A second visit to As the Reels Turn

A second visit to As the Reels Turn
By Jean Real

Youve seen by now that El Paradiso is a busy place. Youll be needed around here. The General Manager, Matt G. has got his hands full with dangerous matters. Help him out with some of his responsibilities and hell pay you well for it!

Heres how youll make the dough:

Tommy Wong Icons Bonus Round: Its your job to advice Vegas-star Tommy Wong with the performance he should give. What is the audience in the mood for tonight: an Elvis rock-out, the smooth moves of a Michael Jackson, a hip Ray Charles or a scary Dolly Parton impression?!

Counterfeit Chips Bonus Round: There are some fake chips going around the casino floor. Warm up your sixth sense and collect coins for every genuine chip you uncover. In each Bonus Round there is only ONE phony chip. If its your lucky day, you may collect up to 2000 coins per bonus round!

Ivan the Fish Bonus Round: Finally, listen closely. We know Matt has a thing for his little piranha friend. If you give extra close attention to his unusual fish pet (get 3 Ivan Icons in one spin) and youll earn 10 free spins with a 3x multiplier. And to top it off, if you get any of the other Bonus Rounds during your free spins, their winnings will be multiplied by 3! Now thats what we call love at fish sight!!

More to come next week only at Superior Casino. Tips that can multiply your winnings by 5 times!

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