A closer look at As the Reels Turn

A closer look at As the Reels Turn
By Jean Real

Strange things happen behind the doors of El Paradiso. You think running a casino nowadays is a smooth ride, think again. There are people that’ll do anything to see you fall into ruins. If you don’t watch your back you’re whole enterprise will vanish into thin air. As the Reels Turn allows you to participate in the mystery, the deceit, the intrigue behind the scenes of El Paradiso.

With each spin you come closer to solving the mystery. Join Matt G., El Paradiso General Manager, and his only friend Ivan, a quirky little fish, as they interact with associates and undercover adversaries. New characters will appear as you advance from scene to scene; all characters are downright hilarious and you’ll be anxious to see what will happen next!

This I-slot game is complete with several bonus rounds, free spins with a 3x multiplier and a plot that’ll thicken as you play along. This month you’re invited to discover why As the Reels Turn is more than your average slot machine.

Stay tuned for next week as we provide strategies and tips for As the Reels Turn and reveal part of the game’s mystery. How far are you into this conspiracy? This is your chance to solve the riddle at Superior Casino.

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