Most Common Online Slots Myths

Superior Casino has one of the strongest selections of online slots in the industry. Players can take their pick from a dozen of 3 reel slot games, over 50 video slot games with all the best extras like wild symbols, free spins and more and a superb offering of Rival Gaming's over-the-top interactive slots. The choices are many if you want to win while playing Superior Casino slots but the very first thing you need to do is get rid of old myths that may be in your head.


One of the most common myths that have to do with slot machines in the online casino world as well as in live casinos is that these machines can go cold after a big win. This is certainly not true because of the fact that all reputable casinos make us of a random number generator in the machines' software to determine completely random spins every single time.

Another popular myth is that online slot machines are due to pay out a huge jackpot. Just because a machine hasn't paid out a jackpot in a long time it doesn't mean that in the next few spins a jackpot will be landed.

Winning at slots in Superior Casino is not about waiting for specific situations to occur in order for the machine to pay out but rather it's all about building a smart bankroll and having a blast!

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