three Danny Icons on any regular or free spin triggers this bonus round. This lazy employee will do anything to get off of work so it’s your duty to spot the possible places he’s hiding at within the El Paradiso casino. Don’t pick the places Jamie, the washed-out tennis pro, may be since she’s always backing Danny up and her presence will terminate the bonus round.

Wanted: Val Diamonte Bonus Round

The Don has two colossal bodyguards Sal and Val Diamonte and he won’t go anywhere without them. The Don wants his father’s old casino back but the manager Matt is not willing to let El Paradise fall into the wrong hands. Help Matt and the police differentiate Val Diamonte from his twin brother and collect coins for each match. This bonus round is reached after the first two scenes have been played.

Reel of Riches:

This bonus round is simple enough but it can sure deliver a lot of coins! After you reach the third scene of As the Reels Turn II, you get this bonus round for every time you advance to a new scene. Spin the reel with all the characters faces and hope that needle stops at the jackpot or one of the higher paying faces.

What’s going to happen in the end? Will Matt and his pet fish Ivan continue to manage El Paradiso casino or will the mob leader Don find a way to regain his father’s old casino? Log in now at Superior Casino to unravel this mystery to its very end!

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